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108, 2017

Ditching The 9-To-5 And Starting Your Own Business

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Starting your own business is an exciting journey, but leaving your job to do so might be a nerve-wracking experience for you. If you have the determination, the skill set, and the time to pour into a business venture, however, then it’s well worth it. That being said, you should go into this new chapter of your life with your eyes wide open. A successful business doesn’t pop up overnight. You’ll need to gradually work on your brainchild, and that means you need to have financial plans in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here are some tips and pieces of inspiration to help you ditch the dull 9-to-5 and start your own business.

Get a job.

You might be raising your eyebrow at this starting point, but don’t leave the article just yet. This seems like the opposite of what you want to do, but it isn’t. You want to leave your full-time job to dedicate time towards starting your business properly, and that makes complete sense. Perhaps you already have a little money saved up, and perhaps you have the entrepreneurial drive to jump into this adventure with everything that you’ve got. However, you don’t know how long it’ll take for this business to get off the ground. You might have laid foundations in the form of a website and a rough business plan whilst still in your 9-5 job, but it’s only when you start dedicating all your time towards your business that you’ll see how well it works.

That’s why it’s so important to get a part-time job. You don’t have to stick to the 9-5 or the boring office cubicle, but you should be doing something to bring in a little income […]

108, 2017

The Problem Of Unpaid Invoices

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Whether you are an entrepreneur who has a sizeable company or you are just a sole trader running your business on your own from home, there is a big chance that you have come across one very problematic issue in business – unpaid invoices. You will find as you go through the corporate world that all manner of invoices might go unpaid for some time. In fact, some might never even be paid! Not only is this highly frustrating that your clients don’t respect your payment terms, but it can also cause cash flow and other financial problems in your business.

But unpaid invoices shouldn’t be the bane of your life for too long. In fact, there are some steps you should take that can help you get payment much quicker. Need to speed up your clients when it comes to their payment? Read on to find out more!



Set Terms Clearly From The Start

One reason why some clients pay late is that they aren’t aware of your payment terms to begin with. So, you need to make sure that they understood when you need all invoices paid for before you send them your very first one. Ideally, add a clause into your contract of work that clearly states payment terms. You should also note them in bold type on your invoice. Once a client is absolutely clear of your payment terms, then they are likely to pay on time and have no excuse when they are late.

Double Check Your Bank Account

If you have a few payments coming into your company account on the same day, you might simply miss the money for your invoice. We’ve all been there before, and missing a payment when we […]

3107, 2017

When All the Gears Are Turning in Your Business, What Will It Cost for One to Break?

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Smooth business operation is one of the keys to any successful company. If your business is running inefficiently, then something is wrong and you need to get your hands dirty and look for the source or the cause of the issue. It sounds vague, so let’s dive into a couple of points that could help you make your business run a lot smoother.

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What is smooth business operation?

First, let’s define a few key factors that make up the phrase “smooth business operation”.


Satisfied employees should make up the majority of your workforce. They should be eager to work for you, they should be willing to go the extra mile and they should have absolutely no problems with you or their colleagues. It’s understandable that sometimes they’ll get into arguments or disagreements, but in general, your employees should be satisfied with their careers, their chances of advance and also be able to work correctly as a team.

Legal help when you need it can make the difference between a dying business and a prospering one. As your business grows, more and more cogs are introduced and if a rival company or a disgruntled employee throws a wrench in it, then the effects will be more widespread and damage caused can be incredibly lethal to your business. This is why legal help is needed to both save your business from adversity but also protect it from any would-be assailants.

Employee autonomy is another important face of smooth business operation. Regardless of if you are in the office or not, your employees should understand how to run the business when are you are away. This frees up time that you would otherwise be spending on micromanaging your employees […]

3107, 2017

How To Grease The Wheels Of Your Engineering Career

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The engineering sector is continuing to cement itself as one of the biggest growing sectors, which makes it an exciting time to be part of the bigger picture. It means opportunities are rife, especially in sub-sectors like aerospace, robotics, infrastructure, cyber security, additive manufacturing, food and alternative power supplies. It is one of the reasons why engineering students are become so successful so quickly. But as with anything in life that offers up a significant amount of opportunity, there is also a ferocious level of competition to overcome and that is why it is so important you know how you can develop your career as efficiently as possible.

We’re not saying that knowledge and skill aren’t the most important variables in engineering because they are. There are no two ways about that. They are the most influential factors when it comes to extending and expanding an engineering career. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be adding a little oil to the wheel and ensuring it runs as smoothly as possible. Every career needs amplifying in some way or another.

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That is why we have come up with a list of ways in which you, an engineer, can help develop your career and cement your positions in the most effective way possible. Get these right and who knows what opportunities could arise.

Never Stop Networking

Networking is one of the most important practices of any career and an absolute mainstay when it comes to improving your lot at an accelerated rate. The reason for this is not rocket science: by networking with other engineers, and the decision makers in other engineering firms, you are effectively increasing your profile with those that have the sway to make it count. […]

2906, 2017

What Are The Pros and Cons of a Career in Property?

By |June 29th, 2017|Business, XPC|Comments Off on What Are The Pros and Cons of a Career in Property?

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There are so many jobs and career opportunities surrounding property. Whether you’re involved in buying and selling, renting, helping people find their dream home or even from another angle such as construction or architecture there are plenty of different routes to consider. As with any job there are always going to be pros and cons, here are just a few relating to the property industry.

Pros: Helping People Find Their Dream Home

Buying a home is probably the biggest purchase most people will ever make in their lives. It’s such an important decision, and being able to help clients and be a part of that is a rewarding element of the job as a realtor. If you’re in the business of flipping houses or construction, you get to be the one that takes an old, run down house and transform it into a dream home. Even as a landlord you’re giving people the chance to live in a fantastic home, even if it’s only on a rented basis.

Cons: The Legal Side

Maybe you’re a landlord who has ended up with nightmare tenants, or perhaps you’re a lawyer who is going through an ongoing legal battle with clients regarding property. While there are financing options for attorneys, in this case, the legal side of things can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. There are a lots of different laws and procedures that have to be followed when it comes to property, and when things don’t run smoothly, it can cause a headache for everyone involved.

Pros: Great Money

Property in general gives plenty of opportunities to earn good money. Whether you’re a landlord, buying properties to sell on, work in real estate or in property law, you have a flexible […]

2706, 2017

A New Career? Then These Tips Will Help

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Many of us can feel like we need a career change at some point in our lives. It might be because we want a fresh new challenge to sink our teeth into, or it could be for a bigger and better financial gain for the future. Or you may even consider a new job because you want to get better work and home life balance, where you have more time for family and friends and spend less time in the office. Whatever your motivation may be, all of us will have to consider some steps in order to land ourselves a new career. I thought I would share with you some of the tips that will help you.

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Think about what you want to do with your life

One of the first things to consider would be the career and job you want to get. This decision will mean thinking about your current experience and what you are capable of with your current skills and qualifications. For example, you may want to work in a medical profession, but if you have no qualifications in the field you may need to think about how you can make your dream a reality. Other things to consider is your location and whether you need to relocate somewhere new in order to obtain the job you want. These are all careful consideration to make to ensure you make the right decision for your future.

Look at your resume and improve it

One of the first impressions anyone gets to make on a potential new employer is your resume. This is your supporting document to any job application you make. You must ensure that your resume is completely up to date. Current contact […]

2706, 2017

Every Business Should Make These Key Investments

By |June 27th, 2017|Business, XPC|Comments Off on Every Business Should Make These Key Investments

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It can be pretty difficult as a business owner to face up to the reality of spending money. After all, the point of your business is to make money, not spend it! Now, this is actually quite a good attitude to take. After all, if you’re wary about the amount of money that you’re spending, then you’re going to be that much less likely to end up making financial mistakes or being careless. However, spending money is an unavoidable part of any business. The important thing is to always think of the money that you spend in terms of an investment. You’re not just throwing your money away; you’re paying for something that is going to benefit your business as a whole. This can be quite a difficult thing to wrap your head around so, in order to make things just a little bit easier, here are some investments that you absolutely need to make in your business.

Your employees

If there’s one thing that far too many business owners attempt to do, it’s short change their employees. This is because they often forget just how essential their employees are. Sure, they’re aware that they need to people to work for them in order to get things done, but in reality, your employees are just about the most important part of your business. If you’re trying to pay them less than you should, even if you’re just paying the minimum wage, they’re going to start to resent you and your business. By paying your employees above the minimum wage then you’re not only showing them that you value them, but you’re that much more likely to get the best possible work out of them. Sure, you […]

2006, 2017

Established Companies: These Are The Key Areas To Focus on For Business Growth

By |June 20th, 2017|Business, XPC|Comments Off on Established Companies: These Are The Key Areas To Focus on For Business Growth

Your company might be doing well and turning a profit- but of course that’s not enough for the ambitious entrepreneur! In the cut-throat world of business, you need to be ever improving and expanding if you want to go the distance. Here are three areas to focus on when you’re aiming for business growth.

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Your Professional Image

Image really is everything when it comes to business. Present yourself as sloppy with your appearance or timekeeping skills and potential customers and clients will assume you’re just as sloppy when it comes to your work. Staff should be polite, friendly and smartly dressed. Your office should be clean, tidy and welcoming- it won’t go unnoticed when your clients come in for meetings. Even if you’re a small home business, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t present a professional image. Signing up for a physical office address from a company like is one way to go about it. It looks smarter than a PO box or home address, and as a bonus, all of your mail can be scanned and uploaded to you to manage online. With any business, punctuality should be second to none. Ensuring all company vehicles are fuelled and well maintained will prevent breakdowns and delays. Making sure routes are well planned, and everyone is properly organized will ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. You might be an incredible business, but people won’t stick around to find out if you’re putting them off before they’ve had chance to buy from you.

Employee Happiness

As the boss, the happiness of your employees should be high on your agenda. Ensuring they’re happy and satisfied at work will reduce staff turnover rate (saving you time and money […]

1606, 2017

Businesses Are Failing Their Employees: Here’s Why

By |June 16th, 2017|Business, XPC|Comments Off on Businesses Are Failing Their Employees: Here’s Why


All entrepreneurs and company leaders are real go-getters. They have to be for their business to succeed. While this is certainly a good quality to have, it can sometimes manifest itself into a completely different one, one that can often be very negative in the office. And that is that they don’t like to put other’s successes before their own. As you can tell, this can be very frustrating for all of the hard-working employees they employ.

This is one way in which business owners are failing their employees but, unfortunately, it isn’t the only one. We’ve had a look at a number of successful companies to see just how many ways they are having a negative impact on their staff. You may be surprised to read out findings!


Managers Don’t Share Accountability

There are so many companies out there that expect their employees to be fully accountable for all the work they carry out. That means, if a member of staff makes a mistake while carrying out their work, then they should be totally accountable for making that mistake. As a result, they will take full responsibility and any punishments that come with it. But is demanding this amount of accountability from the workforce really necessary? And, for that matter, is it really right? By demanding such accountability, managers and business owners are effectively washing their hands of their employees’ mistakes and problems. Wouldn’t it be better if they stepped in to help a troubled employee out whenever they need help? That would certainly make for a much improved environment at work, as employees won’t be completely scared and anxious about the negative consequences that would come if they do make a little mistake.


Training Isn’t […]

1306, 2017

What Transportation Businesses Are Doing To Get Ahead

By |June 13th, 2017|Business, XPC|Comments Off on What Transportation Businesses Are Doing To Get Ahead

Any business which starts up today is liable to go one way or the other. Increasingly, business owners are taking on more and more in order to ensure that their companies do as well as possible. However it is not really always the case that taking on more is the way to go. Just as often, business owners can succeed if they know what the basics are, the essentials, and work from that. For transportation business owners, the basics can be surprisingly slippery to understand or get hold of. But the fact remains that there are some essential things that these businesses are doing in order to achieve what they achieve.

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Hiring Skilled Drivers

For a business of this kind, the drivers really are everything. Such a business is always going to need a workforce that it feels it can trust to really deliver on its missions. It is often notoriously difficult to get hold of the right drivers, and it can be hard to tell how good a person will be until they are already in the employ of the company. But with a more rigorous recruitment process, these businesses are finding it easier and easier to weed out those that they would rather do without, and instead fill out on drivers who are likely to perform well. Looking into the staffs’ histories with other businesses proves useful, as does carrying out a series of tests before each new recruitment phase is over. That, as well as keeping a close eye on the drivers at all times, helps to ensure a better quality service which is then more trusted by clients and customers.

Keeping A Healthy Fleet

Just as important as the drivers themselves are the vehicles […]