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1207, 2017

Leftist Panic as Ice Cube Breaks off Antarctica

By |July 12th, 2017|FakeNews|Comments Off on Leftist Panic as Ice Cube Breaks off Antarctica

One of the most trending news stories over the past couple of days has been about a chunk of ice which broke off Antarctica and is the size of the state of Delaware. Well that certainly sounds like a rather large piece of ice and it’s meant to sound large in order to push the underlying narrative that it’s mankind’s fault that some ice cracked. Because, we all know that ice never cracked off into icebergs prior to the industrial age, right (sarcasm)?

Here’s the real rub; mainstream media is taking complete advantage of the fact that practically all who take them seriously also happen to be completely oblivious as to how massive Antarctica actually is.  Most probably can’t even comprehend the fact that the United States is 3.81 million square miles. The United States seems huge when you think of it in regards to square miles doesn’t it? But, the United States seems rather small when compared to the entirety of Earth’s square miles at 196.9 million.  This means that the United States is only 2% of the Earth’s surface which then makes it seem a bit small when put into perspective, doesn’t it?

Frequently, things appear quite different depending on which perspective they are being viewed from. Knowing this, you can also constantly feed someone a particular perspective in order to get them to see what you want them to see.  The mainstream media knows this and they are in lock-step when it comes to comparing the ice that broke off Antarctica to something quite large in your mind without any actual context, such as the fact that Antarctica is 5.41 million square miles and the piece of ice which broke off constitutes 0.0004613% (less […]

2906, 2017

Free Download of FAKE NEWS to Celebrate Independence Day

By |June 29th, 2017|FakeNews|Comments Off on Free Download of FAKE NEWS to Celebrate Independence Day

We are making the book FAKE NEWS available for a free Kindle download from June 30 thru July 4th.
It can be downloaded through Amazon. – Paperback also available for $9.95.
From the back cover:
In a War of Words, Kerry Wood arms you with insight – as the battles over hearts and minds continue in a war as old as mankind; propaganda (fake news) versus the truth.

From the fake news regarding life on the moon by one of the world’s largest newspapers to coordinated fake news scares on subjects like Y2K and Ebola, most will be disturbed by at how far the Mainstream Media has gone.

You will be armed with facts like: The New York Times started the Climate Change scare more than a century ago, in 1895!

Many people have been reaching beyond the Mainstream Media, to an alternative press. As a result, the alternative press is growing, with new entities coming online every year. Can Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Breitbart, and others, continue to replace the Mainstream Media?
Excerpts from the Introduction:
What is fake news?

The MSM wants you to believe that “fake news” is just made-up stories on the web pretending to be news.  That is certainly fake news, but that’s not the focus here.  For the purposes of this book, we are focusing on the MSM. I have no appreciation for people who write fake stories on the web or anywhere. I’ve even been the target of completely fake garbage perpetuated by a couple of soulless cowards on the web and I still have a greater dislike for the MSM for their constant drumbeat of degradation where our country is concerned.

Fake news is not just the reporting of false information.

Often, it is taking a small, relatively meaningless […]

2706, 2017

CNN Producer Admits Fake News and Trump Russia Conspiracy is Hoax

By |June 27th, 2017|FakeNews|Comments Off on CNN Producer Admits Fake News and Trump Russia Conspiracy is Hoax

If CNN had any credibility left at all – they lost it today as a CNN Producer Admits Fake News.
CNN Producer John Bonifield speaks openly about the network’s sham for ratings as he is recorded on a hidden camera by Project Veritas.

CNN’s Producer admits the Russia story has no shred of evidence and if there were actually anything to it at all, then we would all know by now (that it would have leaked by now).

Bonifield also admits that if they had scrutinized Obama the way they do President Donald Trump, that they would have likely lost their viewers.

For most of those who pay attention, I doubt it will be at all shocking that CNN has been proven beyond a doubt to be peddling fake news. For those who continue to watch CNN – well, those are precisely the same people to whom facts mean very little and they will (no doubt) continue to ignore the evidence that CNN is about as real as professional wrestling.

There is nothing wrong with watching any sort of television for entertainment value, but there are people who tend to believe all that they see. For some of us, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc, have all become such parodies of themselves that we find their follies-of-late quite entertaining in themselves.

Enjoy, as you watch the disaster that the liberal CNN is becoming:

Remarkably, Shepard Smith of Fox News seemed to forget who he works for today as he actually defended and held up CNN as an example of good journalism and good journalistic practices. Shepard Smith seems to be either working at the wrong network or hellbent in tranforming Fox News into a fake news outlet to rival CNN.

Can’t get enough of […]

2702, 2017

Oscars: Third Lowest Rating Since 1974

By |February 27th, 2017|Entertainment, FakeNews, XPC|Comments Off on Oscars: Third Lowest Rating Since 1974

How many people normally watch the Oscars? I could have sworn I saw somewhere that 100 million people would be watching the Oscars.  No mention of that number today, so I did a little digging. First, I Googled “100 million will watch Oscars” and immediately got a return with a New York Times article which was published before the airing of the Oscars. Just one problem; when I clicked on the article to read it, there was no mention of the “100 million” in the article anywhere.

The actual number of viewer was approximately 34 million. No doubt, this was fake news designed to make people want to watch it; like hyping up the Super Bowl. The way Google works and re-spiders websites, this search probably won’t continue to produce this same result for long, but if you know how, you can pull up a cached version of websites so you can still see them prior to the change, which is what we did for this New York Times article and here is the paragraph that was removed after the Oscars tanked:

They were not only pumping up a fake number, they were promoting almost WWF-style on the coming clash between President Donald Trump and Hollywood.

I didn’t watch the Hollywood love-fest and honestly don’t know anyone who did, but here’s a great clip making the rounds online today where these liberal idiots completely screwed up in giving out their biggest award of the evening; giving Best Picture to La La Land when it was really supposed to go to Moonlight.

Sure, there was plenty of Trump-bashing that the MSM is gleefully replaying today… because they have to… because no one watched it the first time.

Here’s the fake news we’d […]