1209, 2017

Cruz: Aide Responsible for Accidental “Like” of Pornographic Tweet

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Former presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) endured an amusing gaffe on Monday evening when his official Twitter account liked a short pornographic clip that had been tweeted out by the Twitter handle @SexuallPosts. The clip in question featured what is known as a “cuckold” fetish—in which a person – the “cuck” – views their partner engaging in sexual activity with another partner. The term “cuck” has become a popular insult to lob at politicians on the internet, with many members of alt-right groups using it to attack officials and candidates who they feel are not standing up for their real principals, or merely to jab at people who they feel are weak. The term was applied to Cruz derisively during the 2016 presidential race.

The like remained listed on Senator Cruz’s account for several hours before being removed early in the morning. An archive of Cruz’s likes, which features the tweet in question, was made before the like could be removed (warning:  the content featured in the archive is not safe for work).

Following the incident, Senator Cruz has released an official statement, in which he claims an aide with access to his Twitter account was responsible for liking the pornographic content, apparently by accident. The staffer in question was said not to be acting with malice, and it is currently unclear whether or not their apparent mistake will be met with any consequences, such as losing access to Cruz’s account, or outright firing. Cruz has yet to reveal the identity of the aide in question.

Cruz himself approached the situation with humor, stating “This is not how I envisioned waking up this morning.” He continued, “Although I will say that if I had known that this […]

1603, 2015

Tom Cotton Slammed for Facing the Nation

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This is a prime example of why walking into the den of liberal media is just a bad idea… You will never change their minds, especially those of their viewing audience.  Cotton is being slammed by the left for his comment that “Iran controls Tehran,” which of course is INSIDE Iran. If you take such a statement on it’s own then Tom Cotton sounds like an idiot… but what most will never know is that the statement is taken out of context.

You can view/listen at 5:25 in the video to the exact comment, but more importantly, everyone should listen to full piece with Cotton as he does a great job of explaining… unfortunately it doesn’t matter how much he explains to any audience who would be watching such a far leftist propaganda machine.  Cotton is being called a “traitor” among other things (some in much more harsh language).

Here’s a tip Senator: Do what you do… don’t apologize… and don’t give the left the time of day…

903, 2015

GOP Senators to Iran: Nuclear deal needs Congress

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From Fox News:

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

201, 2011

With the RNC Chair Debate on Monday at 1 PM …

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… it is time to begin schooling ourselves on the candidates. Yes, this is yet another area of thought that I *NEVER* thought I’d care anything about, much less know anything about the candidates… but like many of us in the past 2 years, we have become well versed in things like GOP Chairmen, Precinct Delegates, votes for state Speaker of the House. So there are a few blogs/articles that are popping up in the blogosphere in anticipation of tomorrow’s debate (which I hope you will all watch via the livestream) and we should start paying attention, and discussing. I’ll link them below. These first few involve Michael Steele’s former confidant at the RNC, Reince Priebus. I’ll include more from time to time. Please use the comments section to discuss.

California Activist warns RNC to choose wisely

On the Priebus of Disaster

Story by Ben Smith at Politico

Erick Erickson at Redstate has some thought

1211, 2010

Jeff Flake on Earmarks … Atta Boy!

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Jeff Flake (AZ06) writing at the Washington Post lays it out re: earmarks.

Read it all, excellent article! a few highlights:
… much of the erosion of Congress’s authority relative to the executive branch over the past two decades can be traced to its obsession with earmarks.

As the defenders of earmarking are fond of saying, earmarks represent less than 2 percent of all federal spending. Precisely! By focusing on a measly 2 percent of spending, we have given up effective oversight on the remaining 98 percent.
It is as if Congress has called a truce with the executive branch: Don’t hassle us about our 2 percent, and we’ll offer only token interference with your 98 percent.
As we’ve read all week, THIS is the first issue where our new GOP majority can show us they’ve learned their lesson, that they are listening to us. You just can’t MAKE to many phone calls about this between now and Tuesday.

1010, 2010

Open Letter to the GOP

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Greg W. Howard writes as eloquent a letter, with specific warning to the GOP as I’ve read. Beginning November 3 we should follow suit and pen our own letters to our own representatives at all levels of government.

Greg begins:

Due to the unconscionable arrogance and failures of the Democrats upon controlling the White House and both houses of Congress, control given to them by the incredible failures of the GOP when it held a similar position, it appears the GOP may once again regain control of the House and the Senate in November. All the polling data and the mounting anger of the American people at being ignored by their government may well sweep you back into power in the legislature.

But understand this:

This is not a remarriage between you and the conservative and moderate base of this nation. It is only a trial courtship. You betrayed our trust completely over the years leading up to your ouster in 2006 from control of Congress, and we have not forgotten. But you have forgotten. To prove you’ve forgotten, we need only point to the still too large number of RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) that are still being offered to us as the answer to our problems as a nation.

210, 2010

McConnell = Pansy, DeMint = Warrior

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Don’t we just want the folks in DC to FIGHT EVERY FIGHT?!?!?!!

Alexander Bolton at The Hill chronicles some of the races Jim DeMint and his Senate Conservatives Fund are targeting. He points out that DeMint is knocking down another of those RIDICULOUS Senate “let’s play nice” unspoken rules:

DeMint’s bold foray is certain to shock some of his colleagues because senators almost never wage direct political attacks against each other.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), for example, has pledged not to campaign against Reid in Nevada.

wuss. wimp.

2909, 2010

GOP Senators Lash Out at Jim DeMint

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NOTE WELL articles like this one at Politico by Manu Raju.

We are so proud that Jim DeMint is our senator. We must have his back as he speaks out against the entrenched, spineless, “hard of hearing” GOP Leadership. We need to do everything we can to ensure that we send enough conservatives to Washington to support Jim DeMint and the OH SO SMALL cadre of truly conservative GOP leaders.

In the meantime, take names. We’ll kick A$$ at the appropriate time.

2309, 2010

DeMint scolds GOP, supports Miller in AK

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The best freakin’ senator in the WORLD lays it on the line by calling out his GOP colleagues on their shameful protection of Murkowski this week.

Senate Republicans held a closed-door meeting yesterday afternoon to elect someone to replace Senator Murkowski as the top Republican on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Or so we thought.

Rather than taking away Murkowski’s leadership position on the committee, Senate Republicans decided to let her keep it. One senator after another stood up to argue in favor of protecting her place on the committee — a position she will no doubt use in her campaign against Joe Miller, the conservative Republican nominee.

Read what Jim has to say. and … if you feel compelled … donate to the Senate Conservatives Fund. Or just call Jim’s office and tell him “well done.”

1909, 2010

RINOS, O'Donnell and lessons from majorities past

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Randall Hoven writes a brilliant post at American Thinker today entitled Pyrrhic Victory? Right Diagnosis, Wrong Patient. It is worth a few minutes … he reminds us of the Super Amazing Things! that the Republicans have done with their last few majorities.


I’ll give you a giant case in point. Back in 1995, when Bill Clinton was president, the GOP-controlled Congress passed a significant Medicare reform bill. It was a good bill, with genuine reform, not tinkering at the edges or a layering-on of benefits. It would have helped control the otherwise out-of-control entitlement growth. Clinton vetoed it.

Why, then, in 2003, when the GOP again controlled both houses of Congress, did it not simply pass this bill again for George W. Bush to sign?

Yep. I’m still with Jim DeMint on this one. “I don’t want the majority back if we don’t believe anything,” DeMint said this week. “So I think if we want the numbers, if we want the majority, then we’re going to have to stand on some principles that the American people believe in.”