3005, 2017

Senate 3 Strike 3: Dems Are Out!

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As, of this writing, with 42 of 43 precincts reporting, Richard Cash wins with 82% of the vote; 3,034 votes to 679 write-in votes.
For the third time in a row, the Democrats attempt to swipe the SC District 3 State Senate seat from conservative Republicans, and for the third time, they failed.

Last year, during the normal election cycle, the Democrats were busing out in support of Carol Burdette, nearly overcoming a 17 point deficit at the last minute.

In the Special Election this year, it was Burdett again who went into a Republican Runoff Election with Richard Cash and again, there was a large push for Democrats to vote in the republican’s selection process but they fell short again.

With no Democrat on the ballot for the Special General Election, and typically a very low turnout for any election with no opposition on the ballot, the Democrats mobilized for a third time in a year, to undermine the process and elect Burdette via a write-in campaign. There is a sore-loser law in place to prevent such campaigns from being launched by someone who has lost, but that law applies to the individual who lost and not to anyone else who may want to organize such a campaign.

Implementing Registration by Party would go a long way to resolving the shenanigans that go on in races like this.

2404, 2017

Driving Democrats and Invoking Jeff Duncan’s Name

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From driving Democrats out to vote in a Republican Primary Election to invoking the name of the very popular Congressman Jeff Duncan:
Political campaigns in South Carolina can rival dirty politics anywhere else in the world (nothing to brag about).
In Carol Burdette’s last run for South Carolina District 3, she was 17 points behind incumbent Senator Kevin Bryant. Her campaign made up most of the difference by driving democrats out to vote in the Republican Primary Election, closing the gap to almost nothing using this unscrupulous (but not illegal) tactic.

Bryant ascended to Lt Governor following the appointment of Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations and the ascension of Lt Governor McMaster to now Governor. This chain reaction generated a need for a Special Election for the vacant seat in Senate District 3 and Burdette is running again.

Things aren’t looking good for Burdette this round either, so in the last hours of campaigning a robo-call goes out across the district from Friends of Jeff Duncan, encouraging folks to vote for Carol Burdette. Just a minor little problem; Congressman Jeff Duncan had nothing to do with it and with the speed of social media, everyone is learning of it via this Facebook post from Congressman Duncan:


With the Runoff Election taking place from 7AM to 7PM on Tuesday, April 25, the Burdette campaign has been pulling out all the stops.  They also triggered this mailer:

The mailer is blasting Richard Cash for saying that Burdette “Isn’t pro-life.”  The campaign was already reeling from the blowback on this one because Richard Cash had actually defended Burdette as being pro-life which can be seen in the following video.

For the Record

Some people have asked about Carol Burdette’s negative attack ad. It was as best egregiously deceptive or at worst a flat out lie. To set the record straight this is a video of the only statement I have made about Carol Burdette’s pro-life or second amendment record.

Posted by Richard Cash for SC Senate on Saturday, April 22, 2017

But… for the record, we asked the following of Ms. Burdette when she […]

2605, 2016

Haley’s Massive Violations of the South Carolina Constitution

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Patricia Wheat holding press conference in Spartanburg today on this subject. Press conference will be at Daniel Morgan Square at 4PM

The following is by Patricia Wheat

Nowhere in the US Constitution is the Federal Government given authority over immigration, migration or importation.  However, the States have not done their duty in these matters or in upholding nor creating an entity to do the duty of the State in immigration, migration or importation but Art 1 sec 9 recognizes that States hold authority in these matters, not the Federal Government who only has authority to set rules for naturalization.   Perhaps this fell through the cracks because Art 1 Section 8:15 has not been fulfilled in over 100 years.


At the urging of the United Nations and the regime of Barack Obama, not the people of South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley has engaged in activity that is beyond the authority of her office in accepting said “refugees” into South Carolina.  She implanted a state refugee plan without doing any projections or impact investigation. This action endangers the very fabric of our culture and will change the daily life of South Carolinians.

By making this unlawful agreement, Governor Haley has violated our State Constitution in several ways:

Article 1 Section   All political power is vested in and derived from the people only, therefore, they have the right at all times to modify their form of government.

Nowhere in the enumerated powers of the Governor is authority to engage in unilateral agreement with any foreign, State of Federal government nor the UN.
Article 4 Section 18 She has failed to recommend for consideration by the General Assembly
Article 12 Section 1, the General Assembly is to determine appropriate actions and agencies, their […]

705, 2016

Are Lawyers People Too?

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Attorney John White and his Pay-to-Play Politics…
The title of this article may seem like a strange question to be asking, but you’ll get the point in a moment.

When the former South Carolina Attorney General (now Lt Governor) Henry McMaster was awarding very large state contracts to Attorney (now senate candidate) John White; White and his law partners, in turn, made substantial donations to Henry McMaster.  The Wall Street Journal exposed this in a 2009 article where they noted:
Mr. White’s law firm contributed the same amount on the same day, and Mr. White later added a personal maximum donation. All told, the law firms, their lawyers and spouses have contributed more than $60,000 to Mr. McMaster since 2006.
You wouldn’t think something like this would even be legal and as much as some people have been clamoring for Ethics Reform, that will likely do little-to-nothing to stop such activity of profiting off the state while in office.  And should Ethics Reform on this level even be required when, as the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) points out:
Consider due process. Both the U.S. and South Carolina constitutions make clear that the state and its lawyers must be guided by justice and the public interest, not monetary gain.
So it would seem a mechanism is in place to protect the people from such activity, right? So do we need more laws to protect the people from this sort of thing? Well… as the WSJ also eloquently states:
In 1991, South Carolina passed a law specifically prohibiting individuals with no-bid state contracts from donating to officials in a position to act on those contracts. Mr. McMaster claims the law doesn’t apply to lawyers, despite clear language (“any person”) to the contrary.
White claims he […]

2104, 2016

John White made $2.3M off the State in 2015

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Trial Attorney John White addressed a downtown Spartanburg women’s group Monday night and was asked about his Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) and the fact that he made $2,335,462.41 off the state of South Carolina last year.  White wasn’t familiar with his own SEI and had to borrow a copy from the audience member asking the question. Upon reviewing his own SEI, White began defending the lawsuits in such a way that he was justifying it as though he’d done the state a huge favor with all the money he’d won for the South Carolina.

At one point, Representative Doug Brannon jumped in, in an effort to assist White asking, “Mr. White, thank you for your service to the state of South Carolina, could you please estimate, just in the past five years what amount of money that you, and/or your firm have indirectly contributed to the general fund in the state of South Carolina.”

Trial Attorney John White, looking uncomfortable with the question, estimated the figure at a quarter billion dollars.  White bragged about having worked with six different South Carolina Attorney Generals (AG) throughout the past.  What isn’t mention here is how these law contracts have been consistently handed down from AG’s in a no-bid process, meaning with all the thousands of attorneys across the state of South Carolina, John White has consistently been given preference over everyone else. Another important note of interest is that John White and his firm consistently give large campaign checks to those in the position of AG and recently, when Lt Governor Henry McMaster was busted by Ethics, it was because he was found to have taken more money than legally allowed while he was serving as AG, including […]

704, 2016

Press Release: Wheat Versus Shealy for Senate

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Patricia Wheat is gearing up her Campaign in Lexington
Patricia Wheat filed to be on the Republican ballot for State Senate District 23

Lexington, SC – Last week, Patricia Wheat made the decision to run for State Senate District 23, a seat currently held by Katrina Shealy.  Since then, she has been busy making phone calls, getting her website up and running, and creating a presence on Facebook. Numerous people have already stepped forward to help with her campaign, all of which helped or supported her opponent four years ago.

“She has completely forgotten about the grassroots folks who helped her get where she is,” stated Wheat in regards to Senator Shealy. “She has gone from being pro-gun to anti-gun and from being anti-tax to actually promoting tax increases.  That wasn’t the representation the good people of Lexington County voted for and quite frankly, we deserve better.”

Patricia Wheat is laying out her strategy for meeting as many voters as possible between now and the Primary Election which takes place on June 14, 2016.  Where her opponent has played the “gender card” over and over, Wheat wants no part of that, she wants to be elected because she is the best person for the job. Wheat is a “survivor” of domestic violence, refusing to be called a “victim” as she isn’t looking for sympathy but believes her experience and expertise in being an advocate in the field of Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) will go a long way in passing meaningful legislation.

“Domestic Violence laws are being used to disarm entire households upon arrest, before a conviction. What has become law in South Carolina actually increases the risk of domestic homicides,” stated Wheat. “A piece of paper is only a record for […]

1705, 2012

Corbin Meet and Greet in Landrum

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1604, 2012

Press Release: Corbin to Run for Senate 5

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For Immediate Release
16 April 2012
Contact: Tom Corbin 864.834-9915

Representative Tom Corbin to Run for Senate District 5
Corbin to File for Senate Seat Being Vacated by Senator Phil Shoopman

Greenville, SC – With the filing reopened by the State GOP for the State Senate District 5 seat, Statehouse Representative Tom Corbin has decided to enter the race.  The decision did not come lightly, but with little notice, had to be made quickly.  After careful consideration, discussions with his family and friends, and at the insistence of many supporters, Corbin will now move forward with filing to be on the ballot for State Senate District 5.

“Besides the good Lord and my family, nothing means more to me than the people and places in the Upstate of South Carolina,” stated Corbin.  “The amount of phone calls I have received over the past 24 hours urging me to move forward on this, has been nothing short of overwhelming.  I cannot express how thankful I am for all those who have expressed confidence in me and I will continue to work hard for everyone.”

For more information on Tom Corbin, please visit www.VoteCorbin.com.

703, 2011

Jim Lee Announcement Video

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