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2508, 2017

Elderly Relatives: It’s Time To Be Vigilant Of Their Health

By |August 25th, 2017|Health, XPC|0 Comments

Getting older can be a struggle; people don’t enjoy not being able to do all the things that they used to, and it can take quite a lot of adjustments to their lifestyles and impact their family members. However, with a strong and loving family around them; there’s no reason that an elderly person can’t live a happy and fulfilling life with the right care.

You can always help you parents or grandparents by remaining vigilant so that you can spot any changes in their demeanor or health that you feel need attention. Spotting issues quickly will ensure that your senior loved one receives prompt and appropriate treatment or medication so that they can continue a happy retirement. The following are some things that you should be keeping an eye on regarding your elderly relatives so that you can help them seek the right advice and care.

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More Than Just Forgetfulness

Everyone forgets things now and again; it’s not just part of getting old, it’s part of a busy lifestyle. However, when it comes to your elderly relatives, you may want to pay close attention if their forgetful behavior is being problematic and a frequent occurrence. As the brain ages; it can still remain vigilant and quick. Therefore, if your senior loved one seems confused and upset by their inability to remember things, or it has become apparent that there’s a problem; you must be sensitive and encourage them to seek a professional opinion.

If the abilities of your elderly loved one’s brain are diminishing; you’ll need to look into dementia care services so that you can ensure they’re receiving proper attention and treatment. Hiring an expert team to look after your senior family member will also give […]

2508, 2017

Recent Arrest of Anti-Statue Activist

By |August 25th, 2017|South Carolina, State|0 Comments

Nothing like prefacing a “peace rally” with “TAKE IT DOWN” followed by three exclamation points. Bit of a mixed message there.
A group calling itself FIT (Fighting Injustice Together) seems to be advocating the desecration of a cemetery, along with the removal of another statue, in their flier:

What makes this even more interesting, is that FIT founder, Bruce Wilson, was arrested two months ago and charged with kidnapping, domestic violence and three counts of child neglect. But yet, it is statues which are apparently offensive, not how you allegedly treat women and children.

According to WSPA:
Greenville County sheriff’s deputies say Wilson assaulted the victim multiple times and held her against her will before she managed to flee the home and drive to the Greenville County Law Enforcement Center.
In a statement released from Greenville County Sheriff:
Deputies learned that while operating the vehicle, the children were not restrained and Wilson did place the children in danger by driving erratically in an attempt to stop the victim on the roadway.
The victim referred to is apparently Wilson’s wife as another arrest was immediately made seemingly in conjunction with this incident, where a man by the name of  Joseph Bledsoe (referred to in a story by WSPA as the boyfriend of Wilson’s wife) was accused of ramming Wilson’s car.

In a bizarre twist in the second arrest, Bledsoe held a press conference about the incident, in which Derrick Quarles (founder of Upstate Black Lives Matter) attended and was arrested on the spot for “Failure to Appear in court on charges of Obtaining Goods Under False Pretenses.”

Yes, the problems in our society would be so few and far between if only statues were removed from cemeteries. The so-called peace rally to be held tomorrow […]

2308, 2017

Could The Internet Make Roads Safer?

By |August 23rd, 2017|Tech, XPC|Comments Off on Could The Internet Make Roads Safer?

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As the world of technologies grows and develops, the Internet is promising to enhance even more of a normal life than it already has. Along with making it easier to shop, connect with friends, and find out information, it’s also going to be making the roads safer over the coming years. But, what does this mean for you and is this sort of technology safe? There are a lot of questions which still need to be answered before the Internet can play a large role on the road, and this post is going to help you answer some of them.

To start, though, it’s important to think about how the Internet is proposing to help drivers. Companies like BMW and Toyota are already hard at work on their own neural networking projects which promise to help make the roads safer. With tools like this in every car, they claim that they will be able to eliminate the chances of any crash being caused by the driver. To do this, these networks will be using an array of different methods.

Connected cars

One of the most important functions of these projects is to connect cars to each other. By sharing information like location, speed, and route, cars will be able to seamlessly avoid one another. Along with this, if one car detects that a car will collide with it, it will be able to move out of the way or brake on its own to avoid the threat.

Driving for you

Of course, a feature like the one above wouldn’t be very useful if the car couldn’t make use of the information itself. The dream of companies like BMW is to have most journeys handled completely by the […]

2308, 2017

Is Your Child Safe At School?

By |August 23rd, 2017|Education, XPC|Comments Off on Is Your Child Safe At School?

If you’re a parent, there’s nothing more important than your child’s safety. You would think that dropping them off at school every morning would never cause you to feel anxious or worried, but there’s no escaping the fact that school security in the US is a concern for many. Nobody wants to think about their child being involved in a dangerous situation, but the reality is that incidents do happen. Since 2013, 59 people have died, and 129 people have been injured as a result of school shootings. Violence caused by intruders is not the only issue facing parents and children. Between 25 and 33 percent of children claim to have been bullied at school. If you have children, you may be wondering if your child is safe at school.

Image courtesy of Pixabay
The main concerns for parents
When you’re a parent, you want your child to be safe, healthy and happy. School can be a wonderful experience for many children, but those years can also be a very unhappy and distressing time for some. Many parents worry about their children when they go to school and bullying and security scares are among the most concerning issues.


Between a quarter and a third of children have been bullied at school according to these figures from the National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics. Bullying can take many forms, including physical and verbal. In this day and age, cyberbullying is also a growing threat. If you think your child may be being bullied, the first thing to do is speak to their teacher. It is beneficial to nip bullying in the bud, as it can escalate quickly. It’s also a good idea to try and […]

2208, 2017

Eclipsing Science

By |August 22nd, 2017|Tech|Comments Off on Eclipsing Science

Great post, lifted from the Facebook page of Brian Adams:

Heard in the wild today: “it’s amazing that they can predict these eclipses so far in the future ”

Well, that’s kinda how science works.

And it is also how I know that man made global warming is a religion, not a science.

You see, “settled science” is precise, consistent, and ALWAYS true.

If the eclipse today did not occur as scheduled, scientists would be forced to demote the law of gravity back to a theory and find out what went wrong. But it did happen. Precisely as predicted.

On the other hand, the cult of MMGW is not precise, consistent and always true.

In fact, it is never true. It is never precise. It is never consistent.

Not one prediction in the last 20 years has been precisely true. Predictions are not consistent.

If the kind of “science” used in MMGW was used to predict eclipses, today would have been a major disappointment for millions.

And real scientists would be scratching their heads wondering “what went wrong”, not demanding that there was an eclipse even though none was seen. They would not be asking the UN to produce an Orwellian announcement that the sun was indeed eclipsed but regular people were just not able to understand. And they would not be producing fake images to “prove” that it did happen.

Listening to comments about the eclipse for the past week makes it easier to understand how so many have been indoctrinated into the cult of MMGW.

A dj on the radio this morning said her husband asked if it would be safe to mow the lawn after the eclipse.

Image from NASA

2208, 2017

We’re Shipping More Products By Air, And It’s All Thanks To Tech

By |August 22nd, 2017|Tech, XPC|Comments Off on We’re Shipping More Products By Air, And It’s All Thanks To Tech

When people think about the air freight market, they think about small, high-value products, like electronics. It pays to ship expensive products like these by plane because you can fit so many valuables items on a single shipment. But the world of air freight is changing, all thanks to changes in demand from consumers.

Perhaps the biggest change in the use of air freight is in the shipping of what the industry calls “time-sensitive” cargo. Essentially, this means perishable products, usually food. Shipping food by plane might seem a little excessive, but thanks to changes in consumer demand and tastes, it’s happening, and it’s probably here to stay. Consumers are sick and tired of tasteless vegetables that have been harvested before they’re ripe so that they can survive the long journey aboard a boat. Instead, they want products grown halfway around the world to arrive on supermarket shelves in their optimal conditions.


This is where air freight comes in. With air freight, customers are finally able to access ripe fruit and vegetables from halfway around the world in their own locale, without having to compromise on taste. It’s like having food in-season, all year around. The costs of this are high but not as high as you might think. Innovations in the air freight industry mean that the costs of transporting relatively low-value items, like food, is falling fast, meaning that we could see a rise in fresh seasonal produce from around the world in supermarkets and delis as standard.

What technology is driving the trend? A lot of it has to do with the way in which ball decks and roller decks for air cargo handling have reduced the time taken to load and unload cargo. Labour […]

2208, 2017

Here’s Why Modern Workplaces Are Getting Safer Than Ever

By |August 22nd, 2017|Business, XPC|Comments Off on Here’s Why Modern Workplaces Are Getting Safer Than Ever

Workplace safety is something that every worker and employer thinks about on a daily basis. After all, work is only one aspect of life. While it is a very important feature, it doesn’t even come close to the need to stay healthy. Many people believe that the modern working environment is filled with potential dangers. In reality, those misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

A quick look at the statistics highlights that injuries and illnesses are falling in various business sectors. While there are still a number of dangerous jobs out there, general workplace safety is in a better place than ever before. Here are some of the reasons for that continued improvement.


Business Growth In Less Dangerous Fields

The fact of the matter is that growth in less hazardous industries has grown at a far greater rate than growth in more dangerous areas. For example, the growth of online interactions has seen office jobs become a far bigger part of the modern climate.

No job is void from all potential danger, but the threats are far fewer in most modern environments. Also, the growth of home businesses and companies that use outsourcing has reduced the likelihood of injuries.

The reduction of illnesses can also be linked to evolution in general life. For example, newer buildings are free from asbestos and other dangerous materials. In turn, this can make a telling difference to the threats of long-term damage. Even in places of manufacturing.

Evolutions in business have opened up careers in new areas which carry very little danger. When that growing number of workers is taken into account, it’s not hard to see why figures relating to workplace injuries on the whole have fallen. It’s because the sectors associated […]

1908, 2017

Brexit & Your Job – What Do You Need To Know?

By |August 19th, 2017|Business, World, XPC|Comments Off on Brexit & Your Job – What Do You Need To Know?


Workers both in and out of Brexit are worried about the future turbulence they are likely to experience as a result of the huge decision taken in June last year for Britain to leave the EU. It is happening, and the nuances of the deal are being worked on right now. For normal people who don’t have access to this insider knowledge, especially those hoping to work from and in the UK, times look unpredictable.

As a disclaimer, we’d like to make sure this post is crystal clear about the fact that what will actually happen is anyone’s guess at this point, and likely to shift several times before the whole affair is what you can call ‘over.’ As such, this article will not go into the nitty gritty of the dealings, details of which are unlikely to emerge for some time, but it will point you in the right directions and attitudes to keep when trying to figure out how to proceed effectively.

Consult Legal Help

Employment law advice is something you will no doubt need in the future, especially if you are an EU national working in the UK. It’s important that you are legally as secure as you can be, and you know where to turn should something befall you, such as needing to terminate your position. You may be entitled to compensation or some form of remedial offering, but you will only know this if you are in communication with a sharply witted team of lawyers whose job it is to know and advise you on the proper issues.

Join A Union

Unions are there to help employees overcome the burdens and solidify their rights which when working a full-time job are hard to divert time […]

1908, 2017

How Becoming An Educator Can Enhance Your Career Enjoyment

By |August 19th, 2017|Education, XPC|Comments Off on How Becoming An Educator Can Enhance Your Career Enjoyment

When it comes to your career, you can often find that there will be certain parts that you enjoy, and others that you find tend to drag down your career choice a bit. Although everyone loves the former, not everyone is okay with the latter. So, it’s worth thinking about the ways you can change that balance to make the enjoyment prevail. One of the ways you will always be able to do that is when you combine education and your career. Because becoming an educator yourself can actually enhance the passion you have for your job.

Teaching A Subject You’re Passionate About

First of all, let’s look at the process of taking something that you love and teaching others about it. One of the most common ways you can do this is by becoming a college professor. When you have a true love of a certain area, taking your Ph.D. and being a professor allows you to not only teach a course that you know a lot about and have devised yourself, but research too. Because the research side is a huge part of being a professor, which can keep your interests alive.

Shaping Minds Of The Future

Another reason for why it can increase your work satisfaction is the way you get to shape the minds of the future. Now, this is most commonly found in the career path of a teacher. By becoming a teacher, you can educate, inspire, and encourage a whole other generation of young minds. Whether you’d chose to teach at the elementary or middle school years, or secondary on a set subject, you’ll find the passion you give to young people is very rewarding in itself.

Improving Standards In Your Industry

Then there’s also […]

1508, 2017

Are You a Spectator But Not a Player? How to Get More From the Sports You Watch

By |August 15th, 2017|Sports, XPC|Comments Off on Are You a Spectator But Not a Player? How to Get More From the Sports You Watch

There is nothing wrong with being a devoted spectator of sports. In many ways, it’s better them actually playing them; besides, who enjoys all that activity and sweatiness? It’s definitely better to kick back and watch sports, while occasionally shouting at the players and coaches for not doing what you want them to. That’s what sports all about.

However, things can get a little stale if you don’t take steps to improve your sports spectating experience. Here are some of the things you could do if you’re struggling for ideas.

Think You Know More Than the Coach? Then Put Your Tactical Ideas to the Test

It’s hardly uncommon for sports fans to think they know better than the coach of the team they support. That’s pretty much the default setting for most sports fans, and there is nothing wrong with that. You might even be right! If you want some added sports fun, you just need to try out your tactics and put your self-confidence to the test. There are plenty of fantasy leagues for you to participate in. And there’s also a growing number of sports management simulators you can play on the computer, so what are you waiting for?

Build a Home Entertainment Setup Designed for Sports

The home entertainment setup you have in place will have a big impact on how much you enjoy watching sports at home. No one gets to the game every week, so it’s important to have a suitable setup at home that you can rely on. Make sure that you have a good TV that’s able to handle fast action. Some TVs don’t handle motion so well, and that has a big impact on the quality of the image when you’re watching […]