2710, 2017

Why Is Driving Such A Deadly Form Of Transportation?

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Millions of people in the US drive a car each day. Whether you’re dropping the kids off at school, you’re commuting to work, or you’re traveling to see friends or relatives, there’s no doubt that having a car can make life easier. The trouble is that driving is among the deadliest forms of transport. Every day in the USA, more than 95 people lose their lives on the road. So, why is driving so dangerous and what can we do to drive down accident rates?

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The most common causes of car crashes

Statistics from the National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA) show that somebody dies every 15 minutes in the US as a result of a car crash. In 2015 alone, there were almost 6.3 million crashes, with 35,092 fatalities. You may assume that flying or even traveling by train poses a greater risk to your safety due to the speed of the vehicles involved, but the reality is that it’s far safer to get on a train or a plane than it is to sit behind the wheel of a car.

The main cause of car crashes is driver error. This umbrella term relates to all kinds of mistakes and offenses, from driving under the influence of drink or drugs and speeding to driving tired or failing to look properly before moving out at a junction or changing lane. It is estimated that over 90 percent of crashes occur as a result of an error on the part of one or more drivers.

Drink driving

In 2015, there was an average of one fatality linked to drink-driving every 51 minutes. Drinking alcohol affects your reaction times, and it can also alter your judgment. You may think that […]

310, 2017

Park Your Phone: The Top Reason For Road Accidents

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Now that the days are so much shorter and the roads are getting slippery, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the seasonal changes. To many, this means getting their vehicles fixed up and ready to tackle the rain, snow, and ice that tends to follow. While all of this is important to take care of, it’s actually not the weather that causes most of the road accidents in the US as much as the time we spend on our phones.

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Distracted driving is the cause of most road accidents and continues to be so, even with many states rolling out stricter penalties for the drivers who are caught red-handed. For repeat offenders, this could mean spending some time in jail.

‘Distracted driving is an epidemic’

As Oregon Department of Transportation announced the new Bill which takes effect on the upcoming Sunday, the officials stressed its importance. It will, in principle, make it unlawful for drivers to touch their cell phones while driving – including other electronics.

You could use a hands-free device, of course, except for those under 18 who will not be able to use any kind of electronic device except for an in-dash navigation system.

While the law may seem strict to some, the ODOT officials point to the fact that it is designed to save lives as the habit of distracted driving has become an addiction and an epidemic for drivers on the road.

Statistics by the ODOT administration shows that fatal crashes have increased by 50 % the last two years and, with the increase of technology in our lives, it seems like stricter penalties and the prospects of jail time is the way to get the numbers down.

It’s not just the phones

There has […]

2109, 2017

Confusion Arises Over Tesla and AMD’s Self-Driving AI Chip

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PNN – The internet was abuzz this morning following a report from CNBC on Wednesday that Tesla (TSLA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) were cooperating on the development of a self-driving AI chip for Tesla’s autonomous cars. AMD saw a 4% spike in their stock price as the story topped the trending charts of social media. CNBC’s report has been called into question now, however, as AMD chip fabricator GlobalFoundries have insisted that there is no commitment in place between Tesla and themselves, and that at least that aspect of the CNBC story was a misunderstanding. The original article partially stemmed from comments made by GlobalFoundries CEO Sanjay Jha, which were misinterpreted by CNBC. GlobalFoundries does not seem to have made any comment on whether or not AMD itself is involved in the project.

What remains unclear, however, is whether there is any sort of cooperation happening between Tesla and AMD. Following the GlobalFoundries clarification, Engadget has indicated that there is no such cooperation occurring. In CNBC’s story, however, journalist Jordan Novet claims to have a source verifying some of the information being circulated. Novet writes:
More than 50 people are working on the initiative under Keller, the source said. Tesla has brought on several AMD veterans after hiring Keller, including director Ganesh Venkataramanan, principal hardware engineer Bill McGee and system circuit design lead Dan Bailey.
If there is indeed a source familiar with Tesla’s self-driving car project that has indicated the involvement of AMD, then it may be Engadget and several other publications who are jumping the gun by dismissing the entire venture as a misunderstanding rather than just dismissing the involvement of GlobalFoundries. It is possible that AMD is involved without the cooperation of […]

1809, 2017

Drive Safe, Always

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Learning to drive, passing your test and buying your first car are all lifetime milestones people want to complete. Being able to get behind a wheel and drive to wherever you see fit is a type of freedom only drivers have. But, did you know that for the second year in a row, the rate of deaths on the road has risen by 6%?

Every time you get behind the wheel of your car, you are taking a risk. A car isn’t just a way to get to your destination, it’s a large piece of machinery with a number of components that could go wrong at any time. Taking advice from companies like DeSalvo Law, who deal with road accident fall-outs is a smart thing to do if you want to learn some of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re driving. It’s important to understand how you can better yourself as a driver every single time you get on the road, and it’s for this reason we’ve decided to put together a little guidance on how you can be a better driver every time.

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Additional Driving Courses. Anyone at any time can take a course to better their driving knowledge. It doesn’t matter whether you have been a seasoned driver for decades, there is always something new to learn. Plus, there is the added benefit of saving money on your car insurance simply by making sure that you have additional knowledge.

Precision Park. There are a lot of vehicles like this one that come with automatic parking sensors that can help you park your car. Learning to park is important and stops you from bumping another vehicle while you’re trying to fit your car into a […]

1108, 2017

What Can Be Done To Tackle The Rise In Truck Accidents?

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In the last decade, there was a steady decline in truck-related accidents that showed a positive turn.  But since 2009, the figures have risen dramatically, with the amount of injuries as a result of truck accidents up by 62%, whilst fatalities have risen by 26%.

Truck accident injury law cases have risen so substantially that it has become a specialism for some solicitors. Insurance companies meanwhile have raised premiums for trucking companies from 10% to 30%. It’s clear that trucks are now a growing danger on the road.

But what is the cause of this? Many rules and regulations have been coming in throughout the last few years including speed limiters in many countries and limited hours of service to try and lower cases of truck accidents. If anything, trucks should be causing less accidents than ever.

Many truckers have been complaining that perhaps they now have to deal with too much legislation and regulations, which is causing more stress. Truckers are having to take more set routes, drive more economically and meet stricter deadlines with deliveries, with many truck companies now putting various tracking systems on their fleets. The freedom that once came with being a truck driver has been diminished.

But is this likely to be the real cause? One study has linked the growing amount of truck accidents to a rather obscure cause – a rise in the amount of truckers with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes breathing problems in the night. This interrupts the sleep cycle and causes chronic fatigue during the day, which in turn causes the lack of concentration that leads to accidents.

Sleep apnea could be developed from the trucker lifestyle. Those that smoke and drink and are […]

908, 2017

The Simple Mistakes People Are Making On The Roads

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Driving is the kind of act which you want to be very careful with. Even a slight error can have hugely damaging repercussions, and this is something which we often don’t want to think about as we drive around. That might well be sensible for the sake of our own sanity, but the fact is that there are certain things which you should ensure you are not doing in order to remain as safe as possible. As it happens, there are specific and yet simple mistakes which drivers make all the time, and knowing what they are can help you to avoid the same fate. Let’s take a look at what those mistakes are, and how you can reasonably expect to avoid doing them yourself.

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Having ‘Just One Drink’

A lot of people might admit to having been in this situation, but it is not one that anyone is proud of. The truth is that it can take even a very small amount of alcohol earlier in the day to push you over the limit. And when that happens, all it takes is a broken taillight for you to get pulled over by the police. The last thing you want is to be arrested for DUI, let alone actually be in an accident of any kind, so make sure that you avoid all alcohol at all times when you are going to be driving. You really need 24 hours in between any drinking and getting behind the wheel, so make sure that you stick to that rule of thumb and you should be fine. There is no such thing as being fine because you have only had one drink.

Gradually Speeding

We all know that speeding is dangerous, […]

908, 2017

How To Avoid A Highway Disaster

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Highways are what enable us to travel huge distances in a relatively short amount of time, compared to what it would be without them! They are the true marvel of the modern age, connecting the country together. However, due to the nature of big fast metal things zipping past each other, it can be very dangerous for you and other people. Luckily enough,  there are some things you can do to avoid an accident so pay attention and keep on reading!

Look Out For Big Vehicles

Not only do just sedans and estates use highways, but trucks do too. These huge things travel massive amounts of cargo across hundreds of miles with specially trained drivers to transport it. However, just like anything, they can go wrong, especially due to their prolonged use. If you do see a truck on the interstate then remember that it is there! Trucks are very slow to stop and start meaning that they will seem to have a delayed reaction. This makes them very hard to swerve out of a difficult situation, and even if they do manage it they could jackknife themselves causing, even more, disruption, so as long as you keep a wary eye on an approaching truck and give it the distance it needs, everything will be fine.

Make Sure Your Car Is In Good Health

Having a car that works the way it should is paramount to your safety. If you find yourself needing to swerve, brake, or accelerate to get out of a possible accident, then you need everything to be working as it should. If it doesn’t then you’ll end up just making everything worse, so you have to ensure that you regularly get your car serviced […]

1407, 2017

A Lean Mean Family Machine: The New Seventh Generation Volkswagen Golf

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When purchasing a new family car, you need it to have an excellent safety rating and be an economical runner while, at the same time, having that little bit of extra zip should you need it. Just because you are after a family car, it doesn’t mean that you want to surrender the thrill of driving. There is, without a doubt, a gap in the market for the family car with just that little bit of attitude. Perhaps one of the most reliable cars of an era, the new Volkswagen Golf has been revamped to cater to the needs of a new generation.

It seems as though everyone has a relative who owns a Volkswagen Golf whether it is an effortlessly cool jet black retro 1980s classic or the newest high-performance version. The seventh-generation edition of this car has seen an upgrade across all aspects of its design. The ubiquitous angular chassis has been replaced with a sleeker, more curvaceous look without forfeiting its style. A head turner at the traffic lights, this is a car that oozes class and is completely on trend.

Like all other Volkswagen Golfs before it, the drive is comfortable and smooth with the added reassurance of a solid safety rating. With little or no road noise the kids will be able to sleep in the back with ease even on the longest of journeys. The larger than average dimensions of the rear doors make getting the kids travel seats in and out of the back a breeze. Gone are the days of wrestling with your little darlings car seats with the Golf’s spacious rear.

For the main driver in the family, the Golf is ridiculously good fun to drive with the […]