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2104, 2017

Dealing With The Labor Problem In Manufacturing

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It cannot be denied. As much of a backbone of the economy as manufacturing is in most countries, there is a serious lack young workers wanting to come into the industry. It could spell a major problem for those countries where the push to reinvigorate the industry has become a large concern. In this article, we’re going to look at the details of the crisis, why the factories are empty and what the employers could be doing to reverse that.

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The image issue

Perhaps the biggest problem is the bad rep that manufacturing has got in the past. It’s true that in the past, there were big concerns that made manufacturing a bad choice for most employees. They still are demanding jobs and still are more dangerous than a lot of other work environments. But nowadays, we have plenty of safety standards and workload lightening methods that make the modern plant a much more pleasant place to work. There’s also the concern that manufacturing jobs are low-paying and dead-ended, but that can be fought by prioritizing those jobs with the most potential. The jobs that give real skills, a point we will look at next.

Where have all the skills gone

Nowadays, there’s a greater perception of freedom and opportunity amongst a more educated working populace. Even in tough economic times, that means many people are going to be holding out hope for a job that challenges them and offers real progression. Manufacturing still can offer that, of course. The specialization of tools and the rise of equipment-specific companies like Pirtek shows a lot of room to become an expert in training and implementation of different tools in the manufacturing world. There are also skills that appeal to […]

2104, 2017

Building In The Big Apple

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Whatever you may think of Donald Trump, the fact remains that he is the President of the United States and if no peculiar circumstances arise, he will be for the rest of his four-year term. He is, of course, now living in Washington D.C in the White House but for much of his career, he has been associated with the country’s de facto capital: New York City. Trump has been referred to as ‘the King of New York’ in the past (an ironic title considering just how overwhelmingly he lost the state to his rival Hillary Clinton in last year’s election) but he has not set foot in the city since his inauguration. It was his home prior to the election and his wife, Melania, and son, Barron, still live there in Trump Tower (at a reported cost to taxpayers of between $127,000 and $146,000 each day). In any case, he is not there now and because of his new responsibilities as leader of the free world, he will likely not spend much time there in the future.

Since Trump is a property developer, the New York skyline is not going to be accommodating any more of his buildings anytime soon. Ambitious and aspiring moguls may, therefore, see this as an opportunity to make their own fortune. If you are one of them, and you want to start building in New York, there are lots of things that you should be aware of. While the President was kind enough to write and publish several books about the secrets to his success, the landscape is changing and will continue to in the future. Here are a few ways that New York City is evolving:

If you are […]

2104, 2017

Construction Under Trump: A Forecast

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During last year’s bitter and exhausting presidential election campaign, the now incumbent President of the United States, Donald Trump, a man who built his fortune in the property business, gave hope to construction workers by promising to rebuild America’s infrastructure (perhaps rather ominously, the page containing this promise on his personal website no longer exists). In a speech earlier this month at the North America’s Building Trades Union (NABTU), Trump said that ‘together, we are going to rebuild this nation’. He vowed to bring back three-quarters of a million jobs by reducing bureaucratic red tape with regard to the process of getting permits to build, a process he claims can take up to a decade. In order to enact his supposed $1 trillion infrastructure plan, the President vowed to get rid of many of the regulations that he sees as simply being inhibitive to fast and efficient work. His presidency is still young and it remains to be seen whether he will succeed in his ambitions or not. A major construction job that he seems to be taking particular interest in is the construction of the promised wall on the southern border that the US shares with Mexico. It has yet to be established exactly who will pay for the wall or when it will begin construction but the bidding process began last month.

The health of the American construction industry depends in large part on how Trump acts but its current state has more to do with Obama’s legacy. A recent report found that over the course of 2016, the industry enjoyed modest but steady growth. At the end of the fourth quarter of the last financial year, figures showed that spending had risen […]

1104, 2017

Cattle: Why The Industry Is STILL Facing Daily Challenges

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Agriculture and farming, in general, has seen plenty of innovations in recent years. Today’s cattle, fruit, and vegetable farmers have a variety of technology at their disposal to make their work more streamlined and productive. However, despite the tech world giving it a helping hand, the cattle industry still faces many uphill struggles and dilemmas.

The basic process of breeding and raising livestock on a farm hasn’t changed much over the years. But, the problems farmers face are down to the things that threaten their animals. The leading causes of strife within the industry are disease, predators, and even the weather, among others. So, why exactly is the cattle industry still facing so many problems, despite the advancement of technology?

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Nutrition and feed supplies

Just like humans, cattle need a regular source of high quality, nutritional food to eat each day. As you can appreciate, healthy animals will be more valuable to the industry than ones that are ill.

Despite the best efforts of some farmers, their livestock sometimes ends up with poor quality feed. And because they have little nutritional value, the cattle won’t have a healthy immune system.

The good news is that farmers can access high-quality feed for their animals; they just need to know where to look. For cattle feed manufacturing, is one example of a high-quality feed source discovered with a simple Internet search. Of course, farmers can also speak to others in their industry to get word of mouth recommendations too.

Ineffective breeding programs

Another hurdle that cattle farmers aren’t so good at tackling is breeding. It’s an obvious fact that the more livestock a farmer has, the higher their profit in the long term. Many farmers try to cross-breed domestic animals with exotic […]

1104, 2017

Taking The ‘Me’ Out Of Property Investment

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You have the money, you have the info, and you even have the right property lined up and ready to go. What you don’t have is a team of people to make sure the investment is successful. Investors love to see themselves as a Lone Ranger type taking on the world because it’s poetic. It also adheres to the huge ego that most investors have and can’t shake. Of course, everyone has to back themselves to win once they make the final decision. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for help along the way. Here are the people you need to consult before, during and after.


‘Partner’ can stand for a life partner or business partner. Either way, they are both vital to the process. A business partner obviously has a more direct impact because it’s their investment too. So, they need to involving from the beginning. Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean you can shoot from the hip. It’s essential to consult the people that any potential decision affects as it is their life. Plus, there is no need to piss people off for no reason whatsoever. Other than that, you need to consult your significant other. Again, it is their money, too, so they have a right. More than that, loved ones have an ability to give us perspective, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

Management Team

Do you have a management team? You don’t? Well, you should get one. For starters, they have years of experience. Experience is a killer quality because it reduces the side-effects of a surprise. With their wisdom, nothing should shock or stump them into submission. They also have a wealth of expertise in the […]

604, 2017

It’s Time For Businesses To Forget The City

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If you’re starting a new business you might already be looking at offices in the city. It makes sense because if you work in the city you’re going to see a lot of foot traffic for your company. You’re also going to be close to a lot of major transport links. However, this is only beneficial if your business relies on foot traffic and interest at street level. Most companies won’t and instead they’ll be able to use online marketing to get the majority of the demand and build a wide customer base. If that’s the case then the only advantage of being in the city is a moot point. But there’s lots of advantages to heading for the suburbs or even further afield.

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Cheaper Land And Property

You’ll find that both land and property is cheaper the further away from the city you are. It’s cheaper because there’s less interest here and they are trying to encourage infrastructure development. They are hoping to gain interest from business owners who are looking to set up shop in the area. Don’t forget that businesses bring jobs and wealth to the local area which is always beneficial for communities. So, it’s in their interest to offer great land at a cheap price.

As for the property, you’ll usually find that it’s either new office builds or renovating buildings. Either way, you’re looking at properties that are modern, stylish and quite possibly luxurious. This is everything you need when you’re hoping to bring new clients into your company.

More Space To Expand

If you buy a business property out of the city, you’re probably going to find there’s plenty of space to expand. For instance, you might start with a small […]

504, 2017

California Worker Wins Shocking Legal Case

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In Los Angeles, a worker’s compensation judge has awarded a settlement of ten million dollars to a single individual. The amount is record breaking and should worry any business owner trying to keep their company free of injury claims.

The case involved a woman who was driving home after completing an audit at 2:30 am in the morning. She veered off the interstate crashing into a tree and suffered injuries including traumatic brain injury.

You might be wondering how this could possibly be a workers compensation lawsuit. After all, usually an injury claim means that the worker was injured while on the premises. That’s true, but here the lawyer was able to work with the coming and going clause built into the law. This is designed to protect any workers on the job, commuting to and from work. Since the employee in question was out on an audit and the time was out of normal commuting hours, they were able to make this claim.

Interestingly, the woman had already worked with her lawyer to win a civil case worth over two million. You might think that ten million is a ridiculously large payout. However, her lawyer argued that they proceeded to fight for ten million because he believed that two million would not be enough to cover medical costs. He also suggested that the ten million would only just be enough to the pay for the costs involved in treating her injuries. This demonstrates just how expensive health care can still be in America.

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The compensation is being delivered through a structured settlement. What is a structured settlement? It means that the money will be given to the claimant when they need it. As such, the […]

504, 2017

Corporate Cost-Cutting Conceptualization

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We are all penny-pinching, and we need to. If you run a business where you are just starting out, you need to find ways to cut costs wherever possible, and it’s difficult! The one thing that causes a small business to go under is a major lack of finances. We are constantly dealing with people that take up a lot of our time, which means we can struggle to keep all of our plates spinning properly. And we can easily get overwhelmed at the thought of running a company that the dream you had about being in charge of a group of individuals, getting your ideal product to the masses is slowly turning into a nightmare! But, there are some simple ways to keep track of your finances, and it’s all about planning…

Do you have an inventory? If not, it may be worth starting one to see what items you are buying two of. Even the small items like pens and staplers will add up, so put them all together in a central location and tally them up! Small items may seem like a very minor detail, but as they say, it all adds up!

A cloud-based operating system is a standard way to keep all of your information in one place. There are many free cloud programs available, which will provide backups of your data if your systems have a major fault or virus. One computer crash could cause the end of your business so you need to backup files where you can.

Supplementing your income is a very simple and common-sense way to make sure that you are keeping your head above water financially, and forex is one way that people find a balance between […]

3103, 2017

Rental Law: Dealing With Troublesome Tenants

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Renting out property can be a smart financial move, and a lot of landlords earn a good income from doing so. However, sometimes landlords end up with troublesome tenants, which can lead to all sorts of problems.

When a problem occurs with a tenant, a lot of landlords are unsure of how to handle it or where the law lies, which makes dealing with the issues somewhat complicated. However, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be a struggle to navigate the rules that are in place, it’s just a case of being clued up about what the law states.

With that in mind, below are some tips and pieces of advice for dealing with troublesome tenants without the stress and upset that occurs a lot of the time in these instances.

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What to do when a tenant refuses to pay their rent

From time to time, landlords will come across tenants who stop paying rent. Sometimes this is because of a dispute about something that needs repairing in the property, because the tenant has been out of work, or because they simply don’t want to pay.

When this happens it can cause a lot of stress for the landlord. However, it’s important to realize it is easy to fix an issue. The first step is to talk to the tenants about why they aren’t paying their rent, if it’s because something needs fixing and it is yet to be done, have it dealt with immediately.

If it’s because they can’t afford to pay, there are a few options to consider. The first is reducing the amount of rent that the tenants pay – it’s often better to cut the rental costs by a small amount rather […]

3103, 2017

Is Bankruptcy An Option For Businesses?

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Bankruptcy is one of the greatest fears of any company. The thought of going out of business and ruining your credit rating isn’t nice. Therefore, firms avoid bankruptcy like the plague because they feel it can only make their situation worse. What might surprise you is that it is a tool which businesses can use to their advantage. Yes, bankruptcy can help you become debt-free and give you a clean slate. But, you have to ensure that you tick all the right boxes to reap the benefits. Here’s what every company needs to consider before they file.

Are You Allowed To File?

A common tactic today is to file for a Chapter 7 because a Chapter 13 can be harsh. As shows, the cons of Chapter 13 are wide-ranging. Plus, a Chapter 7 allows firms to continue operating in the majority of cases. However, you won’t be eligible in certain circumstances. If for example, you have enough money to pay your creditors, the courts won’t let you file. True, they don’t know the extent of your finances, but lying will put you in a worse position.

The Future Isn’t Bright

Bosses like to hit the panic button as soon as they fear the worst. The truth is that most situations can change in a short time. If this is the case, there is no need to file for bankruptcy. A large cash injection, for instance, will stave off the creditors and keep you out of the clutches of the courts. Any businesses that can’t see a bright future should think about the flip side. When the future looks as bleak as the present, bankruptcy is usually the only option.

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Secured Vs Unsecured Debts

There are two […]