1703, 2016

The Top Facts People Want To Know About Celebrities

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Celebrity fascination is very common in today’s world. Why that might be is a discussion for another time. But the fact is, people everywhere are intrigued by the goings-on of the rich and famous. Part of the appeal of looking up to celebrities is that they are often seen to be role models. And the thing with role models is that we want them to be on their best behavior. The irony with that, of course, is that they are very often not. And there, for many, is where the fascination comes in strong. However, the things which people most commonly want to know about famous people might surprise you. Let’s have a look at the top curiosities people have about celebrities.



This comes out, time and again, as the number one source of interest among celebrity-watchers. Why this might be is anyone’s guess, but it might be something to do with the fact that it can be hard to discern. In photographs, or on television, it can be almost impossible to work out a celebrity’s height. Perhaps that is why so many people are fascinated with the height of their favorite famous subjects. Read more about the height of celebrities here.


Our culture has something of an obsession with weight, so this one is probably not much of a surprise. It’s true – people frequently want to know how much celebrities weigh. This may have something to do with members of the public feeling a need to compare themselves to those who are in the public eye. Whatever the reason, this is one obsession which seems unlikely to change any time soon.


Many famous people are well known because of specific achievements they have made in their […]

1812, 2015

Star Wars Episode VII: Déjà vu

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Great movie, but it could have had a better title
than “The Force Awakens” – perhaps Déjà vu?
George Lucas created something great back in 1977 with Star Wars IV: A New Hope, and then the following episodes of V: Empire Strikes Back and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi were each good movies. The prequels each fell short as they had a completely different look and feel to everything along with the very poor choice of introducing the character Jar Jar Binks. It was almost as though George Lucas himself didn’t actually understand the universe he had created. Before even being released, it has created an air of excitement Lucas was basically out and that J. J. Abrams would be steering the new ship under Disney.

When Episode VI was being made, there was talk of calling the movie “Revenge of the Jedi” but they went with “Return of the Jedi” as a true Jedi should not be seeking revenge. Well you can argue all you like as to whether a Jedi “should” seek revenge, but the better question would be; “could” a Jedi seek revenge? The answer would be yes a Jedi could seek revenge but not without opening himself up to the dark side. Falling short of what one should do and dealing with the consequences would have been a better storyline and would have better laid the groundwork for a future struggle (Episode VII) as there is always going to be a future struggle.
If you are still reading and you have not seen the movie, I would urge you not to go any further…
Which now brings us to that future struggle and it […]

911, 2015

Judge Orders Bindi to Prove Dad is Dead

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Global news apparently doesn’t reach Los Angeles courtroom
I don’t really care for reality shows like ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), but this situation is just too odd to ignore.

Remember Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter)? Almost hard to believe it has been nine years since his tragic and bizarre death when a stingray thrusted a barb into his heart and killed him at just 44 years old.

His daughter Bindi Irwin was just eight years old at the time. She is now 17 and because she is a minor, a judge (who apparently lives under a rock) has actually ruled that Bindi prove to the court her father is really dead in order for her contract with DWTS to be approved.

“It’s unclear if the judge is unaware Steve died in 2006, or if she’s just a stickler for a death certificate,” reported TMZ.

1406, 2015

Jurassic World and Dinosaur Teeth

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This article sponsored by Colburn & Colburn Dentistry:

The movie Jurassic World started this weekend and we haven’t been to see it yet, but it certainly looks like an exciting movie!

Now what on earth could Jurassic World have to do with dentistry?

Not a whole lot, but sometimes people in our world like to have fun too (believe it or not) and the staff over at Mouth Healthy (www.mouthhealthy.org) have created a fun little quiz about dinosaur teeth which will allow you to test your Dinosaur Dental IQ.
Which dinosaur’s teeth were as big as bananas?

Which one had teeth but couldn’t chew?

Before you see Jurassic World, put your knowledge of dinosaur teeth to the test!
Can you recognize the tooth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex when you see it?


We got 100% of the questions correct… well… the SECOND time we took the quiz! It’s not easy to recognize dinosaur teeth, but one thing is certain, you’ll know more about dinosaurs and their eating habits when you finish the quiz and if you take it a second time, maybe you’ll score a 100 as well and hopefully, you’ll do better than we did the first time – and no we’re not going to admit just how bad that first round was! 🙂

Did you know the American Dental Association has a cartoon dinosaur it uses to help teach kids about dental? This will actually be one of the questions on the Mouth Healthy quiz. During that question, there will be a link you can click to visit a webpage with the short cartoons on it. In case you miss that or want to go straight there you can do so by simply clicking […]

2204, 2015

Dimsdale Debate Season 2 Announcement

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The Dimsdale Debate is constantly focused on educating our listeners, inspiring them to action, teaching them to persuade others and developing an appetite for knowledge! The Dimsdale Debate stresses the importance of going beyond just making a point and actually making a difference! We’re so excited about the second season so check out this short video about how YOU can be interactive with us and our show!

This Thursday, 9PM LIVE www.spreaker.com/dimsdaledebate


404, 2015

007 Bond Teaser for Episode 24

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SPECTRE will follow up where Skyfall left off and likely the last in the series for Daniel Craig.  Bond is due in theaters in November…

2703, 2015

Miley Cyrus and Others Promoting Discrimination of Christians

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Miley Cyrus, George Takei, and others are bashing Governor Mike Pence of Indiana as well as Christianity. Cyrus, being her typically classless self called Pence an a**hole on Instagram in a rather non-nonsensical message:
the only place that has more idiots that Instagram is in politics @braisoncwukong thank you for standing up for what is right! We need more strong heterosexual men fighting for equality in both men and women! Why are the macho afraid to love muchoooo?!?
Cyrus’ Instagram post is followed up with some amazing hate speech along the lines of this:

peacehippiiee We need to bring some peace and love to this fuc*** place. People like him are slowing us down as an equal nation. ✌
Seriously? Can anyone wrap their mind around using such hateful speech in the name of “peace and love?”

All of this because Governor Pence signed a bill to protect religion from government intrusion… The bill itself is neutral as far as any particular religion goes, but when have we heard a single case of gay community suing a muslim for not making a wedding cake.  Christians are, and will remain the target of these hate groups.

2703, 2015

Coach Coming Back to NBC

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When Parenthood wrapped up, the unemployment rate in Hollywood must have shot up dramatically. Seems Craig T. Nelson didn’t have a problem landing a new… or should we say “old” gig.  This was one of those series I loved in the first couple of seasons but became a bit too much of the same thing over and over as it went on.  That said, I won’t be able to resist watching this out of sheer curiosity; WHO else will be on? What direction will this go in?

From ComingSoon.Net:
NBC is reviving the ’90s sitcom “Coach” with original series star Craig T. Nelson, according to EW. The show will not be a reboot, but instead a sequel to the comedy s series that ran for nine seasons on ABC from 1989 to 1997.

NBC has ordered 13 episodes of the series, in which Coach Hayden Fox, in the present day, has retired from coaching. He is called back to become assistant coach to his own grown son, who is the new head coach at an Ivy league school in Pennsylvania that is just starting up a new team.

It is unclear if any of the other actors from the original series will return at this time.
For more info on this and other upcoming show info, visit ComingSoon.net…

1803, 2015

Cooper and Lawrence Snooze Fest

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Why did Hollywood shoot one of their latest films in the Czech Republic?
Tax breaks! I guess even Hollywood is tired of giving the Obama Administration any more funding than they have to.
What happens when you take two blockbuster stars to the Czech Republic to pretend it is the mountains of North Carolina?
Apparently you get such a poorly made film that you don’t even believe the likes of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence will be able to entice people to watch it.

The super-flop staring Cooper and Lawrence has… without fanfare… gone straight to VOD (Video on Demand).
Go ahead… watch the trailer and see if you can make any sense of what this movie is supposed to be about…

If you are among the few enticed to see more, you can watch it on Amazon by clicking here…

1603, 2015

President Obama Does Not Love Israel

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Actor Jon Voight cuts a one minute video in which he states, “President Obama does not love Israel…”

Voight then goes on to give a passionate plea to support Israel.

For more news on Jon Voight and other Hollywood type stuff, check out Just Jarad…