PNN – On Wednesday California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced California’s intent to sue the Trump administration over the planned wall along the United States’ southern border. This announcement comes mere days after President Donald Trump announced that the wall was officially under construction–first, via repairing the already existing wall segments installed by previous administrations, with four sample wall segments to be constructed shortly after to help the Trump administration select a final design. The wall, which is set to have segments in several major Californian locales, such as San Diego, was one of President Trump’s central campaign promises during the 2016 presidential elections.

This lawsuit should be no surprise to those who have been following Becerra’s actions since Trump took office. Barely one week into President Trump’s first term, Becerra appeared on MSNBC with a vow to stop Trump’s wall. The lawsuit, which seems to be Becerra’s attempt to make good on that vow, alleges that the Trump administration cannot build the wall in California because it would violate both state and federal environmental laws. The lawsuit also alleges that the federal statute being used to justify the construction of the wall is not adequate to allow the project to move forward, and that the Trump administration is violating the constitution – specifically the separation of powers doctrine and the 10th amendment –  by attempting to place a wall on the southern border.

Becerra filed another lawsuit against the Trump administration just last week and he was joined by the attorney generals of Maryland, Maine, and Minnesota in doing so. That lawsuit, which alleges that President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA) was unconstitutional, has yet to make it to trial.

It is obvious that California is seeking to hinder the Trump administration as much as possible. Between the deluge of lawsuits and the California Assembly’s decision on Friday to censure President Trump over his remarks on Charlottesville, VA, one can expect California to continue fighting back against the policies and actions of the Trump administration, which they have deep seated differences with.

Banner screenshot via the Fox News Facebook livestream.