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1908, 2015

Lottery Winner: Odds 1 in 22

By |August 19th, 2015|Editorial|Comments Off on Lottery Winner: Odds 1 in 22

Perhaps you are a winner in life’s lottery
and you just don’t realize it!
Imagine, if you would, a room full of people… twenty-two people to be exact. Some of the people are clothed in rags, and a few of the people are clothed in lavish outfits. Most of the people look tired, hungry or malnourished. Some look oppressed, as though they have been beaten down and neglected. Just a very select few are the exact opposite and are enjoying the health of a full stomach and a roof over their heads. Everyone in this room is sitting except for one. There is something different about this one person standing among the twenty two. His head is held higher, his clothes in better condition, his demeanor more confident. There is a different atmosphere about this man; an atmosphere of creativity, self-worth, and virtue. If this entire room were to represent the population of the world, this one man standing would be an American.

The wonderful thing about this illustration is, if you are reading this and currently reside in America, you are the one in twenty-two people who are blessed to live in the “shining city on a hill” as Ronald Reagan so frequently referred to America. Only one in twenty-two, that’s it! How does that make you feel?

Is it not amazing that you were picked by our Creator out of every twenty-two people to live here?

And is it not true that to be picked, one out of twenty-two, is not only miraculous but does also foretell of an important and meaningful life?

Ask yourself; why would God bless you to live here if you’re just an average person with no plan or purpose for your life?

The answer is; […]

1607, 2015

Historical Perspective on Secession

By |July 16th, 2015|Editorial|Comments Off on Historical Perspective on Secession

Secession is not war and wars are fought over
economics before, then, and now.
The States seceded from the British soon to form the union of the Articles of Confederation.

The States seceded from the Articles of Confederation to join the union of the Constitution of 1787.

The south seceded from the union of the Constitution of 1787 to form the union of the Confederate Constitution of 1861.

The Founders always believed in secession, reserved the right in their writings, and taught their sons and grandsons the same. “Secession” according to a copy of Webster’s dictionary from 1836 I own merely means “the act of withdrawal”. It does not have to mean war. The South seceded in peace and offered to pay all debts and settle all claims in good faith. Lincoln would not let his tax base paying for more than 75% of his government go. He also did not want a free trade zone on his border and the five major interior river systems that run from Canada to New Orleans go to serve the interior states so they could avoid his 40% taxes (tariffs) that had to be paid if they were forced to unload in NY, Boston, and Providence. If you lived in Ohio for example, would you pay a 10% tax to use the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers for your products or would you pay a 40% tax to unload in NY and pay even more to ship it overland to you? The answer is clear. If the South had been allowed to go in peace, “grass would have grown in the streets” in NY just as their papers said. Secession is not war and wars are fought over economics before, then, and now.

Look at […]

2306, 2015

Presidential Candidates Should Skip SC

By |June 23rd, 2015|Editorial, Politics, Presidential, South Carolina, State|1 Comment

Thanks to SC Governor Nikki Haley,
there will likely be no winner to the
South Carolina Republican
Presidential Preference Primary…
Understand, this article is not in defense of the Confederate Flag no more than it is advocating for the removal. The purpose here is strictly about the behavior of people, politicos, the mainstream media, and the impact this will now have on our great state.

Behavior – there are no noncriminal behaviors I can think of which are more despicable than the “never let a good crisis go to waste” attitude you prolifically find on the left. On the right, the Christian attitude is “let’s help” when there is a crisis and while we are busy thinking of ways to truly be helpful, the left is cold and calculating. This is a big reason we are always a step behind them, because by the time we are finished being helpful, they (the vultures) have strategically moved forward with a plan to gain something for themselves out of the tragedy.

What do you think the left would really want out of our tragedy in Charleston? I have no doubt that their first knee-jerk reaction would be gun control. They go down that same exact road immediately after every tragedy. They win bits and pieces here and there and gun control was certainly mentioned within hours of the tragedy but they knew they would never win that one here in South Carolina, so where gun control is normally the focus, you are barely hearing anything from the left about guns at all. Why do you suppose that is? What makes this incident different?

To figure that out, you must ask yourself this question: What could the left possibly want more than gun control? It […]

2106, 2015

Church Tragedy Vs Mainstream Media

By |June 21st, 2015|Editorial, South Carolina, State|2 Comments

By now, everyone knows that a psychopath entered a church and killed nine people last week in South Carolina. Overall, the way in which people in Charleston have behaved has been admirable. Overall, the way in which those outside of our state have behaved has been barbaric and quite frankly, I’m a bit angry about it.

Outsiders, who want to use our state’s tragedy to further their agendas, disgust me. It’s bad enough you ignore the importance of the victim’s lives and families to call for gun control. It’s bad enough you ignore the importance of the victim’s lives and families as an excuse to once again dump your hate of southern heritage on us by blaming a flag for this tragedy.

The worst of it all is how so many of you treat this in regards to race.

Do you want to know who the real racists are? The real racists in this country are those who actively work to keep racism alive. Al Sharpton, in my opinion, is a racist. Most of the mainstream media, who give Sharpton and those like him a platform, are racists. You say you are against racial profiling, but you are guilty of doing it all the time and I’m quite sick of it.

Who else, but these same people would take the rantings of a psychopath literally? Normal people would dismiss the rantings of a lunatic but not you. You actually take his statements of him believing he was on a mission to start a race war seriously. It’s as though you buy into that as if it is true and don’t say you’re not because you have been giving it credibility for days.

Who’s not racist? Apparently more in South Carolina […]

1306, 2015

Control the Data and Control the Free World

By |June 13th, 2015|Editorial, Tech|Comments Off on Control the Data and Control the Free World

Control over voter data through corporate systems like i360 is dangerous…
Even though this will be the first time I have written about i360, some of you have had to listen to me ad nauseam regarding the dangers of a mass collection of political data by a single corporation (Koch Brothers). I was glad to finally see someone else talking about this issue, even though it was Yahoo News which tends to have a pretty liberal leaning.

Most of you would not believe the capabilities we have within my own company in regards to data collection. The thing is; it’s not “us” that is actually implementing this mass data collection – there are many companies who are doing the actual collecting – knowledge is power, especially when you know how to gain access to all that data and put it together in the most useful ways possible.

For years we’ve played things pretty close to the vest, not really disclosing how we get some things done in campaigns, like the statewide race last year where we won 14 counties on a measly $30,000. Yes, we lost that one… but it was still fun having people ask, “How on earth did you manage to win 14 counties on 30 grand?” It’s all about the data and being able to properly target people. We’ve spent much time attempting to explain this to Republican candidates and have had too many tell us they don’t want move forward because they “don’t understand.” So, what I am going to attempt to do is explain the “outcomes” of what happens when data is properly used in campaigns.

The most drastic financial disadvantage we have ever faced but won the most votes was the Statehouse race […]

2205, 2015

Abortion Facts and Pain Capable Bill

By |May 22nd, 2015|Editorial, South Carolina, State|Comments Off on Abortion Facts and Pain Capable Bill

It is important for everyone to know the details on abortion in SC for two reasons. First, we cannot let the legislators in Columbia get away with giving the impression they have done something meaningful for the unborn in SC when in fact, they have done little or nothing. Second, I hope this information, if it becomes widely known, will guide us as we craft strategies to save these precious innocents in the future.

Please share this information widely across the state.

First, the details on the 20 Week Pain Capable bill–It establishes that no abortion can be performed in the state of SC past 20 weeks unless the mother’s life is in some way jeopardized by the pregnancy.

Second, Lets look at how many abortions are done in SC. Where are they done? And at what gestational age are they done?

There was a total of 6084 abortions in 2012 and 5878 in 2013. The graphic below breaks these numbers down further to show the number at each abortion facility (there are three here in SC) and hospital in SC.

Please note two things as you look at the information.

1) One, you will see that the vast majority of abortions in this state are done at the state’s three abortion facilities. You should know that NONE of these facilities do abortions past 14 weeks gestation. I have linked the websites of each of these facilities here below so you can confirm this information. I have even gone the extra length and called each of them to verify.

2) The overall number of abortions performed in the hospitals (which do abortions after 14 weeks) is low. Of those, most are done prior to 20 weeks. Ex.–In 2013, a total of 81 […]

2604, 2015

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Drone Legislation

By |April 26th, 2015|Editorial, Government Regulation, South Carolina, State, Tech|Comments Off on The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Drone Legislation

In an all-in-one strike to restrict the people and allow more government intrusion into our lives… AND… in typical Columbia fashion, in their rush to save us all from ourselves, they seemingly forget to think through (again).

Okay, so maybe we don’t want our neighbors just flying around over our property, but to allow the government access to our property without the over-site of having a warrant issued… well that just sounds more like something a certain senator out of Lexington would do, so we were shocked that she wasn’t the primary sponsor as she has been on a roll with government intrusive legislation recently, but rather it was another liberal; Democrat Senator Vincent Sheheen.

The drone technology is still too new, and to begin writing any restrictive legislation at this stage is not just bad idea, but very short sided.  What do we tell employers like Amazon who want to develop the drone technology to eventually deliver small packages? We’re sorry but that will now be illegal unless you follow all the roadways so as not to fly over someone’s property?

And, what about search and rescue? There are non-governmental groups which get called out more than most people would like to know to search for missing people, children, Alzheimer patients, lost hikers, etc.  Where using drones can make the difference between life and death, what do you tell these people and the families of those who are missing? Sorry but it’s illegal to use these efficient tools in South Carolina?

This from Brian Adams who volunteers in search and rescue efforts:
The South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee is currently considering Bill S498 designed to prevent unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) from being flown over private property and being used […]

104, 2015

You Have a Right to Love Anyone… Except Jesus

By |April 1st, 2015|Culture, Editorial, Indiana, National, Religion, State|Comments Off on You Have a Right to Love Anyone… Except Jesus

In regards to the Religious Freedom law in Indiana, the left continues their hypocrisy. There has been a steady drumbeat of, “you can’t help who you love” from the left.

“We see business leaders saying that they are reluctant to do business in a state where their customers or even their employees could be subjected to greater discrimination just because of who they love,” stated Whitehouse Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

What about those who love Jesus? God? Christianity? Somehow we are labeled “hateful” for doing so. What about the blatant discrimination of Christians from multiple corporations and government entities because of who they love?

Meanwhile, under Islamic Law, homosexuality is not only a sin, it is a crime and it is punishable by death in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan, and Somalia. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has continued to blast a law to protect Christians in Indiana, but has facilitated the opening of Apple stores in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

So what are Christians to do? Obviously the left is lost, so we must pray for them. We must love the sinner but not the sin – so we can love the person, but that in no way means we are to participate or facilitate sinful behavior. This in no way means that any of us are perfect as we know we will all fall short, but falling short is never an excuse to abandon principles. If the left understood Christ at all, they would understand all this but they clearly don’t get it, so do a very difficult thing; separate the anger toward their behavior from the praying that needs to be done for them… and make certain you vote!

501, 2015

Mainstream Media Lied and People Died

By |January 5th, 2015|Editorial, Mainstream Media|Comments Off on Mainstream Media Lied and People Died

What if you could yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater and had a way to profit from it? Forget for a moment the fact that it is illegal to do something like that and please just try to imagine the sort of lowlife you would have to be to instill panic and incite pandemonium in the first place, then how much lower do you go in profiting off a situation like that which you created?

Racial division seems to be perpetuated by folks like Al Sharpton, but can we really blame Sharpton? Sharpton is an uneducated man with a criminal record who has created a fantasy world for himself, proclaiming himself a reverend when truly he is not. Stepping in as a spokesperson for racial issues and if he cannot find an issue he will manufacture one. This is a man who truly has no credibility without his very willing accomplices; the Mainstream Media and Democrat Party. Without these two entities, there would be no Al Sharpton and I would even go on to say, without these two entities, racial divide would be largely non-existent in this country.

I believe politicians as a whole love to create problems only they can solve in an attempt to force us to need them. The Democrat Party never seems to stop working from this angle. So what if they damage the economy and you can’t get a job, that just makes you need the government to subsidize you even more and they can be there waiting with the handouts. Wiping out poverty would quite literally wipe out the Democrat Party which is why they have no real interest in truly helping people, but they do have an interest in making […]

1906, 2014

Squirrels in the Statehouse

By |June 19th, 2014|Editorial, Politics, South Carolina, State|2 Comments

I frequently say “Indecision kills. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at all the flat squirrels you find in the middle of the road.” I find the votes on the pay raise to be particularly fascinating as it calls out the squirrels in the Statehouse. The squirrels are those who want the pay raise but also want to be able to say “I didn’t vote for it” at the same time. This game is frequently played in Columbia and often when some folks need cover, they just “take a walk” on something they know will pass anyway but then they can play the “I didn’t vote for it” game back in their districts. This behavior will lead to their political demise (as it should).

What makes this more interesting than most is that it is to override a veto which takes a super majority of those present – in other words, if it weren’t for the squirrels taking a walk the veto would not have been overridden.

Now, it may surprise many of you to find out that I actually support a pay raise for state legislators. The biggest reason is that the pay (or lack thereof) is the biggest hurdle in actually replacing them. Their base pay is just a little over $10,000 per year. A few years ago a new legislator showed his paycheck to me (paid in one lump sum) and after taxes and insurance he was left with approximately $1,700. Then they get their expense money (which is what has actually been increased, not their pay). When all is said and done, it is difficult to serve and not actually lose money, not to even mention the work income most […]