2509, 2017

Is The Party Over As Legal High Use Falls?

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After the party

As trends go, legal highs were pretty significant. Not less than five years ago, it seemed that laughing gas and synthetic drugs were all the rage. In fact, you couldn’t move in “party towns” for hysteric and hallucinogenic tourists. Like all things, however, the popularity wanes over time, so much so that the party appears to be over. But, what has contributed to the fall in legal drugs in such a short space of time? Premiumnewsnetwork.com dug a little deeper to find out. Here are the findings.

Greater Awareness

More people are beginning to understand new legal highs, but the old guard is also less mysterious. Yep, alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine are powerful drugs which people consume daily. In fact, the number of individuals seeking help from resources such as alcoholrehab.me is on the rise. And, that is only alcohol as addictionresource.com points out that nicotine centers exist. Simply put, society is beginning to question the use of legal substances, even if they don’t carry a penalty. After all, the effect on a person’s body is just as harmful.

More Public Scrutiny

Of course, alcohol and cigarettes have and will continue to exist for years. But, there are new drugs which hit the market on a regular basis. Of course, the fact that society doesn’t understand legal drugs is a problem. When newbies appear, how long will it take before we know the extent of their power? The answer is not long as it isn’t long until they hit the headlines. A person has a severe reaction, or someone dies, and the media reports the story. Whether the angle is truthful or not, the headlines are enough to shock. No one wants to try a legal high after reading […]

2209, 2017

Could Honesty Be The Key Towards Better Mental Health?

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Honesty. It’s something that we all want more of from others, but how many of us are really that honest ourselves? More and more people are keeping ‘honesty’ journals as a way to be more honest with themselves, something that could relieve stress and anxiety – keeping that weight off your shoulders. It’s an interesting concept, but how effective could it really be when put into practice?

Image: Pexels
Is it better to lie or tell the truth?
Lying is often a question of morals, particularly if the reason behind the lie is to manipulate or deceive. However, there are some instances where lying can be more appropriate than telling the truth, like to children. In an article for the New York Times, writer Judi Ketteler explained that often choosing to lie or be honest with her children was often a choice between two unpleasant outcomes. Neither outcome would have left her happy, but choosing to tell the truth, could at least have something be explained to her children in a way that they understood, and not from Siri. Every day comes with new challenges to face when telling the truth, but the decision to tell a lie could have more significant consequences than you might realize at the time.
Findings suggest honesty is the best policy
There have been several studies that have examined the impact of lying on our health. The University of California San Diego Emotion Lab’s latest research has shown that telling ‘white lies’ can help someone to feel good in the short-term, but in the long-term, they could cause more harm. If you’re sugar coating something to protect someone’s feelings, such as if someone’s not performing as well as they should in work – you […]

2209, 2017

How Technology Is Shaping The Face Of Senior Health Care In 2017

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Technology is changing all the time, but many people think this is something that only benefits millennials. Every year, innovations are made. Our television’s get larger, with increasingly higher resolutions, and virtual reality is quickly becoming the trendsetter for video games. While this is all well and good for the people who care, what about our ageing relatives? Do they care about the latest tech? Well, actually, yes they do. “Smart” technology, such as health monitoring apps and sensors, are giving them the tools to stay at home longer, without the need to be placed in a care home or assisted living accommodation. It also provides peace of mind for the family, who are not always around to spot the warning signs when a parent is ill.

So, what technologies should you be looking out for? A helpful place to start is to look at the latest products on Medicalert.systems. They highlight some of the latest devices available for seniors and consider the advantages of a range of ‘fall alert’ and ‘medical alert’ systems. Utilising this technology will help you avoid that heart-wrenching decision of putting your relative  in a care home. The following are three of the best technologies currently available.


When your relative takes a large number of pills a day, it can easy to forget or mix up doses. Needless to say, this can have serious consequences. However, MedMinder eliminates the problem. The dispenser remains locked until it’s time to take the pill, at which time, a flashing light, a beep, or a pre-programmed message from the caregiver’s voice, will provide a handy reminder. Furthermore, the caregiver can remotely check whether the pill has been taken by logging onto the internet, or receive […]

2209, 2017

Surprising Facts About The Food We Consume: All Is Not What You Think

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Not all of us are savvy with our food choices. Perhaps you enjoy the odd take-out each week, or a sweet treat in the afternoon to give you that energy kick you need. On the whole, we generally try and eat a well-balanced diet and keep our food choices healthy. But what happens when the food we think is good for us is actually potentially doing us some harm? There are surprising ingredients and additions to some of the healthy food options available in our stores today, I thought I would share with you what some of them are.

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Morphine in your bread

Morphine is a powerful drug often used to eliminate pain, but could you be consuming it when eating a sandwich or a piece of toast? The truth is, if you have a likeness for poppy seed bread, then the chances are you could be consuming morphine without you even knowing. The drug morphine, or known as years ago as the poppy, comes from the seed. While the amount of morphine in one poppy seed can vary, it is important to realize that the amount you consume on a daily basis will be very minimal and not at all harmful. But, studies have shown that when testing this theory out, a drugs test came back positive with traces of opiates and morphine.

Paint thinner in your cereal

Would you be surprised to read that a common household cleaner, stain remover and even something that has been described as a likeness to paint thinner was in your cereal? You may think it’s an untruthful statement, but there has been known reports of trisodium phosphate in cereal. While the facts may be surprising, the truth is, there is […]

1809, 2017

Amazing Technological Solutions To Visual Impairment

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We rely on our eyes for everything. They’re the window through which most of us experience the world. When our eyesight starts to deteriorate or fail altogether it can be a daunting and distressing time. It feels as though the window to the rest of the world is closing, never to be re-opened. Those who experience sight loss at an early age are able to spend a lifetime acclimatizing to it, whereas sight loss in those accustomed to seeing can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. The good news is that, as with hearing loss, 21st-century digital technology is able to give sufferers a range of solutions to the myriad everyday problems presented by sight loss. While curing blindness is not yet within our reach (there are so many different causes of visual impairment, it’s difficult to come up with a one-size-fits-all solution), there are exciting technological advancements that can help mitigate the physical and psychological effects of visual impairment.

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The psychosocial  effects of visual impairment

Visual impairment, whether it strikes quickly or slowly erodes the vision, can severely impair the psychological and social well-being of those afflicted. In the case of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), some 30% of sufferers also experienced acute depression and feelings of social isolation. It can lead to phobic anxieties, a breakdown of interpersonal relationships (resulting in many cases in divorce), and the obvious psychological implications caused by loss of employment and career. Hence, medical professionals find themselves waging a war on several fronts, treating both the cause of the sight loss and its varied symptoms. The damage caused by visual impairment extends far beyond the inability to see which is what makes the recent developments in treatment so uplifting.

Image […]

1109, 2017

Doing These Things Could Damage Your Heart

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The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. It works hard to pump blood around the body 24/7, and anything that hinders that is bad news. The harder your heart has to work, the more chance you have of experiencing ill health. Here are some things that could damage your heart if you’re not careful:

Indulging In Fatty Food

Good fats are great for heart health and the body. This includes things like avocado, almonds, Brazil nuts, and similar natural foods. However, trans fats and saturated fats are bad news. Indulging in too many fatty foods will definitely impair your heart health in the long run.

Smoking (Even Occasionally)

Smoking makes the heart work much harder as it tightens the blood vessels. It has horrific effects both in the short and long term. Even if you smoke occasionally, you’re increasing your risk of suffering from certain diseases. Cut it out completely!

Excess Alcohol Consumption

How much do you drink each week? The odd glass of wine is OK, and studies even suggest that it could be good for the heart. However, drinking in excess is not a good idea, and in the long run, it will catch up with you.

Stressing Out Too Much

Stress is invisible, but that doesn’t mean the effects aren’t serious! Stress can affect the heart negatively, as well as your mental health, and even things like your weight and hair growth.

If you want to make sure you’re safeguarding your heart as much as possible, avoiding the above, as well as looking at equipment like AED machines could help. Check out the info-graphic below:

609, 2017

Are Private Medical Companies Putting Patients At Risk?

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When it comes to medical care, most people would agree that one thing is more important than just about everything else: patient care. If you’re not taking decent care of your patients, then you’re simply not functioning properly as a medical organization. If a doctor’s surgery was more concerned with paperwork than patient care, they would receive huge volumes of complaints from just about everyone. And yet, there are hundreds of private medical companies out there that are putting the care of their patients very low on their list of priorities. Not only are they putting a great deal of their attention towards nothing more than increasing profits, but they are doing so at the expense of people’s well-being and even their lives. Here are just a few of ways in which private medical companies are putting their patients at risk on a daily basis.

Lack of regulation

Picture Source

When a lot of people hear the term “deregulation,” they assume that it’s something entirely positive. After all, no one wants the government meddling in their private life and deciding what they should or shouldn’t be doing, so why would businesses want that either. Well, in reality, regulation from government bodies is in place to prevent businesses from engaging in any shady or potentially illegal business practices. Things like companies paying their employees under the minimum wage or forcing them to work longer hours than is safe are precisely what regulations are in place to prevent. Of course, in the medical injury, a lack of oversight and regulation can have some even more dangerous effects. Not only do these companies engage in many of the same practices that unfairly impact their employees as many others, but a lack […]

3008, 2017

Caring For Aging Parents: What Are The Options?

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Your parents devote years of their lives to looking after you, but as they get older, the tables may turn. Having relied on parental guidance for decades, it may be time to take the baton and assume responsibility for your parent’s care. If your parents are getting older and they’re struggling to get by alone, it may be time to consider the options and think about how the next few years are going to pan out.

Help at home

For most of us, there’s no place like home, so it’s understandable that the majority of older people want to stay at home for as long as possible. If your parents are still fit and healthy, but they need a bit of help around the house, you could look into domiciliary care packages. Home care services provide everything from assistance with making meals and bathing to taking medication, and they can enable people to stay at home for longer. You can choose the duration and frequency of visits, and you can adapt the package in line with changes in your parent’s’ health, their preferences or their mobility or level of independence.

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Finding a care home

If you have a parent who has underlying health conditions, their health is deteriorating, or they’re not safe at home, for example, they have fallen a few times in the last couple of months, it may be necessary to look for a care home. At a nursing or residential home, your parents will have access to round-the-clock support. Some people have a negative perception of care homes, but there are some excellent facilities out there. Read inspection reports, ask friends and colleagues for recommendations, and visit some homes and have a look around. Many […]

2908, 2017

Medical Staff Deserve To Be Treated Well Too

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Our medical staff goes out of our way to treat us – shouldn’t we be treating them better? A rising influx of patients and a growing shortage of medical staff is putting extra pressure on doctors and nurses worldwide. Staff are having to work more hours for comparatively less pay. In instances such as the UK’s NHS, stresses are even causing doctors and nurses to leave the profession. What can be done to relieve the pressure?

Fortunately, there are already plans being discussed, as well existing services out there that need to be promoted. Here are just some of the key ways we could be making life better for our medical workforce.

It’s largely a matter of funding

A lack of funding is having a dramatic effect on hospitals worldwide. 53% of nurses have been reporting that many services that were once freely available five years ago are now being rationed. This is leading to patients not getting the sufficient care that they need, make nurses feel more restricted and less rewarded for their efforts.

Many medical staff feel they should be paid more for the added stress, but with medical cuts already being responsible for this added stress, where could the money for higher wages possibly come from? Healthcare costs for patients are already high and raising them might make medical care even more inaccessible for some people (in countries where it is free, taxes would have to be raised). Charities meanwhile can barely scratch the surface. Perhaps one solution could be to even out the pay distribution.

Medical salaries worldwide vary depending on role and area. In the US alone, there’s a huge inconsistency depending on where you work with staff in cities such as New York […]

2508, 2017

Elderly Relatives: It’s Time To Be Vigilant Of Their Health

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Getting older can be a struggle; people don’t enjoy not being able to do all the things that they used to, and it can take quite a lot of adjustments to their lifestyles and impact their family members. However, with a strong and loving family around them; there’s no reason that an elderly person can’t live a happy and fulfilling life with the right care.

You can always help you parents or grandparents by remaining vigilant so that you can spot any changes in their demeanor or health that you feel need attention. Spotting issues quickly will ensure that your senior loved one receives prompt and appropriate treatment or medication so that they can continue a happy retirement. The following are some things that you should be keeping an eye on regarding your elderly relatives so that you can help them seek the right advice and care.

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More Than Just Forgetfulness

Everyone forgets things now and again; it’s not just part of getting old, it’s part of a busy lifestyle. However, when it comes to your elderly relatives, you may want to pay close attention if their forgetful behavior is being problematic and a frequent occurrence. As the brain ages; it can still remain vigilant and quick. Therefore, if your senior loved one seems confused and upset by their inability to remember things, or it has become apparent that there’s a problem; you must be sensitive and encourage them to seek a professional opinion.

If the abilities of your elderly loved one’s brain are diminishing; you’ll need to look into dementia care services so that you can ensure they’re receiving proper attention and treatment. Hiring an expert team to look after your senior family member will also give […]