706, 2017

How You Can Support Your Kids Education As A Parent

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Every parent wants their kid to do well in school. But it’s not always easy to know whether or not you can help them to be as best as they can be. Whether you’re unsure of if you should even help them out in the first place, or you just don’t know how to, you’ll be glad to know that it’s definitely perfectly okay to want to support your child through their education in any way that you can. To do that, you’re going to want to encourage them, nurture them and stand back on the sidelines while they do their thing.

Help Them Prioritize

One of the best things you can do is help your kid to stay on track. They may say that they’ve got it when it comes to scheduling, but you may be able to give them another (very light) perspective on how best to balance their time. Sometimes, when they want to do well, they’ll want to do as much as they can all of the time. But, they need to have balance. Yes they need to have study time and fit in their extracurriculars, but you can also help to keep them sane by stressing the importance of relaxation and social time.

Nurture Their Creativity

Next up, you can think about encouraging their creative side as much as possible. They may have their favorite subjects and sports at school, but it always helps to have a creative outlet too. Whether it’s an art form, performing art or even writing, by encouraging them to have a creative passion, not only are you giving them somewhere to inject all of their energy, you’re helping them to be well-rounded too.

Get Them A Tutor

Then, you could also […]

3005, 2017

How To Get Your Kids Ahead At School

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A lot of parents worry about how to make sure their kids do well at school. Not only does this mean that they’ll get a head start in life, but learning how to work hard at a young age is a valuable skill that will help them throughout their whole lives. Here are some tips on how to make sure that your kids do well…

Use Positive Reinforcement

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First of all, it’s always a better idea to praise your kids by rewarding them than by reinforcing their negative behavior with attention. If they want attention from you, then they need to learn that in order to get that attention, they need to behave well – which is why you should reward good report cards with a trip to get ice cream together, or an afternoon shopping, or whatever else that your kids enjoy, instead of focusing on poor behaviour. Let’s face it, no child can behave perfectly one hundred percent of the time – but as a parent, it’s your job to positively reinforce their good behavior to make sure that you see plenty more of it.

Get A Tutor

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If your child has slipped behind in school, then you could consider getting a tutor. This might not only help to improve their grades but to also improve their confidence – if a child feels as though they aren’t good at school then they might stop paying attention because they feel extremely discouraged. A tutor will help your child prove to themselves that they can do the work and that if they work harder, they can improve their grades. If you can’t afford a tutor, do the work yourself – play calculus math games online, practice reading […]

2405, 2017

7 Methods To Improve Your Teaching Life

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Teaching is a hard job, and there’s no way around that. Keeping in touch with your students on an individual level while also applying to them the education they need to address is a time and energy demanding endeavor. It’s also one of the most satisfying jobs you can have, providing you do it right.

But how do you do it right?

Is there a specific formula you can experiment with to see how your classroom relationships develop, and your class’s grade performances go up? How can you best achieve a happy classroom atmosphere when you have trying students in your class?

Here are some tried and true methods a teacher of any level and field would do well to implement.

Stay Fresh

Keep yourself positive and your attitude on the correct level to deliver your study material. If you want your students to be sharp, you need to be sharp. Make the most of this and your students will respond in kind.

Seating Plans

If needs be, you may need to implement seating plans to keep certain children away from one another. Best friends are bound to try to talk to one another, and they needn’t be malicious to do so. If you notice university students doing the same, don’t be afraid to separate them if they’re distracting other students.

Be Positive

Let your students know you’re happy to teach them. Show that through your actions.

Use Software

Use note-taking and communications software to better understand your own topics and make notes of any changes in your lectures or classes you need to take. Universities using Peoplesoft software are likely to deliver better and more tightly organized student experiences, so suggest it to the faculty if needs […]

1105, 2017

How Are University Students Improving Their Grades?

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University students across the world have one essential task on their hands, and that is to improve their grades as much as possible. If you look at the statistics from almost any developed country, you will see that grades do tend to improve year upon year. But the question is: how is this so often achieved? No matter what the subject might be, or the difficulty level, what can university students do to help improve their grades as fast as possible? As it turns out, there are a few essential things which could help students of all ages.

Picking The Right Subject

This first point is so important and yet one of the most commonly overlooked of all. If a university student wants to ensure they get the best grades possible, then they need to make sure they are doing a subject which they actually genuinely enjoy. This might seem obvious, but often students find themselves carrying out a subject because they think they should, or due to pressure from parents or other people. But without the real interest in the topics at hand, those students are unlikely to succeed as well as someone who is doing what they love. Knowing one’s own subject is hugely important in getting better grades. Look at https://www.oxford-royale.co.uk/articles/improve-underperforming-grades.html for further advice on this topic.

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Learning To Study More Effectively

The actual act of studying itself is something which a lot of people have trouble understanding well. In part, this might be because many schools do not really set children up to understand what good studying looks like. At other times, it is true that a laziness can creep in, especially when (as we have seen) it is a subject the student […]

305, 2017

What Can Educators Do To Help Protect Kids At School?

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As a teacher, the goal is to help children develop skills and gain the best possible qualifications. However, encouraging kids to reach their full potential is only one part of the overall challenge. In truth, educators have a host of responsibilities, and keeping youngsters safe is undoubtedly at the top of the tree.

After all, the kids are in your care. Besides, there’s little point in encouraging a great education if their safety is at risk. So what can be done to keep them safe? Let’s take a closer look at three of the main factors to keep an eye on.

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Physical Protection  

When kids are in your care, their safety should be the priority at all times. First and foremost, you need to prohibit access to the school grounds. Frankly, the potential fallout is far too grave to ignore.

Surveillance and alarm systems should surround the building. Meanwhile, security cards and other measures can be used to limit access. Most importantly, all visits from outsiders should be recorded. That way, if an issue does surface, you’ll be able to repair the damage ASAP.

As for physical injuries, it’s important to accept that accidents will occur. After all, kids have a tendency to attract danger at every corner. While you cannot prevent every trip or fall, knowing that you have the right first aid kit to deal with those problems is key. Quick action is imperative also. With this in mind, there must be enough staff members at hand.

Digital Protection  

In today’s climate, online safety is almost as important as physical safety. Even at primary level, school children are constantly using the internet to aid their academic studies. Therefore, it’s imperative that your IT solutions are up […]

702, 2017

A Vote for America’s Future

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From Vice President Mike Pence:


Today, I cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate to confirm President Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos.

The vote the President asked me to cast wasn’t just for Betsy – it was also for America’s future.

Our nation’s success depends on the education of our students. In Betsy DeVos, we have one of America’s foremost advocates for educational opportunity and excellence.

For nearly three decades she has devoted her time, her talent, and her treasure to ensure that every child in America has the best shot at a better life. Countless students have benefitted from her efforts to promote an educational marketplace defined by innovation, opportunity, and real, meaningful choice.

The President and I agree that our children’s futures should not be determined by their zip code. Students should not be trapped in a system that puts the status quo ahead of a child’s success.

Betsy DeVos will have great impact as Secretary of Education. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a public school, a private school, a parochial school, a charter school, or any other kind of school – she will help ensure that every student has access to a good school.

We are grateful to Senate Majority Leader McConnell and all the Republican Senators who stood with us on this important vote.

The President is fully committed to this mission. Today’s vote was the first of its kind in our nation’s history, but the real history will be made through our unwavering dedication to America’s children – and to America’s future.

Thank you for all your help and support.


Michael R. Pence
Vice President of the United States

1309, 2016

Candidate without a County: Kim Murphy Rises Again

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An amazing story of public school and statehouse corruption.
This is a long read, but if you don’t already know Kim Murphy’s story, you should get comfortable and take it in.

(Article by Thomas C. Hanson from a telephone interview with Kim Murphy Sept 8, 2016)
Kim Murphy is running against 16-year incumbent Chairman Robert Gantt for a Richland County seat on the Lexington-Richland 5 School Board, from which Gantt had her ousted mid-term in 2013, claiming she was not a resident of Richland County, based on a county boundary manufactured by state mapping between the two counties. The board had Murphy removed and essentially disenfranchised 6,000 people who voted for her.

Murphy took her ouster to Circuit Court, but Judge DeAndrea Benjamin, wife of Columbia Mayor Stephen Benjamin, ruled in favor of the district. Murphy is appealing that decision.

On Aug. 18, 2016, Gantt filed a petition with the Richland County Election Commission to have Murphy removed from the November ballot. However, the Richland elections board voted 3-1 Aug. 30, that Murphy is indeed a resident of the county, and she will be allowed to run for the Richland County seat on the Lexington-Richland 5 board. Samuel J. Selph, elections board director, wrote to Chairman Gantt that the board “denied your Petition to disqualify Mrs. Kim Murphy as a qualified Elector in Richland County.”

Murphy filed to run six minutes before the filing deadline Aug. 15. No one else had filed for the seat.

Murphy was first elected to the school board in 2010, despite efforts of the board to defeat her. She garnered 43 percent of the vote against Gantt in 2004. No one challenged her residency in either of those elections. She has lived in the same location in […]

3108, 2016

Why Now Is Not The Time To Be Optimistic About Parenting In The West

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Most of us are generally optimistic when it comes to life and family. We tend to think that no matter what the situation in our particular family, things will work out alright in the end. But the evidence goes to the contrary. It’s not an exaggeration to say that modern parenting is in serious trouble today. But it’s not for the reasons we’re used to hearing. Here are some of the greatest problems facing the American family today.

We Fear Our Children

Imagine this. You’re in the kitchen with your child, and you’re making them a drink. A pretty typical situation so far, I think you’ll agree. You bring over the cup, and the child doesn’t look happy. It’s the wrong cup, and you know they’re about to throw a fit. What do you do?

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Most parents at this point go white as a sheet. They do an immediate about-turn and find the cup that the child wants. If they don’t, then the child will have a tantrum, and that will ruin the rest of the day. But is getting the right cup a good solution? Or does it just teach them that

Who’s The Daddy?

According to a study by John Moore’s University, one in twenty-five fathers is not the biological father of their child. It could be lower than that, of course. Often people only go in for a paternity test because they’ve got a reason to be concerned about parenthood. But the figure could also be a lot higher. Many women refuse routine DNA tests because they are worried that their infidelity will be revealed.

The rise of the paternity test is fuelling the research. And in the future, we can expect this to be a […]

2208, 2016

America’s Schools Are In Crisis: Here Are The Biggest Challenges They Face

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Most parents are concerned about the quality of education in the US. Those feelings are reflected in a Gallup poll of parents about their top concerns for US schools today. Here’s what it found out.

Lack Of Funding

Number one on the list was a lack of funding. Over 23 percent of Americans said that they thought that lack of funding was the greatest issue that schools faced. And compared with rural schools, urban schools tend to be doing much worse. According to the figures, 30 percent of Americans said that their local urban school was underfunded.


Recently, we’ve seen a spate of problems relating to the lack of education funding. Many schools have not been able to afford textbooks. And some districts have laid off thousands of teachers in an attempt to make ends meet. According to the figures, by the summer of 2012, 351,000 teachers had lost their jobs. And even today, numbers are still more than 297,000 lower than what they were before the recession.

Lack Of Discipline

According to Gallup, 17 percent of Americans believe that schools are not disciplined. What’s more, the evidence appears to support that notion. Over recent years, discipline problems in schools have gotten worse. According to the NCES, 38 percent of schools are victims of vandalism every year. And now schools are having to use particular methods for removing grafitti, spending millions in the process. Recently, five teens were arrested in Arlington, Texas, for spray painting a rival school’s premises as part of a prank. The cleanup bill was more than $20,000.



Overcrowding in schools has always been a big issue, especially in inner city districts. But thanks to cuts in the budget and an expanding population, overcrowding is getting worse. It […]

1708, 2016

Murphy Seeks Return to District 5 School Board

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Kim Murphy has announced her campaign to return to District Five’s School Board in the Richland County portion against Robert Gantt, who is seeking a fifth term. Murphy, a married mother of three daughters who graduated from District Five, is anxious to return to the board after what she believes was an unjust removal in the middle of her term in 2013.

“Their assertion that I was not a Richland County resident was wrong and that is why I was able to file for the seat with the Richland Election Commission. I am a resident and have been since 2000. I believe I was wrongly removed because I stood up to the board on key issues. Thousands of people who entrusted me with their votes were also disenfranchised. They lost their voice. I am ready to get back and work for the students, teachers and taxpayers.”

Murphy, who has served as a volunteer in the District and surrounding community for 16 years, said that upon returning to the board, she will make openness an immediate priority.

“If elected, during the first meeting I will once again propose live-streaming – bring the board meetings to the public. Parents and taxpayers deserve to know how important decisions are made regarding their children’s education and how their hard-earned tax dollars are spent. I want you to have a voice.”

Murphy believes her background in accounting, time spent as an investigative citizen reporter for the SC Policy Council and a meeting attendance record better than the elected trustees will give District Five much-needed oversight and guard against future procurement violations.

“With a $174 million operational budget and millions upon millions disbursed to contractors for new school construction and other capital expenditures, my accounting and […]