1409, 2017

Martin Shkreli Jailed Over Bizarre Satirical Facebook Posts

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Millionaire pharmaceutical investor Martin Shkreli has had his bail revoked and has been jailed while he waits to receive sentencing for securities fraud.  U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto made the decision to revoke Shkreli’s bail following a series of Facebook posts which culminated in Shkreli offering $5,000 to anyone willing to obtain a hair sample from former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as she embarks on her new book tour. Shkreli has said that the post in question was meant as a joke. Shkreli has been out on a $5 million bail since he was arrested in December of 2015.

In the posts, Shkreli encouraged his followers to join him at a Clinton book signing to chant “lock her up”, joked about cloning Clinton, posted several times with what appears to be amino acid sequencing, claimed that he was being followed, posted an image of a computer chip that he claimed had 10 million deleted emails from Clinton, claimed to have a sample of Clinton’s DNA, and finally offered up $5,000 to anyone would could provide him with a hair sample to check against the DNA he claimed to already have. The post in which Shkreli made the offer seems to have been removed, but screenshots were taken and circulated online.

Shkreli is a notorious prankster and he has since explained that the posts in question were meant to be satirical, remarking on a September 7 Facebook post that “It was just a prank, bro!” Judge Matsumoto was not amused and argued that one of Shkreli’s 93,000 followers might have taken the offer seriously. The posts were not protected under the first amendment, said the judge, because they constitute a “a solicitation of assault in exchange for money.” […]

1309, 2017

Study: 91% of Legacy Media’s Summer Trump Coverage Was Negative

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A new study released by the Media Research Center has confirmed what many of us already know:  the legacy media is against President Donald Trump. The study found that a whopping 91% of evening news coverage about President Trump has been negative over the last three months. It goes on to say that about 39% of all evening news coverage for the duration of the study was about either President Trump or the Trump administration. The study focused specifically on ABC’s World News Tonight, the CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News.

Things get more interesting when other stats come into play. Between January 20 and August 31, the evening news devoted almost 74 hours of total airtime to coverage of the Trump administration. For the entire duration of 2015 and 2016, the Obama administration only received 59 hours of coverage. As Rich Noyes and Mike Ciandella of the Media Research Center publication Newsbusters put it, “Trump has already received more coverage in his first 224 days in office than Obama received in his final two years as President.”

Typically, presidents are given some slack during their first few months as they settle into office, but the legacy media has been negative towards the Trump administration from the outset. The study took care to ignore soundbites and other content that was biased due to partisan politics, such as clips of Republicans praising President Trump, or of Democrats bashing him. Instead, the study sought to focus on “experts presented as non-partisan, voters, or opinionated statements from the networks’ own reporters.”

Given the constant cycle of hysteria that the mainstream, legacy media continues to create with misleading headlines and “anonymous sources”, it does not seem likely that the phenomenon identified […]

1209, 2017

Nintendo: NES, SNES Classic Editions to Receive Extra Shipments

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Late last year, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition—a miniature version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The system was emulation based and it didn’t take cartridges, so users only had access to the 30 games included on the console and they couldn’t utilize their original NES games. All the same, the miniature console was well received, and it sold out rapidly. Nintendo said that they were going to discontinue the popular device, leaving fans who missed out with few options, unless they wanted to deal with scalpers who were charging up to $500 for the $60 console, and up to $250 for the $10 controllers.

To say that this was a new phenomenon would be far from the truth, as Nintendo has released many products in quantities smaller than the demand of their fanbase. Amiibos – small figurines that add additional content to Nintendo games – are notorious for selling out, with scalpers preying on anyone who wasn’t able to grab them at launch.

Now, with the release of the SNES Classic Edition looming, Nintendo has some good news:  they’ve decided to release more units of the NES Classic Edition, and they’re taking steps to make sure that there aren’t severe shortages for the SNES Classic Edition this time around. Of course, there’s a slight catch, as there often is with Nintendo’s scarcity-based product line:  the next round of NES Classic Edition unites won’t be released until next summer. While fans might groan at the prospect of waiting another year, there’s a chance that the announcement of wider availability will lessen the demand for price-hiked resales.

The SNES Classic Edition is set to include the first official release of Star Fox 2, a game that Nintendo shelved […]

1209, 2017

‘Monkey Selfie’ Lawsuit Ends; Famed Photo Considered Public Domain

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In 2011, a bizarre selfie taken by a black macaque monkey named Naruto gained global fame–how often does one see a monkey selfie, after all? Naruto took the now famous picture of himself, along with several other less circulated pictures, using the unattended camera of photographer David Slater. Slater had left his camera on the ground, well within Naruto’s curious reach. Naruto, to his credit, turned out to be quite the photographer, as the images came out very well. There was just one problem:  who owned the copyright on the images Naruto took? The result of a lawsuit surrounding this situation has finally produced some answers.

Typically, the copyright on any photograph is assigned to the individual who takes the photograph, but until Naruto snapped those pictures the U.S. legal system had never faced any situations in which that individual was an animal. Some insisted that the photographs should be considered Slater’s intellectual property simply because the camera used to take them belonged to him, and Slater proceeded as if this was the case. Others insisted that the images should be considered public domain, as an animal did not have the legal ability to hold a copyright (this is still the official stance of the Wikimedia Foundation, and the image is listed as a public domain work on their Wikimedia Commons website to this day, despite Slater’s demand that they cease doing so). However, some fringe groups thought that the issue should be handled differently:  it was time to allow animals more legal rights.

Then, in 2015, infamous animal rights organization PETA decided to step in by filing a lawsuit against Slater on Naruto’s behalf. PETA has a long history of outlandish behavior, such as releasing violent […]

2005, 2017

Killer’s Sentence Upheld for the Murder of His Second Cousin

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A man from Houma, Louisiana, has had an appeal rejected for the downward departure of his life sentence. LaShawn Smith was charged with the 2010 murder of his 27-year-old second cousin, Quincy Smith, in what was described as an ‘execution-style’ shooting over drug money. Smith was initially sentenced to 50 years in prison in 2015 when State District Judge Randall Bethancourt of Houma deemed him a habitual offender. This was reduced to a life sentence, but the 36-year-old then appealed that decision. Below, we explain exactly what a downward departure is and the reason it was rejected in this case.

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So, what is downward departure? A downward departure is when the defendant is given a sentence that is less than the minimum sentence recommended in the guidelines. The defense or prosecuting attorney can grant a motion for a downward departure if the court feels that justice demands it. Some common reasons for a downward departure include if the defendant has a history of charitable efforts, if the defendant has accepted responsibility for the offense, or if the defendant provided substantial assistance to the government during the criminal investigation. In this case, Smith appealed for a downward departure on the basis that the investigators had held back crucial information.

LaShawn Smith was initially charged with manslaughter when his second cousin’s body was found in a wooded area in Chauvin, Smithridge. Read this post to find out what to do if you find yourself arrested. Smith’s crime came with a 50-year sentence, which was reduced to a life sentence when Terrebonne Parish District Attorney’s Office argued that he had been sentenced under an incorrect part of the habitual offender law. State law defines manslaughter as a homicide that […]

1910, 2016

The Unexpected Truth About Road Collisions

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It is an unfortunate fact that road collisions are becoming more and more common year after year in the US. Nearly 1.3 million people die on the roads every year, and an additional 20 million are injured. Given these statistics, it might even seem unlikely that any individual will avoid such a fate. Indeed, it does look set to go that way. It is predicted that road accidents will become the fifth leading cause of death by the year 2030. That is, unless something is done. But what can be done? Whatever the solution is, it can only come after we fully understand the reasons behind there being so many collisions every year. In truth, there are a few common culprits which we can investigate. Coming to terms with these might help us to understand road safety better more generally.

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Mobile Phones & Other Distractions

According to some sources, distraction is the number one cause of road collisions. And among the different potential reasons for being distracted, the mobile phone is way up at the top. These days, the majority of people walk around with a phone on them at all times. There is no denying that they are useful, but they can also pose a serious threat in certain circumstances. Driving is a great example. The truth is, it is much safer to drive without having the phone turned on at all. This hugely minimizes the risk of the driver being distracted. This, therefore, reduces their chance of suffering the most common cause of collision. Of course, mobile phones are not the only source of distraction. It is also a good idea to keep any music down to a minimum, particularly heavier music.

Driving At Work

An […]

1910, 2016

Water Conservation: Why It’s Important & What it Involves

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Water is quite simply the world’s most precious research. Without it, there would be no lifeforms at all on this planet. Every living organism needs water in order to live. That’s why water conservation is so important at the moment. Water is not infinite; there is a limited amount of it on the planet. In parts of the world where access to clean and safe water is abundant, there is a responsibility not to waste it. There are many different reasons why this is so vitally important.

Conserving water is one of those things that is easy to ignore. You can easily forget about water shortages, droughts and examples of contamination that are present in other parts of the world. Now is the time to change all that though. Below, you will find important information on what makes water conservation so important. And then you can learn about what is involved in conserving water. This will allow you to make some changes in your own everyday life that will help to save water and waste less of it. So, what are you waiting for? Read on now.

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Why is Water Conservation Important?

First of all, you need to learn about what makes water conservation so important right now. To fully embrace water conservation, you need to understand the reasons behind it.

Safe Drinking Water is Scarce

Did you know that 97.5% of the water found on the surface of the planet is salt water? That means that the vast majority of water is not suitable for drinking. When other factors are taken into consideration, only about 1% of all the water on the planet is suitable for human consumption. This makes you realise just how scarce safe drinking water […]

710, 2016

What It Really Means To Respect Our Multifaceted Society Today

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We’re living in a world that’s growing more multicultural as time goes on. For a lot of people, that’s because the environment of media and the internet is starting to reflect what has always been true. We are a diverse people with a diversity of voices, origins, and stories to make up our civilization. So, how do you truly support that change? How do you challenge your values and start broadening your mind to the world we’re moving toward?

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Ignorance is the defining characteristic of those who aren’t catching up with the times. The root of that ignorance, however, is often fear. We are told to fear people who aren’t like us, to know that they aren’t ‘like us’, that they are the other. You need to put that fear behind you and start experiencing what else the world has to offer. If you’re a white person, then look up black events listing and listen to their voices. If you’re a man, then don’t be afraid of somehow becoming more feminine just by reading books by women writers on the experience of women. If you want to stop fear and ignorance being a part of your life, you need to fill that hole with experience.

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A lot of us have friends in communities we’re not a part of. We might even have family who will have a fundamentally different life experience from us. With those we know personally, we can go a step further than just listening to them and learning their experience. We can support them in it. Do you have a daughter with aspirations of getting into engineering or other STEM careers? Don’t try to pigeonhole her into what you expect a woman […]

710, 2016

Hiring The Right Lawyer Made Simple

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There are many different reasons that you might find yourself needing to hire a lawyer. It is the kind of situation that most people don’t think they will find themselves in. Yet, such situations do occur all the time. If you have found yourself in need of legal advice or protection, then you need to start thinking about how to find a lawyer. If you have never done this before, the prospect might concern or worry you. But don’t let yourself become too stressed. As long as you bear some basic things in mind, you can be sure of finding the right lawyer in no time at all. Let’s see what those essential considerations are.
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Is Self-Representation An Option?

First things first, you need to ask yourself whether or not you actually need a lawyer. If you are just in need of some advice, then getting hold of a solicitor is probably the way to go. However, a lawyer is not always necessary. Even if you are summoned to court, it might be the case that you want to represent yourself. For many, self-representation is the best option. This is particularly true if you do not think that it is worth spending the money on legal representation. Of course, this is not the kind of decision that you should take lightly. If you do decide to represent yourself, it is a good idea to read up on similar cases using a source such as the black law dictionary. This will give you a better chance.

Research Their Backgrounds

When you are choosing between lawyers, you need to be sure of their abilities. The best way to discern whether they are right for you is to look into their […]

410, 2016

SCDOT Hurricane Matthew Preparation Status Update

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Lane reversals for evacuation will begin at 3 PM tomorrow.
SCDOT Hurricane Matthew Resources page:  http://www.scdot.org/getting/Matthewresources.aspx

Interactive Map for SCDOT Evacuation Routes:  http://scdot.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=eea77264247b41669486b8f63bdf2937

PDF maps of SCDOT Evacuation Routes:  http://www.scdot.org/getting/evacuation.aspx

As of 4pm today:
Engineering District 1 (Kershaw, Lee, Lexington, Richland and Sumter Counties)
District One is currently at normal operations. Plans are to begin 24/7 shift work Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM in the District Office, Lexington County, and Sumter County. Richland, Kershaw and Lee County are scheduled to begin 24/7 shift work at 7:00 AM on Friday. All counties are have made preparations for lane reversals on I-26 associated with the evacuation order issued by Governor Haley. Preparation has also been made to provide assistance to the coastal counties after the storm should it be needed.

Conditions: Conditions are normal throughout the District.
Staffing: All counties are currently on normal operations with plans to go to 24 hour shift work at 7:00 AM Wednesday morning.
Road Closures: No roads are closed at this time due to Hurricane Matthew.
Engineering District 2 (Abbeville, Anderson, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry and Saluda Counties)
District Two is currently at normal operations and continues to monitor the forecast. Plans have been made to
provide assistance to the coastal counties after the storm if necessary.

Conditions: Conditions are normal throughout the District.
Staffing: All counties are currently on normal operations.
Road Closures: No roads are closed at this time due to Hurricane Matthew.
Engineering District 3 (Greenville, Oconee, Pickens and Spartanburg Counties)
District Three is currently at normal operations and continues to monitor the forecast. Plans have been made
to provide assistance to the coastal counties or wherever needed after the storm if necessary.

Conditions: Conditions are normal throughout the District.
Staffing: All counties are currently on normal operations.
Road Closures: No roads are closed at this time due […]