2109, 2017

Shadow of the Colossus Remake Trailer Unveiled at TGS 2017

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PNN – Shadow of the Colossus was a massively influential game when it was released on the PS2 in 2005. Since its debut, the ambitious title from Team ICO has been included on countless “best of” lists, a sequel of sorts – entitled The Last Guardian – has been released on the PS4, and an HD remaster bundle of Shadow of the Colossus and its predecessor ICO has been released on the PS3. Now, following more than a decade of strong popularity, Shadow of the Colossus is set to be remade from the ground up on the PS4. While this announcement was first made during Sony’s E3 conference earlier this year, we finally have footage of the remake, as Sony revealed the first trailer during their presentation at the 2017 Tokyo Game Show.

The trailer, which shows the remake running on a PS4 Pro, boasts impressive visuals. A variety of familiar locales and enemies can be seen throughout the short run-time, including the protagonist Wander and his horse Agro. It remains unclear what, if anything, will be changed or added to the remake. Given that the original game was planned to be much larger, there is certainly material on the cutting room floor that could be reinserted, but former series mastermind Fumito Ueda has said that this is unlikely and that the remake will alter very little, despite his suggestions to the developers that they make certain alterations that he would not disclose. It seems that the original developers have been almost entirely left out of the development of this remake, as the Team ICO logo was missing from the trailer, and Ueda has been focused on developing a new original game. Instead, Sony Interactive Entertainment, […]

1809, 2017

What Are The Best Movies And Shows On Netflix Right Now?

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Remember just a few years ago when you had to sit and wait for your favorite TV show or film to come on the TV? It wasn’t as easy as today, and you couldn’t just go online to stream a film or show whenever you wanted. Well, thankfully, all that has changed now. All you need to do in this day and age is to download Netflix on your laptop, tablet device, or smart TV and start streaming whatever you feel like.

This is great, but there’s just one small problem. The Netflix algorithm! This is the tech that the platform uses to suggest you other films and TV programs that you might like. It’s great being recommended things, but it also means that some brilliant TV shows and films will go under your radar, just because they aren’t like the things you have already watched.

Want to change your viewing habits and dig a little deeper into the whole Netflix catalog? Here are some of the best shows and movies on Netflix right now that you might not have seen yet.


Dallas Buyers Club

This movie took home three Oscars at the 2014 Oscars ceremony and was nominated for a further three. Just in case you missed all the buzz about it back then, it’s worth seeking it out on Netflix and checking it out. It stars Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto in this real-life story set amidst the AIDS problems of the 1980s. It may sound depressing, but the film is all about survival and has a really big heart at its center.

The Incredible Jessica James

Do you love a good rom-com? If so, then The Incredible Jessica James is the film for you! Jessica Williams […]

1209, 2017

Nintendo: NES, SNES Classic Editions to Receive Extra Shipments

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Late last year, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition—a miniature version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The system was emulation based and it didn’t take cartridges, so users only had access to the 30 games included on the console and they couldn’t utilize their original NES games. All the same, the miniature console was well received, and it sold out rapidly. Nintendo said that they were going to discontinue the popular device, leaving fans who missed out with few options, unless they wanted to deal with scalpers who were charging up to $500 for the $60 console, and up to $250 for the $10 controllers.

To say that this was a new phenomenon would be far from the truth, as Nintendo has released many products in quantities smaller than the demand of their fanbase. Amiibos – small figurines that add additional content to Nintendo games – are notorious for selling out, with scalpers preying on anyone who wasn’t able to grab them at launch.

Now, with the release of the SNES Classic Edition looming, Nintendo has some good news:  they’ve decided to release more units of the NES Classic Edition, and they’re taking steps to make sure that there aren’t severe shortages for the SNES Classic Edition this time around. Of course, there’s a slight catch, as there often is with Nintendo’s scarcity-based product line:  the next round of NES Classic Edition unites won’t be released until next summer. While fans might groan at the prospect of waiting another year, there’s a chance that the announcement of wider availability will lessen the demand for price-hiked resales.

The SNES Classic Edition is set to include the first official release of Star Fox 2, a game that Nintendo shelved […]

2803, 2017

Moving With The Times: Why Online Streaming Has Replaced DVDs

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During the last couple of years, millions of people have purchased online movie streaming packages. There are lots of reasons for that, some of which we plan to explain in a moment. The shift means many different changes will soon take place in the industry. For example, Internet service providers are working hard to roll out fiber optic broadband at the moment. That is because lots of customers complain that their internet becomes slow when they’re watching movies. With that bit of luck, that is something that will improve for everyone in the next twelve months. So, why have we replaced the DVD with online streaming? Let’s find out.


DVDs are expensive; streaming isn’t

Everyone knows the price of a new DVD can be somewhere in the region of $15. That’s shocking when you think about the fact that most people only watch them once. At the end of the day, who wants to see the same film over and over again? The price of DVD products is a prime factor in the move towards online streaming. We saw the same type of thing with the end of network television. Most people can get a subscription for around $10 per month. That allows them to watch as many films as they like for thirty days. Only a fool would purchase DVDs when they can get a much better deal elsewhere. Also, the move towards streaming has meant that fewer people are downloading titles illegally. That is because they don’t feel the need as the price is right.

There’s a much better selection of titles online

Big online streaming apps like MovieBox allow users to select from hundreds of different films whenever they use the service. That means people […]

2702, 2017

Oscars: Third Lowest Rating Since 1974

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How many people normally watch the Oscars? I could have sworn I saw somewhere that 100 million people would be watching the Oscars.  No mention of that number today, so I did a little digging. First, I Googled “100 million will watch Oscars” and immediately got a return with a New York Times article which was published before the airing of the Oscars. Just one problem; when I clicked on the article to read it, there was no mention of the “100 million” in the article anywhere.

The actual number of viewer was approximately 34 million. No doubt, this was fake news designed to make people want to watch it; like hyping up the Super Bowl. The way Google works and re-spiders websites, this search probably won’t continue to produce this same result for long, but if you know how, you can pull up a cached version of websites so you can still see them prior to the change, which is what we did for this New York Times article and here is the paragraph that was removed after the Oscars tanked:

They were not only pumping up a fake number, they were promoting almost WWF-style on the coming clash between President Donald Trump and Hollywood.

I didn’t watch the Hollywood love-fest and honestly don’t know anyone who did, but here’s a great clip making the rounds online today where these liberal idiots completely screwed up in giving out their biggest award of the evening; giving Best Picture to La La Land when it was really supposed to go to Moonlight.

Sure, there was plenty of Trump-bashing that the MSM is gleefully replaying today… because they have to… because no one watched it the first time.

Here’s the fake news we’d […]

2502, 2017

Oversized Entertainment for Those With Money and Space

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Entertainment is one of life’s finer pleasures. Whether it’s sitting around a large television with your family watching the latest movies or sitting at your desk playing video games with people halfway across the world, it gives us a way to procrastinate and have fun while connecting with people around us. However, we can do better than that.

If you want to really connect with your friends and family by creating wonderful memories of enjoying some entertainment together, then you have to go supersize. Much like how fast food chains around the world are making their portions bigger and bigger, our entertainment is also getting bigger and bigger. From home theater setups to importing entire gaming arcades to our homes, here are a couple of ways to go big.

Image Credit


With the popularity of virtual reality setups such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, people are building up their own simulator-style gaming setups to experience video games and sports like never before. For instance, some of the best golf stuff you can get is the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator. It comes with a massive net and loads of tools to get you started with the simulation. For gaming, you can get an entire rig setup for racing simulations. With a racing chair, the gaming industry’s best driving controllers and some amazing games such as Project Cars, you’ll be put into the driver’s seat and experience racing like never before. By adding in a virtual reality headset such as the HTC Vive, you’ll get an even more immersive experience.

Arcade Machines

If you’ve ever been to an arcade when you were younger, then you’ll remember slamming in coins just to continue playing games and whining to your parents when […]

1701, 2017

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – The End Of Network Television

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Most households have watched regular TV since the early 1960s. During that time, the format hasn’t changed much, and neither has the content. Networks still broadcast the same old shows you’ve seen hundreds of times. While they do create new seasons, many of them offer nothing new to the audience. Indeed, that is why online streaming services have become so popular during the last couple of years. The industry is now struggling to survive as more advertisers move towards online content. We are witnessing the death of television networks, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Considering that, we wanted to educate you about some of the reasons cable TV is going to become a thing of the past.

More freedom when creating online content

Writers and producers say they’re allowed more freedom when creating content for online streaming. That makes the concept more attractive to professionals in that marketplace. Nobody likes dealing with constraints – they can ruin the artistic value in anything. So, it’s easy to see why so many top names are making the switch away from regular networks. Also, as advertisers are spending more cash to promote their services online, everyone earns a better living.

Easier access to content

People can stream online content from almost anywhere in the world. They just need a reliable WiFi connection for the best quality. Lots of folks even use their smartphones to continue their movie binge while commuting to work. There are hundreds of different application people can use to watch their shows, and so it’s convenient. At the current time, some are better than others, and even we have our favorite. Click here to know everything about this app and decide if it’s the right solution […]

1712, 2016

Best Star Wars Movie Ever!

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Rogue One is the first Star Wars movie truly worthy of all the hype.
I have zero doubt that there will be plenty of people who’ll disagree and would be willing to argue with me all day long.  Those same people will never be convinced otherwise. It won’t matter to them that I was one of the original fans, standing in line for 3 hours on a hot summer day (more than once) to see Episode IV (A New Hope) or that I’m certain I’ve watched it more than 100 times since.  In other words, I consider myself a real fan of the series.We loved that original movie, but why? It had great characters, cool character names, incredible sound effects, and music, it was really neat to watch such a futuristic movie about events that took place “

We loved that original movie, but why? It had great characters, cool character names, incredible sound effects, and music, it was really neat to watch such a futuristic movie about events that took place “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” but mostly, Lucas went somewhere no one had gone before (on that level) with the special effects.

If the original Star Wars had all the same characters, actors, story line, etc, but had been produced with Flash Gordon style special effects then we wouldn’t even be having such a discussion now.

SIDE NOTE: Ironically, George Lucas wanted the rights to Flash Gordon so he could remake, and it was because he couldn’t obtain the rights that he decided to create his own space opera (The Star Wars).
There have always been things which have bothered about the original movie.  There’s probably an answer for this, but in what […]

504, 2016

The Soggy Bottom Boys Win All

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Renfrew Baptist Church held its 6th Annual Variety show last night in Travelers Rest. This was a fundraiser for the church to retire debt. They had several guest judges:

State Senator Tom Corbin
Rebecca Cooper of TR City Council
Raymond Brown of Howze Morturay
Nancy Hamer of Kramer’s Corner
Mark Holiday – Local Wrestling Coach
Lonita Stegall of Furman University
Lynn Lowery, Music Min at Shiloh Baptist Church

It was the Soggy Bottom Boys who stole the show!



“Soggy Bottom Boys” including acceptance speech by Josh! Renfrew Baptist Church Variety Show

Posted by Rita Hawthorne on Monday, April 4, 2016

2503, 2016

Superman Vs Sadfleck

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It’s tough to find a good review on the new
Superman vs Batman movie…
Barely into it’s first weekend at the box office and it’s already being viewed as a flop.

I maintain; there is no such thing as a good Ben Affleck movie.  Just the other day, someone insisted that Good Will Hunting was good Affleck movie, to which I replied, “Good Will Hunting is a great movie, but it’s not a Ben Affleck movie, it is a movie that Ben Affleck just happens to be in…”

First, this guy (Affleck) is a flaming liberal idiot. He’s to the left of Bill Maher and how anyone can squeeze themselves into the small space to the left of Maher is actually feat within itself.

When I first heard there was going to be a Superman vs Batman movie, my first thought was, “can’t wait to see it!” Upon hearing Affleck would play Batman, my thought quickly turned to, “no way I’ll bother watching it. No way it can be good.”

Love it when I’m right, but what I love even more is this YouTube video of Ben Affleck being told about the bad reviews.  The interview is very real (as is the look on Affleck’s face), but some genius added in some perfectly timed music along with a panning effect and produced this priceless gem: