1109, 2017

Editorial: Understanding Trump’s DACA and Debt Ceiling Strategy

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President Donald Trump’s recent moves regarding DACA and the debt ceiling have left many people, regardless of their political ideologies, confused. After months of constant hysteria surrounding Trump’s supposedly anti-immigrant platform, Trump’s decision to end DACA – the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy which was passed via executive order during the Obama administration – seemed, to many on the left, like confirmation of their worst fears. Trump then made the announcement that he wants to pass a new version of DACA – most likely yet another revision of the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors), which has been shot down numerous times since 2001 – through congress as an actual law, and his opposition to DACA seems to be primarily because the executive branch does not have the power to institute such a policy. This gave those same people pause. How could this be the man who wants to build a wall on our southern border?

In conjunction with these seemingly contradictory moves, President Trump made good on his threats to work with the Democrats to move his agenda along, which comes following the Republican legislature’s refusal to repeal the Affordable Care Act – known derisively as “Obamacare” – despite the fact that many of these same Republican politicians campaigned on the promise that they would repeal it immediately, and their subsequent refusal to tie debt ceiling approval into a more popular bill for expedited approval. In exchange for freeing up more money for hurricane relief in the face of both hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Trump agreed with Democratic leadership to raise the debt ceiling. This led to one of the most shocking developments of all:  press conferences from Senate Minority Leader […]

509, 2017

The War Is On, But Are Narcotics The Enemy?

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Drug trafficking is a problem. Whether President Bush’s declaration of war in `1989 was a masterstroke or not, there is no doubt that the stats match his ideals. Since 2013, Americans aged 12 or older have used an illicit drug, which equates to 10% of the population. And, it isn’t only the USA as the entire world has a problem with narcotics. Still, does that make them the enemy? Or, do we as a nation and people continue to misunderstand the subject?

There is no doubt that a national drug problem affects everyone in the country. It is easy to allow junkies and addicts to go about their lives how they please. Let’s face it; their choices don’t affect us. How do they? Statistics show that, since 2007, powerful narcotics have cost the healthcare industry $11 billion. And, if you want to add prescription opiates into the mix, the figure rises to $37 billion. To the average American citizen, that is a waste of money which puts lives at risk. With such an amount going down the drain on a yearly basis, the standard of care is bound to drop. At the least, the war should help the law abiding people who need quality health care.

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However, there are two startling facts which everyone should be aware of before they come to a conclusion. The drugs that put the most strain on the health care service are not illicit or illegal. They are cigarettes and alcohol, two substances that are, and have been legal for decades. In total, cigarettes and alcohol cost the industry $300 billion and $249 billion respectively. Therefore, both substances nearly hit the $600 bn mark. Compared to the illegal and prescription […]

3108, 2017

Why Is Violence Such A Commonly Found Political Tool These Days?

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In many headlines lately, most likely brought on by the wider cultural discussion of the very vocal detractors of President Trump, violence is a word on many people’s lips. Recent events in Charlottesville, as well as the picketing and protesting of many conservative pundits, have highlighted the growing cultural and political divide in the country. However, since the dawning of the United States of America, there has always been a difference in opinion and cultural identities.

The whole point of the founding of the nation was that its citizens should have the freedom to openly debate these political issues, in the effort to try and make the best ideas win out. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been the case that these ideas have met peacefully and won through pure merit alone. Some issues, such as the establishment of civil rights for those of all races, were won through repetitive exposure and force. Looking back over history, it’s certain to say that these conflicts resulted in a net positive for the country and general ethical hygiene of its people.

Unfortunately, however, in our mostly peaceful internet climate, violence is being used more than ever to try and back up political points, and the fault lies with both sides of the argument. Recent attacks in Charlottesville have spurned on these issues. While white supremacy is an insidious and hateful problem that needs to be addressed at its root cause, the common means of countering this found today, such as those found in the aptly named ‘Anti-Fa’ groups have not done anything substantial to quiet the fire. In fact, in many cases, they have progressed issues even further.

It would be very wrong to take sides in these instances. Extremism in any […]

3108, 2017

Is The Electoral System Being Rigged?

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During and after the most recent American general election, there were accusations of foul play flying around. Whispers of interference from Russia has been a contentious issue and the validity of Trump’s victory has been brought into question. In the run up to the election, it was Clinton that was accused, and 41% of voters believed that there could have been some kind of election fraud going on. Whether you believe it or not, it highlights an issue that existed long before Trump and Clinton. Mccain accused Obama of benefiting from voter fraud through the Acorn organization and when George Bush was elected for a second time, there were plenty of conspiracy theories about electronic voting machines that had been tampered with. In amongst all of these accusations, and a growing climate of mistrust in the government, it can be difficult to know whether the American voting system can be trusted to give a true representation of the will of the people. So, what’s the truth?

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Electronic Voting Machines

Since being the focus of the conspiracy around George Bush’s second election win, electronic voting machines have gathered a lot of suspicions. However, those that are making accusations about Florida in the 2004 election haven’t actually managed to come up with any evidence of tampering. Hacking is another concern that people have but if you look at the facts on Smartmatic, you’ll find that these machines cannot be preprogrammed, they are protected against hackers, and they can be audited after the election to check that there has been no foul play. Those accusations that people are making about tampering with electronic voting machines are not grounded in any truth whatsoever.

Is The System Right?

One of the […]

2908, 2017

Staying As The Strong Head Of Your Family Unit

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One of the myths of modern familial discourse is that the family is more of a committee than a team with a head. While every family is free to define what makes them happy within their own private lives, it’s largely a mistake of the modern mindset to assume that strong parenting and strong leading figures in the family isn’t of tremendous benefit. In an age of participation trophies and a million ways to be penalized for accidentally hurting someone’s feelings, it might feel necessary to temper our personalities and give our children more authority than us regarding matters of their life.

The ‘buddy buddy’ approach, while a great way to develop a lasting and bonded relationship with your spouse and children, is lacking in a certain substance. It’s best to combine that attitude with a sense of inner strength, of something that all the members of your family can look up to with zero questioning of your place at the head of the family whatsoever. Even in matters of familial difficulty which require a law firm such as Romano Law PC, we have the opportunity to be figures of admiration in our spouse and children, no matter how turbulent the emotional difficulty currently being experienced within the family unit.

Be Frank But Fair

Children these days are used to being told that they are the best thing ever. When a child is young, so long as they aren’t spoiled, this can help them develop their self-esteem and afford them the confidence to interact with the world and other people. However, once they grow up a little and can understand the responsibilities of their place within the world, switching up this strategy to that of a […]

1108, 2017

Martin Shkreli Is Just The Start: The Push-Back Against Bad Business

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As of Friday the 4th of August, the verdict is in on commonly touted “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli, now likely facing prison time after committing fraud that stole millions of dollars from investors in a hedge fund. Many are claiming this as a victory against the steely grip that the finance and business elite have and their impunity to commit wrongs and this isn’t the only example of that being the case. Despite the fact that we’re looking at a potential four-to-eight year of a capital-focused administration with the aims of loosening regulations on business, the courts have been full of recent victories over big business and more and more cases of wrongdoing are being exposed. Here are some of the bad business legal victories, wrongdoings, and disputes that are starting to change the way the modern worker and consumer look at who they do business with.

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The gender question

Many businesses and employees alike still struggle with the discrimination, harassment, and apparent systematic barriers that women face in the workplace. One of the most recent examples happened in the one realm of business where pushes for more women have been most evident: the STEM fields. In particular, the recent firing of Google engineer James Damore for a memo allegedly pushing gender stereotypes follows up a recent trend of gender discrimination issues coming to the light more and more often.

Lying in plain sight

False advertisement scandals are on the rise, as well. Perhaps one of the most notable of all recent cases was the charges levied against Volkswagen. Last year the car manufacturing behemoth was charged by the Federal Trade Commission with claims of false advertising based on erroneous emissions test results used in the […]

3107, 2017

Done The Crime? Avoid The Time!

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Crime never pays, in the end. Unfortunately, for those that commit large or obvious crimes, the chances are very high that they will get caught. With over a million violent crimes committed in the US each year, and much more which aren’t violent, this is an issue law enforcement take seriously. But, of course, at this point, you’ve already been caught. Regardless of what you’ve done wrong, it’s time to find some ways to make the consequences a little lighter.

This is where this post comes in. It will be going through some of the steps you can take and the work you can do to make your time in court easier. With over 90% of US criminal court cases leading to conviction, it’s more important than ever that you present yourself perfectly. You’ll need to be very careful if you’re going to get a good outcome from your case.

Legal Exceptions

In most places, there are loads of legal loopholes and exceptions which can help you to avoid the hammer of justice. Of course, these won’t be easy to find, and may not even exist surrounding your particular case. If you can find something like this to help you, though, you could get out of trouble before it even begins.


Research: To find this sort of loophole or grey area, a lot of research will have to be done. Hopefully, you will have a good legal team or professional to support you, and most of this work will already be handled. If not, you might have to start doing some learning. The internet provides you with a great place to conduct this sort of search, with its vast host of free information. Along with this, you […]

2507, 2017

What To Do If Your Employee Is In Legal Trouble

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One of the worst things that a boss can hear is that one of his employees is in some kind of legal trouble. It can have far reaching effects in the company and it can seriously damage their relationship with you and the rest of your employees. If you don’t handle the situation carefully, then you could make it a whole lot worse. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, here are the steps that you should be taking.

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What Was The Crime?

The first thing that you need to find out is what crime they are alleged to have committed. This will have a huge impact on how you move forward. It might be something incredibly minor that you don’t really need to worry about too much, but if they’ve been accused of something far more serious, you need to consider more drastic action. Try to contact the local law enforcement agencies and see what information they can give you, it might be the case that they won’t tell you anything but it’s worth a try. If there is an impending court case then you won’t be likely to find anything out.

Did A Crime Take Place On Company Property?

This is a vital question. If the alleged crime is said to have taken place on company property, then you will be directly involved and you’ll probably have to speak with the police. You’ll soon find out if any crimes took place on company property because the police will contact you. If the employee is charged with drink driving offences, you need to find out whether they were driving the company car at the time. If they were, you’ll have to deal with […]

1407, 2017

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Police Officer?

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Many people like the idea of working in law enforcement, and there are lots of jobs available for the right candidates. With that in mind, there is some information on this page that everyone should read. It shows what it takes to become a police officer, and it should let you know if you’re suitable or not. So, take a look and see if you still think it’s a wise move.

Relevant qualifications

You don’t need qualifications to become a low-ranking police officer. However, you might need to go to university if you want a more advanced role. A degree in criminal justice would look amazing on your CV, and it could open many doors for you in the future. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become a crime scene investigator or something similar?

A logical mind

It’s vital that all law enforcement officers have a logical and rational mind. You will find yourself in many dangerous situations during the career. Small mistakes or misunderstandings could cost lives. You don’t need us to tell you what can happen if you become trigger happy.

Communication skills

Police officers have to work with criminals and members of their local community. For that reason, they require excellent communication skills. Sometimes they might even have to break some bad news to a local family. That is never going to go down well if you don’t know about to approach sensitive matters.

If you can place a tick next to all the points made in this article, you might have what it takes to become a police officer. Just ensure you contact your local force for more information.

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1007, 2017

Now Is The Time For City Drivers To Ditch Fuel Cars

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Drivers of fuel cars in cities look like they could be doomed if they don’t convert soon. Here are just some of the reasons why electric cars are the best investment for the future for those living in the city.

Fuel driving is constantly becoming more expensive

Whilst gas station prices may be plateauing, city dwellers may have other driving charges to soon contend with. The likes of London already have plans to introduce the first Ultra low emissions zone (to be referred to as the ‘Ulez’) by 2021. Drivers of polluting vehicles will be charged extra to enter this zone depending on their vehicle type. This is on top of the already existing congestion charge, which could make commutes to and from London an expense to far for many. For now this could only be London, but how many other cities will follow suit?

Green driving is constantly becoming cheaper and more convenient

Many perks already exist to electric car drivers across the world. These include free parking and charging stations in cities such as Amsterdam. The likes of London meanwhile have allowed electric cars to use bus lanes, whilst Californian cities are allowing electric vehicles to use HOV lanes. On top of all this, some countries are introducing grants to businesses allowing them to purchase electric cars or help with electric car repairs. All this is making owning an electric car much more attractive to the average city driver.

The range of electric vehicles is more diverse than ever before

Sites such as bintellielectricvehicles.com show the range of electric vehicles now available. Whilst before buyers were limited to small and squat car designs, you can now buy anything from an electric scooter to an electric SUV depending, allowing […]