1412, 2017

Making Money In Industries That Will Never End

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Everyone wants to earn more income. For most people, this means earning enough to cover their costs and then funding their hobbies and interests. For this reason, the profit incentive exists for both individuals and corporations. Every person, unless supremely sheltered, must one day find a method of making and sustaining their inflow of money.

Some people are happy working a job, while some people are more interested in entrepreneurial ambitions. This latter category must focus on a wider range of variables, as their success will be directly influenced by every choice they make. Niche markets are available to make money from, but sometimes they can be temporary, part of a fashion and otherwise unreliable. For example, fidget spinners were selling like hot cakes a few months ago, but it’s almost guaranteed they will be much less popular in a year.

Finding markets for sustainable income is important. We have listed some here which are sure to stay profitable and popular provided society is moving as normal.


You’ll notice on this list that the most popular and reliable money making opportunities cater to some form of universal need. Everyone on Earth desires a good meal, and a great proportion of them enjoy a quality drink. Hospitality in the form of restaurants, cafes, or any other form of an establishment serving food will always be in demand.

For the discerning investor, there are many restaurants out there in need of funding or taking over. It’s also possible to read the market and open your own place catering to some need that is yet unfulfilled. For example, health food cafes targeting a niche of avid gym goers with high-protein and fiber foods could serve as a potential gold mine in a […]

812, 2017

The 6 Instances When Borrowing Money Is Justified

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We often hear about how borrowing is a bad thing and that debt causes nothing but problems that can drag on for years and decades. Is that always the case though? Or are there times when it makes sense to borrow money if it allows you to do things and buy things that would otherwise be impossible?

It’s certainly true that you should be careful when borrowing money and taking out loans, and you should never go to loan sharks for money. But if you take the right approach and have a full understanding of what you’re getting yourself into, there’s a lot to be gained from borrowing strategically. Here are 6 instances when borrowing money can be fully justified.

Financing Education

Whether you want to put yourself through college or finance the education of your children, this is something that you should probably borrow for because those fees can be so large. It’s hard to cover them out of your pocket unless you have a vast amount of wealth to fall back on. There are plenty of good loans that can help you with these needs, so don’t assume that you shouldn’t borrow for this kind of expense. Doing so could massive improve your job prospects and earning potential in the future

Starting a Small Business

Starting a business is a huge life decision to make if you’ve never been there and done it before. But it could be the thing that transforms your life and your entire economic outlook. It’s pretty difficult to start a small business if you don’t have the money to make it happen, though. That’s something that you should be aware of now before you go any further. Taking […]

712, 2017

Money Talks

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Money really does talk in every aspect of life. It rules our lives in more ways than anyone can imagine. There aren’t many things that can be done in life without the power of money anymore. It controls all the governments around the world, and all businesses depend on the cash flow of money to be successful. All households rely on money to be able to raise themselves, and their families. But, we’re living in a time where unless you’re super rich, money can always feel a little bit tight. Most of us don’t have the luxuries the rich do, and we have to struggle to afford the things we want in life. Money has the power to influence all of our decisions, so if you want a better outcome, there are ways to change the ways your money talks.

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Getting a mortgage is notoriously hard. One of the main things most banks ask for when you request a mortgage is a request of earnings. If you have paper payslips, this can be an absolute nightmare to backtrack, especially if you weren’t careful as to where you put them. Using apps that track your payslips is so much easier. Check out websites such as www.thepaystubs.com if you’re interested in saving yourself some time. Another hard one of people to meet is having a good credit score. If you’ve had a hard upbringing and have always struggled for money, you’re not necessarily going to have a good one. There are however ways of raising it. Getting a credit card, whilst risky, is the quickest way of doing it. However, once you’ve got some money sitting in a card that you know you don’t have to pay […]

910, 2017

Boost Your Income

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Everyone is feeling the pinch nowadays. Unless you’re in a high position of a corporate role, chances are you’re struggling like everyone else. So many factors get in the way such as costs of food, cars, public transport, and even socializing. It’s is so common, especially for the younger generation, for people to be dragging themselves through the last three weeks of the months, whilst spending the first week living like a king. It’s all well and good trying to be frugal, but why not just boost your income and live the life you wish to live without holding back. Boost your income with these easy tips.

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Side Business

Everyone has a passion for something, and it’s so easy to get yourself a few extra pennies by turning this passion into a business. No matter how small it is, every little helps. So if you love spending your free time baking, start selling them to families and friends. Marketing yourself using social media to attract a wider audience. Before you know it, you’ll have a nice little income trickling in. Make sure there are no investments involved if you’re just using it as something on the side of your normal career. The key here is to boost it, not lose it.


When we said not to invest, we only meant when running your own side businesses. Investing when you know how to can be the perfect way to boost additional income. For example, small businesses are so perfect to invest in. With the right help and guidance, your investment will pay off in no time. Make sure you do your research and understand the niche you’re going to invest in. Property is another great example. It’s a […]

610, 2017

Americans Doomed To Die In Debt

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A recent report has emerged, revealing that more than 70 percent of Americans will die, still owing money. What does this mean? Well, it means that the debt will carry over to their loved ones and their family. If you die still owning debt, the lenders can then charge your wife, your son or your daughter. They can even pursue distant relatives and perhaps those who may not be connected to you by blood. In fact, some debt collectors will target anyone they can that’s even slightly connected to you to get back the money they are owed.

It also means that there are people right now in their forties, their fifties, and sixties, who will still be in debt when they die. Now, it’s important to realize that all these people won’t be in a dire condition. There’s a difference between sinking in debt and managing it effectively. Some debt can be managed like a mortgage. You may not like owing money, but most people can afford to pay off their mortgage month by month. Other debts, on the other hand, will cause you to sink into the abyss. Credit card debts can quickly mount up until they become a great wall of loans that you can not possibly climb.

What we need to be thinking about is how to change this situation. How can we make sure that people do not die in debt?


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It’s fair to say that a lot of people are in debt because they have been made redundant. Usually, this is because their careers have become obsolete and essentially they are no longer needed in the economy. There have been many industries that have gone down this road, and the […]

2909, 2017

Claiming Compensation After A Car Accident

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If you are suffering from an injury from a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you have every right to claim compensation. It doesn’t matter whether you were the driver, a passenger, or someone knocked down in the street, if you were injured by no fault of your own, and have lost money because of this injury, you can and should get this money back, and here’s how:

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Call The Police

Immediately after the accident, you will want to call the police. Even if the collision and your injuries don’t seem that serious right now, and you’re pretty sure that you don’t want to claim anything, you don’t always feel the pain from injuries like whiplash straight away, and you may be in agony in the morning. Calling the police will ensure that the accident is on record, and you can get a copy of the police report later on. This report will include important details of the accident, such as dates, times, and people involved, and will often have an officer’s opinion of whom they believe was at fault for the accident. This can support your case later on.

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Record Everything

Ensure you make notes of all the details of the accident, like in a police report. Things like the weather, the speed at which any parties were driving, and any witnesses to the accident could all help to backup your compensation claim in court. You will also want to keep any receipts for things such as medical expenses, transport, and childcare. You should also get a letter from your employer to confirm that you have been unable to work due to your injuries and verify how much income you have lost as […]

2209, 2017

How Do Smart People Overcome The Financial Obstacles Caused By Increase Living Costs?

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Right now, there seems to be an almost universal problem where salary increases are far slower than the general rate of inflation. Sadly, this is affecting billions of people in a very negative manner, resulting in financial instability and worries.

Those drastic times do cause for drastic measures, but that has become an increasingly natural part of modern society. Living costs have shot through the roof, especially for those who do not search the market for great deals. Given that time is money, many people ignore the need for this. However, insurance and banking from GoBear can reduce annual spending in a matter of minutes. Similarly, price comparisons can be used for electricity, cell phone packages, and clothes shopping.

Saving money on the big purchases is one thing, but the small regular discounts are just as crucial. Most people looked down on the idea of using coupons just a few short years ago. Nowadays, though, there is a far greater respect for the impact that those methods can bring.

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Spending less money isn’t just about cheaper purchases. In many cases, a change of attitude is the most influential aspect of all. This can manifest itself in taking on new habits, such as up-cycling. Alternatively, it can mean thinking about short-term investments for long-term gains. Going green with eco-friendly home upgrades is the most common solution. Whether it’s water-saving toilets or thicker windows, the impacts can be huge. Not least because they also improve the value of the property.

Making assets work harder is another crucial factor for ongoing financial stability. Time is arguably the most valuable aspect of all. Increased earnings through freelance jobs, paid surveys, and affiliate marketing can make a big impact. Meanwhile, enhancing job […]

1809, 2017

Why Online Purchases Are Still Better For You Than Buying In Store

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Retailers are having a tough time. The cost of labor has continued to increase over the past few years. So has the cost of the logistics that bring the stock to the store. Of course, there has also been an enormous shift toward online purchasing. This has effectively shut down so many of our favorite retailers. Convenience is perhaps the main reason for this loss of footfall in store. But are there really any other benefits from ordering online?

No Try Before You Buy?

It’s not like you can try on that pair of shoes, or see how those earrings go with your favorite outfit. And you can’t have it today (although Amazon is working on that). You have to wait for the delivery and then try it on at home. If you find out it’s not right, you have to pack it all up and send it back again. Of course, mail-order catalog companies that sell fashion have been dealing with this problem for years. It seems the customer doesn’t mind.

When you buy online, you don’t really know who it is that’s selling that item to you. Sure, there are plenty of enormous retailers that are trusted and respectable. But what about all those auction sites or ‘budget’ retailers online? Putting your faith in a business that has never had a store front is a big ask. Yet, millions of us do it every day. Are you protected though?

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Online Transactions and Currencies

Credit cards offer a huge amount of protection for any online purchases. And, yes, you can buy pretty much anything online. You can even buy alternative currencies! If you’re looking for alternative ways to make purchases, then you can even buy bitcoin with a […]

2908, 2017

Rich People Vs Poor People: What’s The Difference?

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We all know that there’s a difference between rich people and poor people, but what exactly causes it remains a mystery for many. Most people just chalk it up to inherent differences or the luck of the draw, but this isn’t always the case. Yes, some people do just get “lucky” and bag a business deal of a lifetime which sets them on a journey to fabulous wealth, but that’s not always how it works. Usually, the difference between wealthy and poor is down to personal ideology. Here’s what that means in practice.

Millionaires Have A Purpose

Many people who aspire to get wealthy think that wealth itself is the goal. But most people who later became millionaires didn’t initially set out to make loads of money. Instead, they had a passion which they worked really hard at and loved. Making lots of money was just a byproduct.

There’s a good psychological reason for this. Making money itself usually isn’t sufficient motivation to work hard at something and become the best at it, whereas working towards a higher purpose is. Millionaires don’t just love money, they love the process of getting in and are willing to put in the hours necessary to make it happen.

Take Calculated Risks


While it’s true that entrepreneurs take risks, it’s not true that they just jump in head first without thinking. Any risks they do take are carefully considered beforehand to ensure the maximum chances of success. Taking out a cash advance to invest in things they think are going to be successful is part of how they operate. They know that the only way to gain wealth is to put money into things that are profitable and create multiple income streams.

Always Be Enthusiastic […]

2908, 2017

Taking A Fastpass In Your Career

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Most people like the idea of progressing their way to a better job. Once you get yourself into this position, life promises to get a lot easier, with more money coming in and your workload changing to something more enjoyable. Of course, though, achieving this sort of goal is much easier said than it is done. You will have to work hard at the job you have, pushing to show your employers that they should promote you, for many years. Instead of going through this, it can be much quicker to take a more educational approach.

Most modern roles will ask that you have a minimum set of qualifications to be able to apply for them. Entry-level jobs won’t ask for much, but as you start to look at better options, they will all start to become more specific. Know what you’ll need to study to be able to get the job you want is easy, thankfully. But, you still have to choose the way that you’re going to study it. In most cases, you will have two main options; online or classroom-based.

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Online Vs. In The Classroom

Studying your course online is a great way to get an education while you’re working it. By using your spare time to learn, you can minimise the time it takes you to achieve your goals. Along with this, it also gives you the chance to get a qualification based on a role in the company you already work for. For example, if you have a job working as a bricklayer for an engineering company, a masters in engineering management could be studied online to help you progress in your career. This sort of approach can be applied […]