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Are Private Medical Companies Putting Patients At Risk?

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When it comes to medical care, most people would agree that one thing is more important than just about everything else: patient care. If you’re not taking decent care of your patients, then you’re simply not functioning properly as a medical organization. If a doctor’s surgery was more concerned with paperwork than patient care, they would receive huge volumes of complaints from just about everyone. And yet, there are hundreds of private medical companies out there that are putting the care of their patients very low on their list of priorities. Not only are they putting a great deal of their attention towards nothing more than increasing profits, but they are doing so at the expense of people’s well-being and even their lives. Here are just a few of ways in which private medical companies are putting their patients at risk on a daily basis.

Lack of regulation

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When a lot of people hear the term “deregulation,” they assume that it’s something entirely positive. After all, no one wants the government meddling in their private life and deciding what they should or shouldn’t be doing, so why would businesses want that either. Well, in reality, regulation from government bodies is in place to prevent businesses from engaging in any shady or potentially illegal business practices. Things like companies paying their employees under the minimum wage or forcing them to work longer hours than is safe are precisely what regulations are in place to prevent. Of course, in the medical injury, a lack of oversight and regulation can have some even more dangerous effects. Not only do these companies engage in many of the same practices that unfairly impact their employees as many others, but a lack […]

3008, 2017

Caring For Aging Parents: What Are The Options?

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Your parents devote years of their lives to looking after you, but as they get older, the tables may turn. Having relied on parental guidance for decades, it may be time to take the baton and assume responsibility for your parent’s care. If your parents are getting older and they’re struggling to get by alone, it may be time to consider the options and think about how the next few years are going to pan out.

Help at home

For most of us, there’s no place like home, so it’s understandable that the majority of older people want to stay at home for as long as possible. If your parents are still fit and healthy, but they need a bit of help around the house, you could look into domiciliary care packages. Home care services provide everything from assistance with making meals and bathing to taking medication, and they can enable people to stay at home for longer. You can choose the duration and frequency of visits, and you can adapt the package in line with changes in your parent’s’ health, their preferences or their mobility or level of independence.

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Finding a care home

If you have a parent who has underlying health conditions, their health is deteriorating, or they’re not safe at home, for example, they have fallen a few times in the last couple of months, it may be necessary to look for a care home. At a nursing or residential home, your parents will have access to round-the-clock support. Some people have a negative perception of care homes, but there are some excellent facilities out there. Read inspection reports, ask friends and colleagues for recommendations, and visit some homes and have a look around. Many […]

2908, 2017

Medical Staff Deserve To Be Treated Well Too

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Our medical staff goes out of our way to treat us – shouldn’t we be treating them better? A rising influx of patients and a growing shortage of medical staff is putting extra pressure on doctors and nurses worldwide. Staff are having to work more hours for comparatively less pay. In instances such as the UK’s NHS, stresses are even causing doctors and nurses to leave the profession. What can be done to relieve the pressure?

Fortunately, there are already plans being discussed, as well existing services out there that need to be promoted. Here are just some of the key ways we could be making life better for our medical workforce.

It’s largely a matter of funding

A lack of funding is having a dramatic effect on hospitals worldwide. 53% of nurses have been reporting that many services that were once freely available five years ago are now being rationed. This is leading to patients not getting the sufficient care that they need, make nurses feel more restricted and less rewarded for their efforts.

Many medical staff feel they should be paid more for the added stress, but with medical cuts already being responsible for this added stress, where could the money for higher wages possibly come from? Healthcare costs for patients are already high and raising them might make medical care even more inaccessible for some people (in countries where it is free, taxes would have to be raised). Charities meanwhile can barely scratch the surface. Perhaps one solution could be to even out the pay distribution.

Medical salaries worldwide vary depending on role and area. In the US alone, there’s a huge inconsistency depending on where you work with staff in cities such as New York […]

2508, 2017

Elderly Relatives: It’s Time To Be Vigilant Of Their Health

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Getting older can be a struggle; people don’t enjoy not being able to do all the things that they used to, and it can take quite a lot of adjustments to their lifestyles and impact their family members. However, with a strong and loving family around them; there’s no reason that an elderly person can’t live a happy and fulfilling life with the right care.

You can always help you parents or grandparents by remaining vigilant so that you can spot any changes in their demeanor or health that you feel need attention. Spotting issues quickly will ensure that your senior loved one receives prompt and appropriate treatment or medication so that they can continue a happy retirement. The following are some things that you should be keeping an eye on regarding your elderly relatives so that you can help them seek the right advice and care.

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More Than Just Forgetfulness

Everyone forgets things now and again; it’s not just part of getting old, it’s part of a busy lifestyle. However, when it comes to your elderly relatives, you may want to pay close attention if their forgetful behavior is being problematic and a frequent occurrence. As the brain ages; it can still remain vigilant and quick. Therefore, if your senior loved one seems confused and upset by their inability to remember things, or it has become apparent that there’s a problem; you must be sensitive and encourage them to seek a professional opinion.

If the abilities of your elderly loved one’s brain are diminishing; you’ll need to look into dementia care services so that you can ensure they’re receiving proper attention and treatment. Hiring an expert team to look after your senior family member will also give […]

908, 2017

Sugar Addiction Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

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When it comes to addiction, sugar can seem like a relatively harmless one. However, that’s far from the truth. Sugar can have many terrible effects on the body that we’ve learned to ignore. It’s hard to avoid sugar because there is so much of it hidden in many of the foods and drinks we consume. Do you ever wonder what differences you’d see in your body if you gave up sugar? Many people don’t even think about it. But, if you’re suffering from the following symptoms, it may be time for a sugar detox.



Sugar is a major culprit for chronic acne. So, if you’re not in your teens but you’re still suffering from breakouts, it could be the sugar in your diet. Sugar causes hormonal imbalances, especially in women, which results in breakouts. It’s also something that causes inflammation in the body, which shows up in your skin. It’s why anyone with an inflammatory condition, like rheumatoid arthritis or endometriosis should steer clear of sugary snacks on a regular basis. Just one fizzy drink is enough to increase your inflammation by up to 90% per day.

Ruined Taste Buds

Do yourself a favour and take a taste bud test. Go without sugar for one week and then eat a sugary snack after the week has passed. If the snack tastes sweeter than it did before, it’s likely that sugar is ruining your taste buds. Consuming sugar can dull the sensations in your taste over time because you build up a sugar tolerance. As soon as your tolerance peaks, you’re unable to taste foods as they should be tasted. By cutting down the amount of sugar you eat every week, you’ll be able to enjoy a much healthier […]

108, 2017

Endometriosis: The Silent Condition That Can Be Ignored For Years

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Endometriosis is a condition that affects women, with an estimated impact on around 176 million lives worldwide. In fact, one in ten women in the US alone have been found to have endometriosis – and the number may be higher, due to the fact it is so often mis-or-undiagnosed.

What Is Endometriosis?

The condition is caused by an overgrowth of the uterine lining. In a normal monthly cycle, the uterine lining will thicken in anticipation of a fertilized egg being implanted. When this sheds, it produces a period.

Endometriosis occurs when the uterine lining – medically known as the endometrium – tends to overdevelop. It can develop not only thickening the uterus, but even attach itself to the surrounding muscles. Endometrium is often found on the bladder, with deposits also common along the bowel.

What Happens?

The condition is best known for its extreme pain. This tends to occur during the menstrual period, but can be felt throughout the month in more severe cases. These pains are not the standard menstrual cramps that many women suffer with. They last for longer and are almost intolerably painful, with some women reporting that passing out from the pain is a regular occurrence.

The other major sign of endometriosis is that periods tend to be extremely heavy, while cycles can be irregular and difficult to predict.

Is It Dangerous?

Endometriosis is not dangerous in terms of threatening life, but it is dangerous in terms of the hazard it poses towards quality of life. For one thing, the pain and discomfort experienced literally takes up three months of every year for a woman with endometriosis. This can cause serious problems with maintaining a job, especially as many women find themselves having to take more time off […]

2507, 2017

Understanding (And Increasing) Your Pain Tolerance

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“It hurts.”

“It really hurts…”

“I was in so much pain…”

All of the above are fairly common sentiments that we’ll all hear and say throughout life. Pain is one of those things that all of us – barring unusual disorders – can relate to. If someone says they have a headache, we can nod along, because we understand what a headache feels like and the pain and distress that it might cause. If someone is in pain, we get why that might be an issue for them.

The thing is, we all experience pain differently – and it causes a lot of problems. Doctors have no particular way of knowing if someone is truly in horrific pain, or if they just have a low pain threshold.

With kids, they use a scale where children can point to how miserable they feel regarding their pain – but what adult wouldn’t just go for the worst imaginable? After all, you want the doctor to help you and you want them to do it well, so what’s a little over-exaggeration if it’s going to result in the most effective treatment?

Understandable as this attitude is, it’s also inherently problematic. It can lead to you being over-treated in the event of an injury or illness; and it makes doctors as a whole more skeptical when someone describes themselves as being in a lot of pain.

So is there any way you can increase your pain threshold for the sake of your own health?

#1 – Being Accident Prone

The more you experience pain, the better you will be at dealing with it – that just makes sense. It’s like your own kind of exposure therapy. Whether you’re clumsy or just seem to have enough bad […]

2507, 2017

Know The Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Support

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At a certain point in life, there will be a seismic shift in the relationship that you have with your parents. It will almost be like a role reversal. You will be working and caring for a family that is growing. They will be enjoying retirement, hopefully with no worries in the world if they have saved money correctly. Unfortunately, there may come a time when they need more of your assistance. They could even lose their dependence and need further support. It is crucial that you watch out for the signs that this is happening.

If you don’t, it can lead to a terrible situation where they end up in a nursing home or permanently in hospital. By taking the right steps and recognizing the signs, you should be able to prevent this completely.

Cognitive Decline

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There are often clear signs of cognitive decline, and they are easy to spot. People at risk of dementia begin to live more in the past and less in the present. This happens quite gradually at first. You might notice that they remember things from their childhood more clearly than what happened to them last week. At this point, cognitive decline can still be reduced. You should encourage your parents to engage with brain teasers or little puzzles daily. Don’t let them sit for hours watching TV or sleep through the day. Research has shown that this increases the likelihood of dementia developing. It is also important that you get your parents socializing and interacting as much as possible.

Some parents won’t have the means or transportation to do this themselves, so you will need to provide it for them.

Weaker Physically

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You might notice that your parents aren’t as strong as […]

2507, 2017

Mental Techniques: How To Calm Yourself Before An Operation

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People tend to worry when they know a hospital operation is just on the horizon. It doesn’t matter how many times their families say it will be okay; most people are still going to stress. However, there are lots of tricks and techniques anyone can use to turn the situation around. In most instances, the operation is essential for survival. Otherwise, the surgeon wouldn’t want to mess around inside the person’s body. So, it’s vital people never avoid the operating room if doctors send them there. Those folks just have to ensure they take the correct mental approach to the situation. The advice below should help with that.


Read about the procedure

Firstly, it’s sensible to learn as much as possible about the procedure. There are going to be lots of articles online that help to explain the process. Doctors can often provide paperwork too! So, patients should always make sure they ask as many questions as they can. Once someone understands what is going to happen to them, it’s much easier to come to terms with the realities. In many instances, operations sound worse than they are. Most procedures undertaken in the US today have impressive success rates. That is something the individual needs to remind themselves of before attending their appointment.


Research the hospital

Just as some surgeons are better than others; some hospitals offer better care too. So, it makes sense to perform as much research as possible into the establishment the patent plans to attend. If there are ongoing malpractice cases with some of the surgeons, most people will manage to find information online. In that instance, it is acceptable for the individual to request a different professional. So, there is no need […]

2507, 2017

Dealing With Health And Safety Issues To Prevent Work Related Injuries

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The workplace should be an environment where you feel safe, but still able to exert energy to be physically productive. Injuries that directly burden an employee with pain and anguish, also harm a business’s reputation. No matter what level of employee you are, it’s your right to work in health and safety conscious workspace. Therefore you could help out, by pointing out the potentially harmful hazards you see, thus improving standards for everybody. However, the suggestions you make may incur further costs for employee training and maybe even equipment replacement costing the company money. However, as an individual, it’s far better to be safe than sorry regarding personal health. You can follow a few steps that could make the working environment much safer and prevent work related injuries.

Safety in numbers

If a section is undermanned, the number of tasks each employee has responsibility for, increase. This puts on added pressure, because time constraints become more acute, forcing many people to rush and cut corners. If you see this becoming a safety issue, you can suggest to your manager that there are low staffing levels. Low staffing levels cause physical fatigue as you’re required to do more work and thus, overstretch. You may suffer from exhaustion, and your concentration can slip, which can result in avoidable accidents like tripping or heavy machinery falling or hurting you.

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Inadequate protection

Employers are required to provide the correct protection if you work in an environment that is potentially dangerous like a manufacturing factory or automobile garage. Personal protection is sometimes spontaneously inspected, which you can use as an opportunity to suggest improvements to the design, material and fit of the equipment. Take the time to express your concern for […]