3110, 2017

Spartanburg Party Leaders Unify Around ‘Penny Tax’ in Joint Press Conference

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Early Monday morning, a curious alliance of Spartanburg’s political spheres presented their unified support for the new “Penny Tax,” a temporary 1% increase in the county’s sales tax, being offered for the consideration of the voting public. The funds obtained via the new tax would be used solely for the purpose of building a new courthouse.  Standing in the cold air in Morgan Square was Allen Smith, President of the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce; Shelly Roehrs, chairman of the county Democratic Party; Josh Kimbrell, Chairman of the county Republican Party; and Karen Martin, president of the county’s Tea Party organization.


The condition of the court house has been a looming problem for over a decade, put off and kicked down the road one year after another, culminating in today’s multitude of issues including overcrowding, hazardous mold in the walls and floors, and the security hazard presented by proximity of jurors and citizens involved in family court with individuals considered dangerous. It seems that almost everyone agrees on the need for a new courthouse structure.  The question is:  how will we pay for it?

Proponents of the 1% sales tax argue that the need for funding is urgent and that it is necessary to a core government function. The bill has been written so as to provide a few reassurances:  it directs the additional revenue specifically to the courthouse project and it has a ‘sunset’ date built in, at which time the tax rate will return to its present level.

There are, however, those standing against the measure. Those opposed to the tax increase have argued that the county could cut costs elsewhere, adjust business tax rates, or hold court in an existing building that could be bought or […]

1710, 2017

Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis Accused of Sexual Assault

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PNN – Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis has been accused of both sexual harassment and sexual assault in a newly filed lawsuit. These accusations echo those made last year by former Greenville County Sheriff Steve Loftis, who produced documents outlining a 2011 internal investigation into then-Deputy Lewis’ behavior towards female officers. Lewis resigned shortly thereafter–a move that Loftis insists was done to avoid the firing that Lewis knew was eminent.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of former Greenville County Sheriff Department employee Savanah Nabors. Nabors served as Lewis’ assistant starting shortly after his election to the position last year, and she continued on until April. In the lawsuit, Nabors alleges that Lewis began his inappropriate behavior almost immediately, starting with remarks as early as December, before culminating in a physical assault in March, which led to Nabors’ eventual resignation in April. Nabors believes that Lewis added some form of drug to her drinks on the evening of the alleged assault, as she lost consciousness and awoke to find Lewis on top of her. Nabors claims that she was assaulted once more the following evening, despite Lewis’ insistence earlier in the evening that the behavior would not reoccur.

Following the assault, Nabors claims that Lewis acted obsessive. According to Nabors, Lewis was instructing her to avoid dating, prying into her personal affairs, and making excuses to come by her home. Nabors offered up her resignation with a two week notice on April 24th, but was instructed to cease working there immediately by Lewis. Nabors claims that Lewis then contacted her on the following day to beg for her to return as his assistant, going so far as to offer her a raise. Nabors declined this offer and […]

1210, 2017

Editorial: Keep President Jimmy Carter Away from North Korean Negotiations

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PNN – Former President Jimmy Carter has offered to serve as a negotiator with North Korea on the United States’ behalf, with his goal being a peace treaty between the United States and North Korea. While President Carter has been to North Korea for negotiations before, sending him there now would be an unquestionably bad move, despite what some legacy media sources would have you believe about his past “successes” in the region.

President Carter’s first trip to North Korea took place in 1994, during the Clinton Administration. The negotiations concerned North Korea’s nuclear program. As an eventual result of these negotiations, the United States helped North Korea to obtain light-water reactors, which the Clinton Administration claimed could not be used to make nuclear bombs. This was objectively false and the Clinton Administration demonstrably knew this, because hardly a year later they were condemning Russia for attempting to supply light-water reactors to Iran because they feared Iran would use them to make nuclear weapons.

In short, former Presidents Carter and Clinton both played a significant role in helping North Korea obtain the resources that eventually became the hydrogen bombs that they seem to have and are using to threaten ourselves and our allies with today. As of Thursday, October 12th, it seems as though they have tested yet another hydrogen bomb, which makes for their second hydrogen bomb test this year. One cannot be sure, but perhaps without our government’s assistance in the 90s, North Korea would not have the same level of nuclear sophistication that they have now.

President Jimmy Carter wishes for a peace treaty with North Korea, and that is admirable. True peace would be wonderful and few people genuinely want to see a war. […]

2009, 2017

California to Sue Trump Admin Over Border Wall

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PNN – On Wednesday California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced California’s intent to sue the Trump administration over the planned wall along the United States’ southern border. This announcement comes mere days after President Donald Trump announced that the wall was officially under construction–first, via repairing the already existing wall segments installed by previous administrations, with four sample wall segments to be constructed shortly after to help the Trump administration select a final design. The wall, which is set to have segments in several major Californian locales, such as San Diego, was one of President Trump’s central campaign promises during the 2016 presidential elections.

This lawsuit should be no surprise to those who have been following Becerra’s actions since Trump took office. Barely one week into President Trump’s first term, Becerra appeared on MSNBC with a vow to stop Trump’s wall. The lawsuit, which seems to be Becerra’s attempt to make good on that vow, alleges that the Trump administration cannot build the wall in California because it would violate both state and federal environmental laws. The lawsuit also alleges that the federal statute being used to justify the construction of the wall is not adequate to allow the project to move forward, and that the Trump administration is violating the constitution – specifically the separation of powers doctrine and the 10th amendment –  by attempting to place a wall on the southern border.

Becerra filed another lawsuit against the Trump administration just last week and he was joined by the attorney generals of Maryland, Maine, and Minnesota in doing so. That lawsuit, which alleges that President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA) was unconstitutional, has yet to make it to […]

2009, 2017

Trump Claims Validated Via Manafort Wiretap Revelation

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PNN – Back in March, President Donald Trump tweeted out a claim that he had been wiretapped by the outgoing Obama administration. At the time, President Trump wrote “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” The legacy media was instantly dismissive of the claim. Now we are learning that President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was wiretapped once in 2014 and once in late 2016, and that this latter round of wiretapping apparently continued into early 2017. While this does not verify that President Trump himself was wiretapped, to see such a prominent member of his campaign surveilled via a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court order should give any reasonable person pause. The Manafort wiretap revelation may be one of the most significant news stories of any presidential administration in recent memory.

And yet, despite this shocking revelation, the legacy media continues to dismiss Trump’s claims. In a CNN article entitled “Donald Trump still has no evidence that his wiretapping claim was right”, Chris Cillizza claims that the wiretapping of Manafort isn’t enough to validate President Trump’s claims, as he had specifically said that Trump Tower had been wiretapped. What CNN neglects to report is that Manafort had a residency within Trump Tower, and it is not yet clear if that residence was included in the wiretapping, or if it was limited to Manafort’s home in Alexandria, VA. What also remains unclear is whether or not the wiretap picked up any phone calls between then President-Elect Trump and Manafort. Should the wiretap have included Manafort’s Trump Tower residence and it captured any conversations between Manafort and Trump, then Trump […]

2009, 2017

Editorial: Trump’s UN Speech Struck the Right Tone

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President Donald Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly for the first time on Tuesday morning and his speech has gotten mixed responses from the legacy media. Stories about Trump’s UN speech have primarily focused on President Trump’s strong warnings towards North Korea, his insistence on placing America first, and his repetition of his newest nickname for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un:  Rocket Man. These aspects certainly make President Trump’s speech stand out from previous speeches given by United States Presidents at the UN, which is certainly not a bad thing. President Trump struck the perfect tone with his speech, despite whatever his critics might have you believe.
A Call for Sovereignty
To start, President Trump was right to tout his “America First” agenda, and he was correct when he pointed out that every other representative there was obliged to put their own countries first. To pretend that leaders shouldn’t do so is nothing more than globalism and President Trump, by focusing on sovereignty and self-interest, has sent a clear message to those who would seek to make leaders put the needs of others ahead of the needs of their own country. This is a marked departure from President Obama’s appearances at the UN, during which he often seemed conciliatory. By refusing to make any sort of apologies and by explicitly calling for patriotism, President Trump is being anything but.

Trump’s attitude leaves him holding all the cards, which will ultimately help him reshape the UN, and that is obviously his goal—Trump says that he wants the UN to be a better investment for the US, considering that we’re paying 22% of their budget on our own. As he said, “the United Nations must reform if it […]

1409, 2017

Trump: Wall Samples being Built, DACA Replacement Adds Border Control

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As President Trump departed the White House for Florida on Thursday morning he took the time to stop and speak to reporters about the DACA negotiations that took place with Democratic leadership over dinner on Wednesday evening. During the short, informal conference Trump revealed more information about the planned wall on our southern border and confirmed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s earlier claim that the new DACA replacement legislation will not include wall funding.

“We’re working on a plan – subject to getting massive border control – we’re working on a plan for DACA,” President Trump said. “People want to see that happen. You have 800,000 young people brought here, no fault of their own, so we’re working on a plan. We’ll see how it works out. But we’re going to get massive border security as a part of that.” These statements echo a recent softening on immigration rhetoric from the President and, as we previously reported, may signal a pivot to more centrist policies.

“Mitch is on board, Paul Ryan is on board,” President Trump went on to say, referring to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. “We all feel—look, 92% of the people agree on DACA, but what we want is—we want very powerful border security.”

When asked about funding for the border wall, President Trump said “The wall will come later. We’re right now renovating large sections of wall – massive sections – making it brand new.” He continued “We’re building four different samples of the wall to see which one we’re going to choose, and the wall is going to be built. It will be funded a little bit later.”

While the President did not offer a specific timeline […]

1309, 2017

US Senate Tables Rand Paul’s Anti-War Amendment

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The United States Senate has voted down an amendment to the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would have repealed the Authorization for Use of Military Force and the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution, which gave war powers to the President in 2001 and 2002 respectively. These resolutions were passed following the 9/11 terrorist attack of 2001 to allow then President Bush more authority to pursue those responsible.

Had the amendment, which was proposed by Senator Rand Paul (KY-R), passed it would have required the President to seek congressional approval for future wars. The amendment was designed to go into effect six months after the passing of the NDAA to give lawmakers time to decide what, if any, war authority might be granted to the President, which could then be included in a new Authorization for Use of Military Force bill. Paul was granted a vote on the amendment only after threatening to object to all of the other amendments to the NDAA, which would have made bringing said amendments to a vote much more difficult.

Paul introduced his amendment by reading a prepared statement, which read in part:  “I rise today to oppose unauthorized, undeclared, and unconstitutional war. What we have today is basically unlimited war – war anywhere, anytime, any place on the globe. This vote will be to sunset, in 6 months, the 2001 and 2002 authorizations for the use of military force.” He went on to say “No one with an ounce of intellectual honesty believes these authorizations allow current wars we fight in 7 countries.”

When it came time to vote, 61 senators voted to table Paul’s amendment while only 36 fought the motion to table it. On […]

1309, 2017

Study: 91% of Legacy Media’s Summer Trump Coverage Was Negative

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A new study released by the Media Research Center has confirmed what many of us already know:  the legacy media is against President Donald Trump. The study found that a whopping 91% of evening news coverage about President Trump has been negative over the last three months. It goes on to say that about 39% of all evening news coverage for the duration of the study was about either President Trump or the Trump administration. The study focused specifically on ABC’s World News Tonight, the CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News.

Things get more interesting when other stats come into play. Between January 20 and August 31, the evening news devoted almost 74 hours of total airtime to coverage of the Trump administration. For the entire duration of 2015 and 2016, the Obama administration only received 59 hours of coverage. As Rich Noyes and Mike Ciandella of the Media Research Center publication Newsbusters put it, “Trump has already received more coverage in his first 224 days in office than Obama received in his final two years as President.”

Typically, presidents are given some slack during their first few months as they settle into office, but the legacy media has been negative towards the Trump administration from the outset. The study took care to ignore soundbites and other content that was biased due to partisan politics, such as clips of Republicans praising President Trump, or of Democrats bashing him. Instead, the study sought to focus on “experts presented as non-partisan, voters, or opinionated statements from the networks’ own reporters.”

Given the constant cycle of hysteria that the mainstream, legacy media continues to create with misleading headlines and “anonymous sources”, it does not seem likely that the phenomenon identified […]

1309, 2017

Refugee Ban intact as Supreme Court Blocks Lower Ruling

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President Donald Trump scored yet another victory with his controversial refugee ban after the Supreme Court blocked a lower court’s ruling on Tuesday. The blocked ruling would have allowed up to 24,000 additional refugees into the country by October via forcing the United States to admit those who had been offered entrance by resettlement agencies. The Supreme Court’s order to block the ruling came at the request of the Trump administration.

While this means that the refugee ban will be more effective for the time being, the issue is not entirely settled yet. The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments regarding the legality of the ban on October 10, just a few short weeks before the refugee ban is set to expire, and several weeks after President Trump’s original travel ban – which the refugee ban replaced – is set to expire. Should the Trump administration decide not to renew either ban, the ruling may become a moot point either way, save for whatever precedent it could establish for future administrations to act on these issues.

Previously, the Supreme Court instructed the Trump administration on how to proceed until the full hearing could take place, with the justices deciding that refugees with “bona fide” relationships to people or entities in the United States must be allowed entry. The justices did not, however, give specific definitions as to what qualifies as a “bona fide” relationship, thus leaving room for further conflicts. The Trump administration has interpreted the ruling to mean close family members, for the most part, but lower courts have succeeded in getting grandparents and cousins included on the list of what is considered a close enough relationship. While this is not what the Trump administration […]