704, 2017

Was the Syrian Strike Lawful?

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Many will play “Monday-morning-quarterback” when it comes to whether the use of 59 Tomahawk Missiles in the Syrian strike to take out an airfield, was the right thing to do.  Many will listen to the fake news talking heads and let a conclusion be drawn for them.

Is it the right thing to do, to allow someone to brutally murder men, women and children when you have the ability to stop them? How many of you will raise your hand and vote that it’s ok to sit back and watch more die on the nightly news?

We have American military in the area. Whether you are condemning Trump’s decision to wipe out that airfield or not; what would you have said if the next strike had been to drop sarin gas on our people because Trump did nothing? Would your attitude have changed then?

But, the question under consideration; Was this strike Constitutional?

Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution outlines the powers of Congress, and within those powers, it states:
To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;
Now we have to argue if the surgical strike to take out the ability to deliver chemical weapons a “declaration of war.” If you are Syrian, your answer is likely a quick “yes” but from our standpoint, the question is probably better phrased as; “Do you believe we are now engaged in an active war with Syria?” Where my answer is “no” and I believe most would feel that way, it is strictly an opinion-type answer.

Letters of Marque isn’t a term that most are likely familiar with but it is basically farming out military action on our behalf whether it is another […]

2909, 2015

The Hill Buries Speaker John Boehner

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Perhaps it is lost on Boehner, but what is all over the barn floor is not chocolate candy. It is the remains of the Obama agenda that has been rejected by the House.

Great article at The Hill by Rick Manning who makes some great points and says what many of us are thinking as well.  Manning holds nothing back as he begins his article (Time to Really Say Goodbye Mr Speaker) with:
On Friday, I praised Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on his decision to leave office; now, I’m going to bury him. What changed? Boehner’s announced intention to not go away, but instead to use his lame-duck period to “clean the barn.”
How is any of this supposed to work? How is any of this supposed to benefit the people or even “the party?”

You know how it is when an employee comes in one day and gives his two week notice; the employer doesn’t have to accept that notice, especially in environments which a person could do some serious damage during that time. How often have you seen an employer just go ahead and have the employee box up their stuff and get escorted out the door? This is where we need to say, “Thank you so much Mr. Speaker for your notice, now box up and vacate the position immediately!”

What Manning is calling for is a reasonable approach:
With the vote for Speaker still pending, the majority leader can and should thwart any egregious Boehner action simply by using his power over the legislative calendar. Boehner should finish out the two-month continuing resolution that he is working on and then retire gracefully on Oct. 1, allowing the House to move forward with the new leadership it so […]

2603, 2015

Most Embarrassing Parking Job by Democrat

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Democrats just see the world differently… sort of like no matter how many times placing a square peg in a round hole doesn’t work out, it’s only because they haven’t done it yet themselves (socialism). When a normal person looks at a row of cars all parked equally slanted, they guide their own vehicle in, in similar fashion, but not Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, she breaks the trend and parks perpendicular to the curb… and hits the car beside her several times in the process:

From Roll Call:
Our spy estimates the entire head-scratching episode lasted about half an hour, including the painful insertion process and her 20-minute jaunt into Cannon.

Once done with her business, the tipster said Norton backed out of the space and rolled out onto the unsuspecting District streets.

“She hit the car next to her and did not leave a note, though I couldn’t see any damage,” was our spy’s takeaway from the mid-day drama.
However, Norton’s office told the publication that the congresswoman assessed the vehicles for damage and “could not find any.”

“But we left a note with a business card so the congresswoman could be contacted in case we missed any,” a spokesperson with Norton’s office said.

2201, 2011

If You Were Trey Gowdy, What Would YOU Ask?

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I had a chat with Trey Gowdy my Congressman the other day. He called to share with me the committees/sub-committees he’s been appointed to, and to find out what questions WE would ask if we were in his seat.

Trey has been appointed to serve on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over judicial proceedings, bankruptcy, immigration policy, patents and copyrights, and restraints against trade and commerce.

The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is the investigative arm of the House, and it oversees congressional investigations into federal programs or matters that impact federal policy.

So Tea Party … what questions would you want asked of who/whom if you had the opportunity? You can put them in comments, or email them to me at info@spartanburgteaparty.org, I’ll make sure Trey gets them in entirety. I told him he has a standing invite to speak at our meetings anytime he’s in town. A few more things he mentioned:

He’s signed on to both Balanced Budget efforts currently circulating.

One of the things they are definitely going after soon is waste in Medicaid/Medicare.

He’d like to hear from doctors and dentists about their experience and perspective on “crazy regulations”

They’ll be going back to look at the decision to kill the DC School Voucher program.

OKAY. Questions Please!

1501, 2011

RNC Rebuffs Boehner

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Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns at Politico relay the attempt by Speaker Boehner to influence the RNC Chair election. Boehner worked hard to get longtime operative Maria Cino, a veteran campaign hand who held senior offices at the RNC and the National Republican Congressional Committee the RNC Chair position; when Michael Steele dropped out after four rounds of balloting he also endorsed Cino. Speculation is that a Boehner call to Steele occurred, and rumors are that six-figure contracts were on the table, which was denied.

Chad Kolton, a Cino spokesman, said the only thing Schlapp offered to Steele was a pledge that Cino and her allies would only say positive things about him and would do nothing to impede his efforts to secure a job at a law firm or on TV.

All in all, despite rhetoric and platitudes from Boehner and Steele addressing the help of the tea party in November’s historic gains, their attempted influence at the RNC event is telling … same old guard protecting its own.

In addition to her entrenched GOP ties, Cino has had to explain her support for a pro-abortion organization as well as her role in lobbying FOR Obamacare.

Read the article for the low down. Reince Preibus garnered enough votes on the 7th ballot to be elected Chair, with Saul Anuzis 2nd, and Maria Cino 3rd.

Reid Wilson at National Journal has a bit more on the speculated deal making with Steele.

1001, 2011

Bitter Blue Dogs ready to cut deals

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Steven T. Dennis and Kathleen Hunter have this story on blue dog dems frustration with their party’s leadership/leaders and how they may be looking to “cut deals” with the GOP on fiscal issues.

Rep. Dennis Cardoza, who represents the Blue Dogs in leadership meetings and also co-chairs the PAC, voted against Pelosi in last week’s Speaker tally on the House floor. He said his vote against his fellow Californian was for the “60 ghosts that are no longer here.” Democrats lost the majority Nov. 2, and many of the losses came from the moderate ranks.

“I sat for three and a half years in the Democratic leadership advocating for positions that were more moderate and didn’t get listened to, and then saw this happen to our party,” Cardoza said. “Frankly, I was depressed about losing those guys. And the fact that our party doesn’t get that that’s profoundly a problem indicated to me that I had to send a very strong message yesterday when I got on the floor.”

Hmmmphphphhh. I remember faxing, emailing, and calling some of these blue dogs during the health care debates. I say … “use” them, but don’t trust them. And NO DEALS! Are you listening Boehner?

501, 2011

Duncan and Scott named House Whips

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Carolina Politics Online reports that SC Freshmen Jeff Duncan and Tim Scott were both named House Whips, and will serve as House whips under the leadership of U.S. House Majority Whip-elect Kevin McCarthy.

Congratulations guys, we are very proud of both of you!

401, 2011

Opening Session of Congress to be live streamed on Facebook

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It was posted today that the opening session of Congress will be live streamed on the Pledge To America Facebook page. The session and live stream will begin 12 PM Eastern.

3012, 2010

Republicans vow war on red tape

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Louis Peck, writing at The Fiscal Times, has an even more in-depth article about the use of the Congressional Review Act. If I thought that Congress had the spine to follow through, I’d be sorta encouraged. The fact that the article quotes Jim DeMint quite a bit spurs that encouragement.

One of the things I’ve found about federal bureaucrats is a lot of them are very smart . . . but they don’t like working in the spotlight,” DeMint, a leading conservative and Tea Party champion, said recently. “If they thought they were going to have to come over to testify in front of a bunch of congressmen and senators, they’d be a lot more careful about what they’re writing.”

With the Republicans poised to take control of the House and exert more influence in the Democratic-controlled Senate beginning next week, DeMint and other GOP players plan to wage war on government rule-making and attempt to roll back or block implementation of key elements of the major health care and financial reform measures.

and this …

* Incoming Financial Services Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus of Alabama says he will review the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation with an eye to relieving banks and Wall Street financial institutions of undue regulatory burdens.
* Republicans want to challenge numerous “job-killing” Environmental Protection Agency rules and initiatives including efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and impose national air quality standards for ozone and toxic industrial boiler emissions.
* GOP lawmakers are exploring ways to block the implementation of President Obama’s health care reform law by denying the Department of Health and Human Services and other agencies the funding […]

3012, 2010

Congressional Review Act

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The Wall Street Journal has an article detailing how the Congressional Review Act may be in use when the 112th Congress convenes. Basically, the Congressional Review Act allows Congress to overturn regulatory agency orders with simple majority, for example, FCC, EPA, FDA, CMS orders. This article speaks specifically to the recent FCC actions …

The FCC’s brazen power grab is already producing a welcome backlash on Capitol Hill. GOP Representative Marsha Blackburn says she’ll introduce legislation to prohibit the FCC from enforcing net neutrality rules. And Senate Commerce Committee Ranking Member Kay Bailey Hutchison plans to introduce a “resolution of disapproval” under the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to overturn regulatory agency orders with a simple majority in the House and Senate.

The Congressional Review Act could get a workout over the next two years if President Obama tries to use regulatory agencies—the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services—to achieve the policies he can’t get through Congress.