910, 2017

Investing In Business: The Things You Need To Consider

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Some people have no idea what to do with themselves when it comes to business. Do they start up themselves and create something? Or do you invest in something that has already started up or that you feel passionate about? These are the two questions that you need to be asking yourself. But, what you also need to think about in regards to the first question is whether you have an idea for a business that could work, and do you feel passionate enough to make it happen. In most cases, people want to be involved in some form of business and find it better to invest in something instead.

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However, there is even much to think about when it comes to investing in a business, and some of it might not have even entered your mind. So while it can be very lucrative it can also still be a risk. Which is why it is so important to ensure that you are aware of all the aspects and tick all the boxes when it comes to investing in a business.

What type of investment do you want to be involved in?

Firstly, you need to consider the type of investment you want to be involved in. Is it a case of investing in a business in the same country? Is it something that you want to consider investing overseas? Perhaps you want to think about something that is already well-established, maybe using a stocks and shares account to invest instead? Or you might just like the idea of starting a new business with someone else in an idea you feel passionate about. However, you choose to do it, make sure that it is an investment you […]

610, 2017

8 Steps To Get Your Business Off To A Flying Start

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Anybody who starts a business wants to make sure they get it off to a flying start. Usually, the better the start, the more momentum builds up and things carry on smoothly and efficiently. If you want to make sure you get your business off to the best start possible, here are 8 steps that can help you:

Outline And Define What Your Business Is About

The first thing you need to do is outline and define what your business is all about. You can do this in the form of a business plan, which is also a great way to help you secure funding and investors later on down the line.

Your business plan will help you to keep moving forward if you lose your way a little. Of course you may change what your business is about at some point, but you need to record everything as accurately as you can to begin with so you can get started with confidence.

Research Your Competition Thoroughly

You should never start a business without thorough research on your competition. You should know who has a business like you, where they are located, what they are doing similarly/differently to you, and how successful they are. You should never try to copy your competition or be a business just like them. Your uniqueness is what will bring you success. However, knowing where your competition are in the market will help you figure out your game plan.


Know What Makes You Unique

Your USP, or unique selling proposition, is what makes people want to buy from you rather than your competitors. Know what makes you unique and enhance it, and you’ll be far more successful.

Make Sure You Know How Much You Need To Get Started

Explore […]

2209, 2017

Discover The Most Dangerous Jobs In The USA Today

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Do you ever worry about how much danger you’re in at work in your job? Well, depending on what industry you work in, you could be able to discover that the situation could be far worse. According to statistics, these are the most dangerous jobs and industries available for workers in the USA right now. On the plus side, they could come with rather nice rewards for your loved ones if you have the right life insurance plan in place.


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As it turns out the worst things do happen at sea. There are lots of reasons why this makes the top of the list and took over forty lives in 2011. First, there’s the problem of drowning. Fishing boats often have to plough through rough waters with waves and swells that regularly wash over the sides of the boats. It’s not that uncommon for a wave to knock a worker into the water. Usually, they can be rescued but this isn’t always the case, and that’s certainly not the only danger.

These workers are operating massive heavy equipment. One wrong mistake will lead to a nasty accident. If you make a mistake in the office, you might get scalded by your boss or a pay cut. Make a mistake on a fishing boat, and you could easily lose your life.


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Out in the forest, there are dangers such as heavy trees that could fall, crushing workers. Of course, again the danger here is the equipment, and you would be forgiven for noticing a pattern here. Wherever workers are using heavy equipment, there is an increased chance of fatalities and dangers. This field of work has a fatality rate of 102 per 100,000 workers. That might […]

2109, 2017

Confusion Arises Over Tesla and AMD’s Self-Driving AI Chip

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PNN – The internet was abuzz this morning following a report from CNBC on Wednesday that Tesla (TSLA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) were cooperating on the development of a self-driving AI chip for Tesla’s autonomous cars. AMD saw a 4% spike in their stock price as the story topped the trending charts of social media. CNBC’s report has been called into question now, however, as AMD chip fabricator GlobalFoundries have insisted that there is no commitment in place between Tesla and themselves, and that at least that aspect of the CNBC story was a misunderstanding. The original article partially stemmed from comments made by GlobalFoundries CEO Sanjay Jha, which were misinterpreted by CNBC. GlobalFoundries does not seem to have made any comment on whether or not AMD itself is involved in the project.

What remains unclear, however, is whether there is any sort of cooperation happening between Tesla and AMD. Following the GlobalFoundries clarification, Engadget has indicated that there is no such cooperation occurring. In CNBC’s story, however, journalist Jordan Novet claims to have a source verifying some of the information being circulated. Novet writes:
More than 50 people are working on the initiative under Keller, the source said. Tesla has brought on several AMD veterans after hiring Keller, including director Ganesh Venkataramanan, principal hardware engineer Bill McGee and system circuit design lead Dan Bailey.
If there is indeed a source familiar with Tesla’s self-driving car project that has indicated the involvement of AMD, then it may be Engadget and several other publications who are jumping the gun by dismissing the entire venture as a misunderstanding rather than just dismissing the involvement of GlobalFoundries. It is possible that AMD is involved without the cooperation of […]

1809, 2017

Revealed: The Top 8 Reasons for Getting Fired in 2017

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Getting fired is never good. But, for the most part, it’s easy enough to avoid by simply doing your job and getting on with people. So, it may come as a surprise to learn that when looking into the reasons people lose their jobs, it’s often one of these eight repeat offenders that lead unemployment.


Drinking Alcohol at Work

Between 2006 and 2010 approximately 88000 deaths were directly caused by alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking is a huge problem in modern society. It’s because of this that most workplaces have a specific section in their contracts about not drinking at work or attending work when under the influence of alcohol. It affects performance and can be dangerous to that employee as well as those working with them.

Being in Possession of Drugs at Work

Drugs can also affect performance and endanger the employee, other staff, and customers. The most common drugs used at work today are marijuana and cocaine. Both of which can lead to occupational hazards. Employees caught in possession of narcotics face dismissal and possible criminal action, whether or not they intend to use them on the premises.


Whistleblowers are people that report unlawful or otherwise wrong activity in their company to an outside source. Most companies today have a whistleblowing section in their contracts, highlighting what employees can and can’t say. But, there are laws to protect whistleblowers, Whistleblower Protection Attorneys to prevent unfair dismissal.

Damaging Company Property

Whether intentional or not, actions which lead to the damage of company property can get an employee fired. They are more likely to lose their jobs if the damage was intentional, caused by careless behavior or done to expensive equipment.

Poor Performance

It’s actually quite difficult to fire something simply because of poor performance. […]

209, 2017

What Are Some Of The Most Difficult Jobs To Have?

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In America’s current economic climate, getting and keeping a job is requiring more and more in terms of experience and qualifications. Sometimes, getting these standards on your CV is just impossible. So a lot of people turn to the undesirable because they have to, however, these so called ‘challenging’ jobs still require a high set of skills and all of a person’s dedication. So what are some of the most difficult jobs to have in the market?

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Being a Second Responder

Working as a person who supports first responders, such as police and firefighters, can be grueling and dirty work. However, it requires someone with a lot of compassion and skill due to working alongside victims and their families, and in disaster situations that are no laughing matter. Working as someone in crime scene clean up is especially challenging due to the sensitive and dangerous nature of the work involved. Working with biohazardous materials requires a lot of training and equipment knowhow, so know what you’re getting into with such a dangerous environment.

As a second responder, you’re also second to anyone involved in what you’re cleaning up. With the recent destruction in Texas, being a second responder is especially important in the current atmosphere. You often don’t have to be skilled in an official position to be first on the scene behind police and ambulance crews, but don’t expect to be paid or recognized for volunteering. This isn’t the point, however, as helping out your fellow man is a core value of this kind of job.

Working on an Oil Rig

Being an oil rig worker means you’ll have long periods of isolation away from friends and family doing one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. […]

3108, 2017

Increase in On-the-Job Motor Accidents Raises Concerns

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Accidents on the road are the leading cause of deaths on-the-job in the United States, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration – the country’s main workplace safety agency – still have no jurisdiction to deal with the issue.

In an attempt to fill the gap, a number of safety organizations are calling for employers who run fleets of vehicles that are not covered by the usual workplace safety regulations, to introduce voluntary programs utilizing better employee training, vehicle maintenance and driver tracking to get on top of the problem. Doing so could help to prevent accidents on the job, and also cut down on the number of employees forced to contact a personal injury attorney to claim against their employer. So, there is certainly some incentive for employers who run fleets to get onboard.

Accidents Increasing

According to a representative from the National Safety Council, it is the most successful companies that are looking beyond their requirements as an employer. This is something they hope to change with this push to prevent work-based accidents on the road.

The push by safety promoters to change company thinking on road safety comes after figures were released by the Bureaus of Labor Statistics showing that on-the-job roadway fatalities grew faster than any other kind of occupational fatalities with overall fatalities growing by just 3 percent between 2011-2015 and occupation-related highway fatalities growing by 1t5 percent in the same period. Overall, in 2015, 1264 employees died in accidents on the road -a  figure that represents 26 percent of all worker fatalities in that year.

The situation isn’t getting any better. In fact, the National Safety Council has estimated that in 2016, there were 42,200 passenger and driver deaths of this kind, which […]

2908, 2017

When Work Circumstances Make You Feel Uncomfortable – Here’s What To Do

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Not all jobs are plain sailing. In fact, none of them is. Fortunately, some are much easier to deal with than others. Sometimes, you simply get unlucky and accept a job that you maybe shouldn’t have accepted, or are already part of a job which slowly degrades in quality and operation over time. Sometimes, a job can make you comfortable due to the practices that take place there. Because most people work jobs to earn a living and put food on the table, it’s not difficult to imagine that giving up a coveted position because of a situation which is unappealing can be hard for most people.

Unfortunately, letting workplace difficulty or irregularities continue without addressing the fact they upset you can be damaging for your long term mental health, as well as robbing you of your limits you would like to impose when providing a quality skill set to the firm you enjoy being a part of. The following tips will give you the tools necessary to get over these issues and potentially do so confidentially. It might be a sexual harassment issue, an unethical business practice or simply workplace bullying that has you on edge. No matter the issue, you will hopefully find solace in the advice below.

Change Jobs

While it might be difficult to simply pack and leave the position you’re in, if the workplace culture you are part of is simply difficult to operate within, you might find that placing yourself in another firm could be for the best. This can serve as the best option for those who feel the least necessity for conflict, and simply wants to move to somewhere better. You must remember though that conflict will come […]

2208, 2017

Here’s Why Modern Workplaces Are Getting Safer Than Ever

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Workplace safety is something that every worker and employer thinks about on a daily basis. After all, work is only one aspect of life. While it is a very important feature, it doesn’t even come close to the need to stay healthy. Many people believe that the modern working environment is filled with potential dangers. In reality, those misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

A quick look at the statistics highlights that injuries and illnesses are falling in various business sectors. While there are still a number of dangerous jobs out there, general workplace safety is in a better place than ever before. Here are some of the reasons for that continued improvement.


Business Growth In Less Dangerous Fields

The fact of the matter is that growth in less hazardous industries has grown at a far greater rate than growth in more dangerous areas. For example, the growth of online interactions has seen office jobs become a far bigger part of the modern climate.

No job is void from all potential danger, but the threats are far fewer in most modern environments. Also, the growth of home businesses and companies that use outsourcing has reduced the likelihood of injuries.

The reduction of illnesses can also be linked to evolution in general life. For example, newer buildings are free from asbestos and other dangerous materials. In turn, this can make a telling difference to the threats of long-term damage. Even in places of manufacturing.

Evolutions in business have opened up careers in new areas which carry very little danger. When that growing number of workers is taken into account, it’s not hard to see why figures relating to workplace injuries on the whole have fallen. It’s because the sectors associated […]

1908, 2017

Brexit & Your Job – What Do You Need To Know?

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Workers both in and out of Brexit are worried about the future turbulence they are likely to experience as a result of the huge decision taken in June last year for Britain to leave the EU. It is happening, and the nuances of the deal are being worked on right now. For normal people who don’t have access to this insider knowledge, especially those hoping to work from and in the UK, times look unpredictable.

As a disclaimer, we’d like to make sure this post is crystal clear about the fact that what will actually happen is anyone’s guess at this point, and likely to shift several times before the whole affair is what you can call ‘over.’ As such, this article will not go into the nitty gritty of the dealings, details of which are unlikely to emerge for some time, but it will point you in the right directions and attitudes to keep when trying to figure out how to proceed effectively.

Consult Legal Help

Employment law advice is something you will no doubt need in the future, especially if you are an EU national working in the UK. It’s important that you are legally as secure as you can be, and you know where to turn should something befall you, such as needing to terminate your position. You may be entitled to compensation or some form of remedial offering, but you will only know this if you are in communication with a sharply witted team of lawyers whose job it is to know and advise you on the proper issues.

Join A Union

Unions are there to help employees overcome the burdens and solidify their rights which when working a full-time job are hard to divert time […]