1108, 2017

22,000 Personal Injury Cases In 2016: 2017 Set To Get Even Higher

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Making a personal injury claim is something that many people do at some point in their lives, whether due to a minor car accident or an injury at work. However, there has been a huge explosion in personal injury claims since 2016, according to recent reports. Around 22,000 claims were made in 2016 – this is a massive 62% increase in the number of claims that were being made a decade ago. In spite of the number of cases rising, the sum of money awarded to the injured was much lower, at around £147 mil all together. Judges are now taking a much harder line on claims that don’t seem legitimate. Read on for more information and stats.


The Injuries Board Or High Court?

Personal injury claims are dealt with by the Injuries Board first and foremost, but claimants are still permitted to access the courts at the end of that process if they are unsatisfied with the way the case has panned out. The average award by the Injuries Board was reportedly £24,305, while the highest award was £740,968. A much larger number of claimants decided to take a risk and take their injuries to the high court, rather than accept the sum offered by the injuries board. Court and other legal costs did not deter them; many appointed their lawyer and went ahead anyway. A total of 21,898 injury cases were taken last year, up from 18,992 in 2015.

A Run Down Of Damages Awarded By The High Court

More cases went to the high court last year, but they cracked down on cases they were sceptical about. Here are the results:

Damages were awarded up to £60,000 in 146 cases compared with 192 cases in 2015.

3107, 2017

Live Like a Celebrity on a Modest Budget

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The economy still isn’t great after the financial crash of 2008, and that means that a lot of us have had to keep our belts tightened and avoid those little luxurious we used to enjoy in favor of being frugal. Well, you know what? It’s time to rethink that. Sure, we might have to live on a more modest budget than we would like, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live a bit of the high life like our favorite celebrities!

Here are a few things you can do to live like a celebrity (for a little while) on a budget:

Shop Smart

If you’re a savvy shopper, you can experience everything from designer clothes to fabulous furnishings on a budget. For example, TJ Maxx often stocks discounted designer goods and using price comparison sites, coupon apps, etc., can all help you to find the things you desire for much less than the average retail price.


If you really can’t afford a bit of celebrity luxury, you might be able to rent it for a day! For example, Exotic Car Rental Guide has a fantastic resource, showing you where you can rent Jaguars, Rolls Royce’s and other beautiful celebrity-style cars for just a few hundred dollars, and there are similar sites that will allow you to rent designer clothes, bags, shoes and even dogs! Sure, you might still have to pay what is a fairly significant sum, but if it’s a once off and if you ask for donations toward it for a birthday or special event, you can get a taste of how the other half lives on your smaller budget.

Sign Up as a Student Model

If you long to have hair like Kim Kardashian or the luscious […]

407, 2017

How To End Your Relationship With Debt

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Adulthood is almost synonymous with debt nowadays, especially if you’ve gone to college. Even when you think you have everything in place to start paying off your loans, life is rarely so predictable; accidents, unforeseen job situations, and increased expenses can all hinder your efforts to get out of debt. Worse still, they may get you into even more debt because you’ve had to borrow more money to stay on top of your bills.  Living with debt can be stressful, but there are ways you can bring it down to a manageable level, and eventually end your long-term relationship for good.

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Set A Budget

One of the first things you have to do to get out of debt is to make a vow to stop borrowing money. The only way you can do that is to set a strict budget that allows you to live within your means. In addition to not applying for new credit cards and not going on vacations you can’t afford, there are many ways you can reduce your spending on a monthly basis.

Reduce your bills

If your energy bills are the biggest expense in your household, the easiest way to start saving on this is to make your home environmentally friendly.  Start by switching to energy efficient LED bulbs, unplugging all appliances you’re not using, and insulating your home so you don’t need to turn up your thermostat as much. Doing these small things can reduce your energy consumption, saving you money on your bills each month and helping the environment.

Shop smarter

The best thing you can do to keep your food bills low is to find ways to reduce the amount of waste you throw away each week. Fortunately, there are several […]

2206, 2017

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Financial Difficulty?

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Money is something that just about everyone spends a decent amount of their time thinking about. Even if you’re not that interested in becoming incredibly wealthy, there’s no denying that money is one of the things that dictates just about everyone’s ability to live their lives the way that they want to. Because of this, the idea of getting into any kind of financial difficulty can be incredibly scary for a lot of people. In order to make sure that you don’t end up getting into any serious trouble, here are some of the most common reasons that people end up with money troubles, and what you can do in order to avoid them.

A household emergency

Your home is supposed to be the place where you feel the safest and most comfortable. Because of this, something happening to disrupt that safety can be incredibly traumatic. Worst of all, it can have a pretty serious impact on your finances. The best way to prevent this is to make sure that you know exactly what it is that your home insurance covers. Many people assume that things like damage to the contents of their home or something like flooding will automatically be covered, but many insurance companies don’t include those things as standard. Because of that, it’s important that you make an effort to find out exactly what it is that your insurance covers. Sure, a more thorough insurance policy might be a little more expensive, but it’s nothing compared to what you could be paying if something happens to your home and you’re not properly covered.

Accident or illness

Your finances aren’t usually the first thing that you think of when you are in some kind of accident or […]

2106, 2017

Auditing Yourself Before Tackling Your Audit!

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Financial freedom and personal freedom are two completely different things, and for those that are lucky enough to run their own business, or work successfully as a freelancer, it can take a while to get to the point where you don’t have the stress of debt hanging over your head. But once that is sorted, there is the small matter of doing your tax return, which is one of the most stressful things involved with freelancing. If you’re not so keen on pressure, as well as doing a lot of math, it’s likely to be all your nightmares come at once. So, how can you tackle the return without crumbling in a corner?


Rule #1: Don’t leave everything until the last minute!

The bane of every single tax return you will ever complete is the fact that you haven’t organized yourself in the first place. This is the biggest thing that will stop you going stir crazy in rushing to complete your return in time for the deadline. Even if you do nothing, at least put your receipts in one place so you can organize them all later. Just have an envelope under your desk and take them from your wallet and place them in the envelope. The tax return is always easier to do as you go. Make sure you set mini deadlines now and again to add to your tax return. So instead of having a last minute rush, you can do it casually. It is possible to not feel stressed!

Rule #2: Look for help if you’re really stuck!

Whether you’ve got the money or not, there is plenty of help available if you look hard enough. Online help from the IRS or the HMRC (in […]

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High-Status Investments That Will Prove Lucrative

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Investments don’t always have to be so mundane and boring. When people have money to invest, they can often think about talking to their banks and end up with high savings accounts. If they are a little riskier, then you may see people investing in the stock and shares market. Which, of course, both of these options can be a great way to encourage investment and high return. However, there are other financial investments you can consider which we thought were worth sharing with you.


Buying and reselling property or having a property portfolio

Having an opportunity to invest money is always going to flag up questions of what might be the best thing to do, or certainly if you are making the right choice. The issue is, there will never a be something that will always a be a guarantee. However, there are more high-status investments you can make, and property is just one of them. There are two roads you can take on the property investment journey. You can decide to purchase and improve a property, maybe invest in some way to gain a better return like renovation or even extending the property in some way. Then you will look to place it back on the open market to gain a profit for only, what can be, a short-term investment. This can be risky when it comes to the level of work involved and also whether or not it will sell. The other road to take would be to consider buying a property and then renting it out. People then go on to do this several times over and create a property portfolio, rather than selling it to bank the money for further investment. This […]

1606, 2017

What’s $3600 And Why Should It Scare You?

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Some people might have guessed exactly what that number is. According to the USA today that was the average level of credit card debt for homes in America. Now, it’s important to realize a few things about that number. First, if it doesn’t seem that high to you, your issues with debt are probably more severe than you realize. Second, that’s just credit card debt. A lot of people will have other sources such as short-term loans, late bills and so forth. Third, and perhaps most importantly, that’s actually an improvement from the last few years, but it should still shock and scare you.

Some people might not think that $3600 is a lot of money and there might even be people reading this who know they could pay it off, no questions asked, right now. If you’re one of those people, good for you! But you have to remember that this probably means you’re earning a salary a lot higher than the national average which is just $35000. That number may seem large, but it’s not a lot to play around with when you start to think about home bills, mortgage repayments and annual expenses. Adding over three thousand dollars worth of debt to that doesn’t leave a pretty picture. And let’s not forget that people living on credit were partially to blame for the 2008 housing crash.

You also need to think about outliers, and they’re important to consider because you could be one of them. You might have a credit debt that’s a lot higher than that average. If you do, you could be one of the 12 percent. 12 percent, it’s not quite as attractive as the 1 percent if we’re honest. […]

1606, 2017

Costly Mistakes That You Can’t Afford To Make On The Road

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After your home, your cars, and their maintenance are often your biggest expense. Therefore you don’t want to be making costly mistakes when you’re driving them, some of which may cause damage to more than just your wallet. The following are some examples of things to be mindful of, while you’re out on the road, in your vehicle.

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Your Speed

If you’ve got a car with speedy capabilities, or have to be somewhere in a rush, then it can be tempting to put your foot down and race to your destination. However, traveling at speed, over the limit in that area, can and will cost you dearly. If you are caught going over the speed limit in your state, it is likely to result in an expensive penalty ticket. When you become a repeat offender, you can have your license taken away; this could cause a damaging impact on whole life. If you rely on your car to get to and from work, or, driving is part of your job; when your license is gone, so is your livelihood. A loss of income can cause you to fall behind on bill and mortgage payments, and you’ll spiral into debt quickly; which can be difficult to get out from under.

Aside from a fine or a ticket, you are putting everyone else on the road at risk; speed limits are set in place for a reason, and it’s to keep the public safe. So, it’s worth being a little late for your restaurant booking, over putting yourself, your family, and others in any financial risk; or worse, risking their well-being and health. For a state by state guide to the speeding laws, check out this list, and […]

906, 2017

The Lowdown On Your Credit Score

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You often read about credit ratings and scores, but what are they, and what significance do they really have? If you’ve never checked your credit score, here’s everything you need to know.

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What exactly is a credit score?

Your credit score is a figure, which is used by banks and financial lenders to assess the level of risk you pose. If you have a high rating, this means that you are a low-risk borrower. If your credit score is low, this means that you pose a higher risk. If you’re trying to borrow money or you’re looking into products like a car loan from https://auto.loan, credit cards or mortgages, your credit score will go a long way to determining if your application is approved or rejected. Lenders are much more inclined to give applications from individuals with a high score the green light. Having a low score doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in debt. Your rating may also be low if you don’t have much activity on your financial record. If you’ve never paid off a loan, you don’t have credit cards, or you use your account infrequently, for example, you may have a low score even though your finances are in pretty good shape.

How can you improve your rating?

If you’ve got a bad credit rating, it’s not the end of the world. It is possible to improve your score. To do this, you must ensure that you pay bills on time and you keep up to date with card payments and fees for your rent or mortgage. If you miss payments, your score will suffer. Use your bank account on a regular basis. If you don’t have a credit card, applying for one […]

306, 2017

How To Overcome Unexpected Financial Problems

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None of us are immune to financial difficulty, and in life, there are many challenges to overcome, not all of them expected. This can add to our stress and worry, and we may feel as if the financial pressures will overwhelm us. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. There is always a solution, whether it is something you can find for yourself, or you may need to seek help from others to help you overcome the burdens you are facing.

The following are some of the unexpected events that could lead you to financial difficulty.


You may be recently unemployed, or have been out of work for some time. The lifestyle you were used to will no longer be in place, and the financial constraints are huge. Firstly, know your rights. If you have become unemployed through no fault of your own, you are entitled to unemployment benefits. This won’t give you a lot of money to live on, so it is still important to budget what you have. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your employment prospects. Being unemployed, you can qualify for financial aid to help you go back to school and receive extra education and new training. As jobs are hard to find, achieving extra qualifications will help you back on the job ladder.

You can also apply for Self-Employment Assistance, a program designed to help you branch out on your own in establishing your own business. You will be entitled to weekly allowances as you get your business off the ground.

Unexpected accident

Through no fault of your own, you may have been involved in an accident which could incur expensive costs, including medical bills. You don’t always have to pay. For example, […]