1412, 2017

Challenges Facing The US Jobs Market In 2018

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When it comes to measuring the success of an economy, jobs are essential. An economy cannot boom and thrive without high numbers of available jobs and a low unemployment rate; these are the figures that govern the overall GDP of a country.

Jobs have long been a discussion point for American politicians on both sides of the aisle. The more jobs there are, the more people are at work, and the higher the income tax take is– so it’s fair to say this is one area where all politicians can agree.

At the present time, the US jobs market is doing fairly well. There’s plenty of new jobs being created month on month, and the unemployment figures make for nice reading. 2017 did see the jobs rate fall for the first time in seven years, in September, but this has been attributed to the various natural disasters — hurricanes, primarily — that occurred during the late summer and early fall. It’s widely expected that the jobs market will bounce back in 2018.

So does that mean jobs are no longer an issue? That they are being created, that the market is growing, and we can all sit back and appreciate the impact that will have on the economy?

Not necessarily. The jobs market may be in for a few shocks in 2018. Let’s investigate deeper and explore the issues that may ultimately affect job creation and the employment rate.

The ‘gig’ economy

The so-called gig economy has been a feature of the American jobs market for many years now, but there are signs that it may be beginning to falter.

A job in the gig economy is a job where the worker is paid per fulfillment of a task, rather than on […]

2711, 2017

More Than Just A PR Exercise – Why Your Business Should Give Back

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While a generous donation from a large business or a rich entrepreneur is sure to generate some headlines, the good PR should be at the bottom of the list of reasons for your company to give back. Businesses that give back can better the community, both locally and in the wider world and if your business isn’t doing it already – it’s time you started. Here are some of the reasons why your business should give back.

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It’s the right thing to do
There’s only so much that charities and volunteers can do to help others. They rely on the generosity of donors to help – so why shouldn’t you do your bit? The recent economic crisis highlighted several areas of greed among different businesses and organizations, and by giving back – you can help inspire a significant culture shift that sees more people doing more good for others. If you are in a position and have the resources (being time or money), then you should help because at the most basic level – it’s the right thing to do.
It helps to better your community
Companies that work with their local communities have the benefit of making improvements from within the community itself. Through volunteering time and dedicating resources to helping a community, a business becomes more respected and forms a key part of that community. Investment giant Morgan Stanley has a long heritage of giving back through its Community Affairs Team, and the head of the team, Joan Steinberg, recommends designing a program that helps align your actions with your business to have the maximum impact.
It offers encouragement to others
Sometimes it takes the efforts of some to motivate and inspire others to do the same. Following […]

2710, 2017

Construction Is In Demand. The Dangers Are Not!

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There are many industries to choose from when it comes to finding a good career, but a trade job is still one of the most popular out there. Plumbers, electricians, and construction workers are all in high demand, and as we move into a world that is building up faster than we can blink, the demand is surpassing the number of people we have in the industry. While this is a good thing for the workers, it isn’t as good for the companies looking to hire people in as there is a shortage of skilled people to choose from.

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Firms are focusing more on training employees from the bottom up, which is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to get into construction. However, education on safety is seriously lacking in a field where safety is paramount. Whichever way you look at it, the health and safety aspect of construction has changed dramatically in the past four decades, where safety equipment such as helmets was not as much of a concern as they were before. The thing is, there are some serious dangers that remain in our current industry, and a construction accident lawyer wouldn’t find themselves out of work. This link here can tell you that the number of construction workers killed on the job in 2015 was far more than was necessary, and the worst year in construction for seven years. The people that took themselves to work on an average day did not return home, and it is statistics like this that tell us there is more that could be done in such an industry.

Cities all over the world are surging ahead of themselves to be leaders in infrastructure. The salaries in construction […]

2010, 2017

Making Friends, Making Money

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There aren’t many people in the modern world who don’t have a social media account of some sort. The majority of us have everything across the spectrum, from Facebook to Instagram. But, even those who haven’t gone the whole hog tend to have at least one social media account lurking somewhere. It’s the go-to method for socializing in the modern age, and it’s also how many of us keep up with news and so on.


But, have you ever considered using your social media to boost your income? In an age where prices are forever on the rise, most of us are looking to make money wherever we can. So, why not turn to this platform that you’re probably already using? Of course, using social media for personal communications isn’t going to make you money. But, we’re going to look at a few methods which could.


The most common way to make money on these platforms is through advertising. If you have a decent enough amount of followers and a niche that companies can work with, they may contact you with propositions. Most companies offer either monetary reward per click or free products. Both of which could see you reaping financial rewards. Advertising works best on platforms like YouTube, where Google’s AdSense allows you to earn from your ads. But, some companies contact Facebook and Twitter users for mentions and recognition. Bear in mind that turning an account over solely to advertising could see you losing followers. Make sure to only accept propositions from companies you respect, and always to be transparent.

Promoting products

If you’ve always had a bright idea for a product of your own, social media could be the place to advertise it. As can […]

910, 2017

Investing In Business: The Things You Need To Consider

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Some people have no idea what to do with themselves when it comes to business. Do they start up themselves and create something? Or do you invest in something that has already started up or that you feel passionate about? These are the two questions that you need to be asking yourself. But, what you also need to think about in regards to the first question is whether you have an idea for a business that could work, and do you feel passionate enough to make it happen. In most cases, people want to be involved in some form of business and find it better to invest in something instead.

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However, there is even much to think about when it comes to investing in a business, and some of it might not have even entered your mind. So while it can be very lucrative it can also still be a risk. Which is why it is so important to ensure that you are aware of all the aspects and tick all the boxes when it comes to investing in a business.

What type of investment do you want to be involved in?

Firstly, you need to consider the type of investment you want to be involved in. Is it a case of investing in a business in the same country? Is it something that you want to consider investing overseas? Perhaps you want to think about something that is already well-established, maybe using a stocks and shares account to invest instead? Or you might just like the idea of starting a new business with someone else in an idea you feel passionate about. However, you choose to do it, make sure that it is an investment you […]

610, 2017

8 Steps To Get Your Business Off To A Flying Start

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Anybody who starts a business wants to make sure they get it off to a flying start. Usually, the better the start, the more momentum builds up and things carry on smoothly and efficiently. If you want to make sure you get your business off to the best start possible, here are 8 steps that can help you:

Outline And Define What Your Business Is About

The first thing you need to do is outline and define what your business is all about. You can do this in the form of a business plan, which is also a great way to help you secure funding and investors later on down the line.

Your business plan will help you to keep moving forward if you lose your way a little. Of course you may change what your business is about at some point, but you need to record everything as accurately as you can to begin with so you can get started with confidence.

Research Your Competition Thoroughly

You should never start a business without thorough research on your competition. You should know who has a business like you, where they are located, what they are doing similarly/differently to you, and how successful they are. You should never try to copy your competition or be a business just like them. Your uniqueness is what will bring you success. However, knowing where your competition are in the market will help you figure out your game plan.


Know What Makes You Unique

Your USP, or unique selling proposition, is what makes people want to buy from you rather than your competitors. Know what makes you unique and enhance it, and you’ll be far more successful.

Make Sure You Know How Much You Need To Get Started

Explore […]

2209, 2017

Discover The Most Dangerous Jobs In The USA Today

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Do you ever worry about how much danger you’re in at work in your job? Well, depending on what industry you work in, you could be able to discover that the situation could be far worse. According to statistics, these are the most dangerous jobs and industries available for workers in the USA right now. On the plus side, they could come with rather nice rewards for your loved ones if you have the right life insurance plan in place.


Image Source

As it turns out the worst things do happen at sea. There are lots of reasons why this makes the top of the list and took over forty lives in 2011. First, there’s the problem of drowning. Fishing boats often have to plough through rough waters with waves and swells that regularly wash over the sides of the boats. It’s not that uncommon for a wave to knock a worker into the water. Usually, they can be rescued but this isn’t always the case, and that’s certainly not the only danger.

These workers are operating massive heavy equipment. One wrong mistake will lead to a nasty accident. If you make a mistake in the office, you might get scalded by your boss or a pay cut. Make a mistake on a fishing boat, and you could easily lose your life.


Pic Link

Out in the forest, there are dangers such as heavy trees that could fall, crushing workers. Of course, again the danger here is the equipment, and you would be forgiven for noticing a pattern here. Wherever workers are using heavy equipment, there is an increased chance of fatalities and dangers. This field of work has a fatality rate of 102 per 100,000 workers. That might […]

2109, 2017

Confusion Arises Over Tesla and AMD’s Self-Driving AI Chip

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PNN – The internet was abuzz this morning following a report from CNBC on Wednesday that Tesla (TSLA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) were cooperating on the development of a self-driving AI chip for Tesla’s autonomous cars. AMD saw a 4% spike in their stock price as the story topped the trending charts of social media. CNBC’s report has been called into question now, however, as AMD chip fabricator GlobalFoundries have insisted that there is no commitment in place between Tesla and themselves, and that at least that aspect of the CNBC story was a misunderstanding. The original article partially stemmed from comments made by GlobalFoundries CEO Sanjay Jha, which were misinterpreted by CNBC. GlobalFoundries does not seem to have made any comment on whether or not AMD itself is involved in the project.

What remains unclear, however, is whether there is any sort of cooperation happening between Tesla and AMD. Following the GlobalFoundries clarification, Engadget has indicated that there is no such cooperation occurring. In CNBC’s story, however, journalist Jordan Novet claims to have a source verifying some of the information being circulated. Novet writes:
More than 50 people are working on the initiative under Keller, the source said. Tesla has brought on several AMD veterans after hiring Keller, including director Ganesh Venkataramanan, principal hardware engineer Bill McGee and system circuit design lead Dan Bailey.
If there is indeed a source familiar with Tesla’s self-driving car project that has indicated the involvement of AMD, then it may be Engadget and several other publications who are jumping the gun by dismissing the entire venture as a misunderstanding rather than just dismissing the involvement of GlobalFoundries. It is possible that AMD is involved without the cooperation of […]

1809, 2017

Revealed: The Top 8 Reasons for Getting Fired in 2017

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Getting fired is never good. But, for the most part, it’s easy enough to avoid by simply doing your job and getting on with people. So, it may come as a surprise to learn that when looking into the reasons people lose their jobs, it’s often one of these eight repeat offenders that lead unemployment.


Drinking Alcohol at Work

Between 2006 and 2010 approximately 88000 deaths were directly caused by alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking is a huge problem in modern society. It’s because of this that most workplaces have a specific section in their contracts about not drinking at work or attending work when under the influence of alcohol. It affects performance and can be dangerous to that employee as well as those working with them.

Being in Possession of Drugs at Work

Drugs can also affect performance and endanger the employee, other staff, and customers. The most common drugs used at work today are marijuana and cocaine. Both of which can lead to occupational hazards. Employees caught in possession of narcotics face dismissal and possible criminal action, whether or not they intend to use them on the premises.


Whistleblowers are people that report unlawful or otherwise wrong activity in their company to an outside source. Most companies today have a whistleblowing section in their contracts, highlighting what employees can and can’t say. But, there are laws to protect whistleblowers, Whistleblower Protection Attorneys to prevent unfair dismissal.

Damaging Company Property

Whether intentional or not, actions which lead to the damage of company property can get an employee fired. They are more likely to lose their jobs if the damage was intentional, caused by careless behavior or done to expensive equipment.

Poor Performance

It’s actually quite difficult to fire something simply because of poor performance. […]

209, 2017

What Are Some Of The Most Difficult Jobs To Have?

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In America’s current economic climate, getting and keeping a job is requiring more and more in terms of experience and qualifications. Sometimes, getting these standards on your CV is just impossible. So a lot of people turn to the undesirable because they have to, however, these so called ‘challenging’ jobs still require a high set of skills and all of a person’s dedication. So what are some of the most difficult jobs to have in the market?

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Being a Second Responder

Working as a person who supports first responders, such as police and firefighters, can be grueling and dirty work. However, it requires someone with a lot of compassion and skill due to working alongside victims and their families, and in disaster situations that are no laughing matter. Working as someone in crime scene clean up is especially challenging due to the sensitive and dangerous nature of the work involved. Working with biohazardous materials requires a lot of training and equipment knowhow, so know what you’re getting into with such a dangerous environment.

As a second responder, you’re also second to anyone involved in what you’re cleaning up. With the recent destruction in Texas, being a second responder is especially important in the current atmosphere. You often don’t have to be skilled in an official position to be first on the scene behind police and ambulance crews, but don’t expect to be paid or recognized for volunteering. This isn’t the point, however, as helping out your fellow man is a core value of this kind of job.

Working on an Oil Rig

Being an oil rig worker means you’ll have long periods of isolation away from friends and family doing one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. […]