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3107, 2017

Modern Practices in Educational Leadership

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Everything changes as time moves forward, but not everyone manages to keep up with what’s current. The world of higher education and its leadership is one of the areas where a lot of change has taken place in recent years. Educational leaders have a lot of work to do when it comes to maintaining a cohesive community and ensuring that performance is at acceptable levels for both students and staff. Harnessing modern techniques and methods for leadership help them to achieve their goals.

More Tech-focused Education

Everything has become more tech-focused in the last few years. Anyone not using technology to do their job in some way is likely to be far behind everyone else. Educational leaders now use various types of technology and software to achieve their goals and to provide resources to students and staff.

Balancing Business and Education

A higher education institution isn’t just a school. It also needs to be treated like a business in order to make it successful. There are budgets to consider and many things usually related to business to take of, from marketing to improving “customer” satisfaction. Educational leaders need to know how to balance the business and education elements without making it seem as if the institution is too focused on profits or saving money.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is all the rage in many different sectors. Collecting and analyzing data is one of the best ways to really understand how something works. It helps educational leaders to get into the nuts and bolts of their institution and work out how to make it better.

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1207, 2017

If We Want Better Schools, We Can’t Forget Who Makes Them

By |July 12th, 2017|Education, XPC|Comments Off on If We Want Better Schools, We Can’t Forget Who Makes Them

We all care about the quality of education and experience that children get from the schools they attend. It’s no surprise that this is why there are always fierce debates over how we operate the school system. However, paying attention to the politics alone isn’t the only way to affect change and improve the education of our future leaders. Whether it’s by working in the school, advocating for it, or by simply being aware of the challenges it faces, we can all help make a better education system.



It should be no surprise that the teachers are often going to be some of the biggest influencers on the children they teach. It’s why so many go into a career in teaching. Good teachers do truly make a difference. They can help find ways to inspire, to encourage, and to motivate students. But they also play a huge role behind the scenes, as well. They are often the face of the school community in PTAs and in events the school is organizing. They serve as student advocates, more aware than most of the difficulties students face because of school culture. At the same time, teachers are often not the final deciders in decisions that can affect your kid’s education.

The support staff

The principal is often where the buck stops within an individual school. However, to think that they run it single-handedly is to underestimate their reliance and cohesion with the rest of the administrative staff. Schools need smart individuals for more than just teaching the children. They need administrative assistants to help keep the school organized. They need clerks to help manage the finances and budget of the school. Teachers need the help of aides to provide the […]

1207, 2017

Taking Both Roads: Continuing Your Education and Career

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When you start your career, you might be glad to finally be out of school. You’ve spent a long time learning, and perhaps working to support yourself along the way, but now you’re ready to start forging your own career path. However, just because you’re working full-time, it doesn’t mean your education is necessarily over. Continuing your education in various ways, whether it’s pursuing a degree or taking a short industry course, can help you to build your career and get further than you might be able to without further education. There are several ways you can continue to educate yourself once you’ve got your career off the ground.

Take Training Offered By Employers

One of the best things you can do to help your career is to complete training that your employer offers. Sometimes, they might require you to do some extra training to keep you up to date with their business practices. However, sometimes they might leave you with a choice of whether to complete the training they offer. You should think carefully about whether the training will be useful for you in your current role or your career in the future. It could help you expand your role, get a promotion or look for new work when you’re ready to move on to another employer.

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Consider Continuing Education Classes

Continuing education classes can offer a great option to help you build the skills you need for your career. You can find them at colleges and universities, as well as offered by cities or even some recruitment or industry-specific organizations. You can learn skills needed for your career, as well as other important skills that can come in handy in connection with your job. There are […]

1007, 2017

Why Life On Campus Rocks

By |July 10th, 2017|Education, XPC|Comments Off on Why Life On Campus Rocks

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Despite the rising costs, more and more high school graduates are making the decision to become college students, to keep learning and give themselves the best chance at a better future. It is awesome to read about and we often reflect on our own time there. Of course, deciding on which college isn’t the easiest of decisions to make and one of the biggest factors in their decision is whether to commute to and fro or stay on campus.

Look, they both have their ups and downs, their pros and cons, and everyone is different. However, if life lets you, then we can’t recommend speaking to some local movers and making the transition into campus life. Yes, it is terrifying and daunting and a giant leap into the deep end, but there are so many awesome positives to be had from living on campus, and here are just some of them.

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For so many people, this is their first taste of freedom, like real freedom, living on their own and cooking their own meals and doing their washing. Of course, freedom can quite easily go to your head and you can end up eating pizza for breakfast and partying hard. But living on your own is a great way to find out who you are and discovering what balance you enjoy in your life.

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When you live on campus, you tend to go out of your way to meet people like you, people that you can call your family away from your family. Hallways, class, societies, bus routes; people are everywhere and with each new person you meet, you learn more about life from a new perspective. It is totally enlightening. What’s more, […]

2706, 2017

4 Steps To A Teaching Career

By |June 27th, 2017|Education, XPC|Comments Off on 4 Steps To A Teaching Career

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers out there. Having the chance to mold the brilliant minds of the next generation is an amazing feeling, not to mention you could get paid around $70,000 a year for the privilege. All of that reward comes with a lot of hard work and some people can’t handle it. If you think that you can, there are a few different steps that you can take to get a job as a teacher.

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The route that most people take is to get themselves a degree from a four-year college. When it comes to teaching, it doesn’t really matter what you study. It’s more about the transferrable skills that you pick up while you’re there. Obviously, if you do have a certain subject that you are thinking of teaching, it is more sensible to study that. It’ll just make things easier once you start teaching. Beyond that, you should try to focus on getting into the best school that you can. The better the school, the more weight your degree will carry and that will make it far easier to get jobs once you’re fully qualified.

If a four-year college isn’t for you, or you’re looking into a career change later in life, then you could consider online courses. They will let you get a degree in your own time so you can carry on working while you get the qualifications that you need to be a teacher.

Get Experience

Once you’ve got your bachelor’s degree, you should look into trying to get some experience. You won’t be able to move onto the next steps without it. Contact local schools and ask them if they’re willing to let you […]

2206, 2017

Dealing with Data in Higher Education

By |June 22nd, 2017|Education, XPC|Comments Off on Dealing with Data in Higher Education

All educational institutions need to handle data about their staff and students. Colleges and universities are no different, and often have more data to handle than other establishments. They might store information about staff members from different departments and who work in different capacities, current students, prospective students, and alumni. Making sure that you’re handling data responsibly and legally is an essential part of storing this kind of information, which could include sensitive data. It’s important to keep things like contact information or payment details secure. Anyone involved in the handling of this data needs to know how to do so properly.


Know the Law

The most important thing to do is ensure that the university is following the law when it comes to the storage, sharing, and disposal of any sensitive information. It’s essential to have an understanding of the relevant local law and how it applies to your institution. This can sometimes be a little complicated. In the US, there is no single federal framework that sets out rules for data protection. However, there are laws at both federal and state level which can inform you of your responsibilities. There are also some governmental guidelines to follow, but they are regarded as best practices, rather than laws.

Use the Right Software

Managing a great deal of data can be difficult. The more data you have, the more it could be hard to follow the law and manage it responsibly. Having the right software to manage the data you collect can help to make things easier. If you need software for data management, you might be interested in PeopleSoft for universities. It can bring all your data together in one place to make it more accessible and easier […]

906, 2017

Getting a Good Education Cheap

By |June 9th, 2017|Education, XPC|Comments Off on Getting a Good Education Cheap

The average cost of higher education in the USA is now in excess of $33,00, and if you’re attending one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, it will be much more than that. Although there’s no way of getting around the fact that you will have to pay for higher education, there are some things you can do to ensure you get a good education much cheaper. Here are some of them:

Think About Whether College is Really for You?

I know, I know! It’s almost sacrilege to say that you don’t want to go to college, but the truth is, it just isn’t for everyone and for many people, getting practical training, learning on the job will be a better option, it’ll also be a cheaper one too!

Study with Open Courseware

If you need to have a  degree to gain entry onto your career path of choice, this one won’t be for you, but if you plan to set up your own business, work as a freelancer or work your way up from an entry-level job, using open courseware to teach you the skills you require is a great option, and in many cases it’s free. In fact, you can even take courses from MIT free online, and although not all courses give you any credit if you simply want to learn so that you can apply various skills, and you don’t need a piece of paper to improve your options, they are pretty great.

Distance Learning

More and more colleges are offering distance learning options, which typically cost a fraction of the price of a college course, where you have to attend campus. Whether you want to do an online masters in clinical mental health counseling, […]

706, 2017

How You Can Support Your Kids Education As A Parent

By |June 7th, 2017|Education, XPC|Comments Off on How You Can Support Your Kids Education As A Parent

Every parent wants their kid to do well in school. But it’s not always easy to know whether or not you can help them to be as best as they can be. Whether you’re unsure of if you should even help them out in the first place, or you just don’t know how to, you’ll be glad to know that it’s definitely perfectly okay to want to support your child through their education in any way that you can. To do that, you’re going to want to encourage them, nurture them and stand back on the sidelines while they do their thing.

Help Them Prioritize

One of the best things you can do is help your kid to stay on track. They may say that they’ve got it when it comes to scheduling, but you may be able to give them another (very light) perspective on how best to balance their time. Sometimes, when they want to do well, they’ll want to do as much as they can all of the time. But, they need to have balance. Yes they need to have study time and fit in their extracurriculars, but you can also help to keep them sane by stressing the importance of relaxation and social time.

Nurture Their Creativity

Next up, you can think about encouraging their creative side as much as possible. They may have their favorite subjects and sports at school, but it always helps to have a creative outlet too. Whether it’s an art form, performing art or even writing, by encouraging them to have a creative passion, not only are you giving them somewhere to inject all of their energy, you’re helping them to be well-rounded too.

Get Them A Tutor

Then, you could also […]

3005, 2017

How To Get Your Kids Ahead At School

By |May 30th, 2017|Education, XPC|Comments Off on How To Get Your Kids Ahead At School

A lot of parents worry about how to make sure their kids do well at school. Not only does this mean that they’ll get a head start in life, but learning how to work hard at a young age is a valuable skill that will help them throughout their whole lives. Here are some tips on how to make sure that your kids do well…

Use Positive Reinforcement

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First of all, it’s always a better idea to praise your kids by rewarding them than by reinforcing their negative behavior with attention. If they want attention from you, then they need to learn that in order to get that attention, they need to behave well – which is why you should reward good report cards with a trip to get ice cream together, or an afternoon shopping, or whatever else that your kids enjoy, instead of focusing on poor behaviour. Let’s face it, no child can behave perfectly one hundred percent of the time – but as a parent, it’s your job to positively reinforce their good behavior to make sure that you see plenty more of it.

Get A Tutor

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If your child has slipped behind in school, then you could consider getting a tutor. This might not only help to improve their grades but to also improve their confidence – if a child feels as though they aren’t good at school then they might stop paying attention because they feel extremely discouraged. A tutor will help your child prove to themselves that they can do the work and that if they work harder, they can improve their grades. If you can’t afford a tutor, do the work yourself – play calculus math games online, practice reading […]

2405, 2017

7 Methods To Improve Your Teaching Life

By |May 24th, 2017|Education, XPC|Comments Off on 7 Methods To Improve Your Teaching Life


Teaching is a hard job, and there’s no way around that. Keeping in touch with your students on an individual level while also applying to them the education they need to address is a time and energy demanding endeavor. It’s also one of the most satisfying jobs you can have, providing you do it right.

But how do you do it right?

Is there a specific formula you can experiment with to see how your classroom relationships develop, and your class’s grade performances go up? How can you best achieve a happy classroom atmosphere when you have trying students in your class?

Here are some tried and true methods a teacher of any level and field would do well to implement.

Stay Fresh

Keep yourself positive and your attitude on the correct level to deliver your study material. If you want your students to be sharp, you need to be sharp. Make the most of this and your students will respond in kind.

Seating Plans

If needs be, you may need to implement seating plans to keep certain children away from one another. Best friends are bound to try to talk to one another, and they needn’t be malicious to do so. If you notice university students doing the same, don’t be afraid to separate them if they’re distracting other students.

Be Positive

Let your students know you’re happy to teach them. Show that through your actions.

Use Software

Use note-taking and communications software to better understand your own topics and make notes of any changes in your lectures or classes you need to take. Universities using Peoplesoft software are likely to deliver better and more tightly organized student experiences, so suggest it to the faculty if needs […]