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2410, 2017

This Is What Medical Malpractice Really Looks Like

By |October 24th, 2017|Health, XPC|Comments Off on This Is What Medical Malpractice Really Looks Like

None of us wants to undergo mistreatment at the hands of a doctor or other medical professional. But the statistics show that it is actually relatively common for this to happen. However, there are particular kinds of malpractice which are more common than others, and that is what we will look at today. Once you start to look into it, it is actually quite shocking the number of different ways that malpractice can occur. But knowing about it is an essential first step towards being able to keep ourselves protected as patients, and hopefully bringing about more significant social changes over time as well. Here are the typical kinds of medical malpractice in our society today.



When we think of malpractice, it is likely that an image of neglect comes into mind. While this is another typical kind which is essential to look at, it is just as accurate that much malpractice is the result of the opposite – over-care, or overtreatment. This is when a patient is given too much medication than is really necessary or treatment of any kind which they don’t really need. This can be dangerous for the patient in question, as it means in some cases they become dependent on medication they don’t really need. It is also a drain on the medical system as a whole, making it a problem for all patients everywhere. Doctors need to be careful not to over-prescribe, or else the situation could get much worse.

Negligence During Surgery

Going under the knife is scary at the best of time. You are placing a lot of faith in the doctors who have you in their care. As such, you naturally want to be able to trust them as […]

2010, 2017

3 Important Thoughts To Consider In Your Twenties

By |October 20th, 2017|Editorial, XPC|Comments Off on 3 Important Thoughts To Consider In Your Twenties


Living through your twenties, especially the first tentative years can be a difficult time. While you have your youth, your smile, and your entire life ahead of you, many people report their early twenties as one of the most challenging periods of their lives. You are still not a ‘fully developed person,’ but you have all of the responsibilities of adulthood. The comforts of childhood are entirely behind you, and now you are fully responsible for your success, come rain or shine.

The choices you make during this period matter. Of course, thinking that you should have everything sorted out in the early years is the fastest way to feel disparaged in making any progress at all. Learning your tastes, experimenting, and finding out what you’re good are the most important things to consider.

Still, when you find your job of choice and start to become settled in your routine, there are a few thoughts which you’d do well to consider. Here are some lessons we’d like to talk to you about.

Long-Term Health (& Coverage)

While your health is likely with you right now, it’s important to understand that with time, it will deteriorate. For this reason, placing down your strategies to stay healthy and keeping up with a good diet is essential. Begin your exercise regimen here, and set achievable goals for it. You don’t need to be superhuman, but you can benefit from working out at least 3 times a week for 90 minutes each time. Exercise is different from training, and training is important to prioritize. It will allow you to get better over time and make your workouts seem fresh.

You can choose anything to train toward. Sport, weightlifting or merely running longer and faster […]

2010, 2017

Making Friends, Making Money

By |October 20th, 2017|Business, XPC|Comments Off on Making Friends, Making Money

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There aren’t many people in the modern world who don’t have a social media account of some sort. The majority of us have everything across the spectrum, from Facebook to Instagram. But, even those who haven’t gone the whole hog tend to have at least one social media account lurking somewhere. It’s the go-to method for socializing in the modern age, and it’s also how many of us keep up with news and so on.


But, have you ever considered using your social media to boost your income? In an age where prices are forever on the rise, most of us are looking to make money wherever we can. So, why not turn to this platform that you’re probably already using? Of course, using social media for personal communications isn’t going to make you money. But, we’re going to look at a few methods which could.


The most common way to make money on these platforms is through advertising. If you have a decent enough amount of followers and a niche that companies can work with, they may contact you with propositions. Most companies offer either monetary reward per click or free products. Both of which could see you reaping financial rewards. Advertising works best on platforms like YouTube, where Google’s AdSense allows you to earn from your ads. But, some companies contact Facebook and Twitter users for mentions and recognition. Bear in mind that turning an account over solely to advertising could see you losing followers. Make sure to only accept propositions from companies you respect, and always to be transparent.

Promoting products

If you’ve always had a bright idea for a product of your own, social media could be the place to advertise it. As can […]

1410, 2017

Look After Children? 3 Ways To Keep Them Safe & Healthy

By |October 14th, 2017|Health, XPC|Comments Off on Look After Children? 3 Ways To Keep Them Safe & Healthy


Looking after children in a professional capacity can be a stressful affair. No matter how good you are with kids, you’re always going to be subject to the same stresses on a daily basis when trying to keep them safe and happy. Looking after your own child is one consideration that you obviously hold dear to your heart, but taking responsibility, and getting paid to look after someone else’s child can be positively debilitating if something goes wrong. So, never let a thing go wrong.

Opening your house up to children as a childminder or personal daycare can be intrinsically rewarding, but it takes a careful eye to make sure everything is proceeding in the right way. We’d like to explore how you can best keep the children in your charge safe and healthy, so you can build an excellent reputation and look after the children who mean so much to you.

Playground Protection

You must make sure the exterior of your house is just as safe as the interior. If you provide playground facilities in your yard, it’s important to make sure everything is well placed. A rubber playground surface can help level out the flooring, perfect if you have an uneven garden, as it will help prevent fall hazards. Not only that, but debris in the grass which is hard to spot could injure a child, and so a rubber surface will bring with it the ability to see anything untoward resting on the floor. Not only that, but placing it around the playground equipment will help secure it in place a little more, so if something breaks it should fall on and potentially hurt those playing.


Corners in your household are to be found everywhere. As […]

1110, 2017

Seven Reasons Why We’re So Hard On Ourselves

By |October 11th, 2017|Health, XPC|Comments Off on Seven Reasons Why We’re So Hard On Ourselves

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If you were to step back and look at your life objectively, what would be the initial observations that you make? When you start to dissect your life, and see yourself through the eyes of others, a few things immediately become clear. And when these revelations are made, you can often find yourself coming to one very obvious conclusion; you’re too tough on yourself. But don’t feel bad, because you’re definitely not the only one that does it. In fact, being hard on ourselves is something that a lot of us do quite naturally. However, just because it’s a both natural and common occurrence, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right. It’s actually something that can do us a lot of harm. So how can you make a change for the better?

The first thing you need to do is work out why you’re so tough on yourself. Because unless you know the reasons for why you’re doing it, you’re not going to be able to stop. Again, you need to be very objective here. And honest. You need to look at your lifestyle and see what it is that’s making you be so hard on yourself. And only then can work on becoming healthier. To get you started, here are seven things that you could be influenced by too.

Making Comparisons

One of the biggest culprits for why we’re always so tough on ourselves is that we mark comparisons. And if it’s something you find yourself doing, or even don’t notice until you do start to get objective, you’re then going to want to stop. Comparing yourself to others and even basing your own lifestyle choices on this will only lead to you feeling inadequate. And […]

1110, 2017

Are Women Treated Equally?

By |October 11th, 2017|Editorial, XPC|Comments Off on Are Women Treated Equally?

A big debate for many years now has been as to whether women really have the same rights as men do. While they can now vote, and work in any industry a male can, there are still many misogynistic views about where a woman’s place is, within the family or society. This article is going to explore a few examples of this, to let you make your own mind up on the situation.

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Let’s be honest here, if you see a female working on a construction site it’s going to shock you, but why shouldn’t women be doing that kind of work? Many men have taken to doing what society used to call “a woman’s job” like hairdressing and nail technicians, so why should it be any different for women? The problem here is that many men feel the need to protect women, which is a very nice gesture, but it’s very restricting for women. Or you could take the alternative view on a woman in a construction site which is that she’s going to be gawked at by male passersby and possibly even her work colleagues.

It’s definitely something to ponder on, isn’t it?
Custody of children
A point more in favor of women here, or is it? Over the last fifty years or so, men have fought for their rights to have custody of their children if they are no longer with the mother of said children, and so they should as children should have the access to both of their parents (unless one is dangerous or the many other reasons that can stop you from having access to your children). Regardless of your sex, you should always visit a mother’s rights attorney to find out […]

910, 2017

Boost Your Income

By |October 9th, 2017|Financial, XPC|Comments Off on Boost Your Income

Everyone is feeling the pinch nowadays. Unless you’re in a high position of a corporate role, chances are you’re struggling like everyone else. So many factors get in the way such as costs of food, cars, public transport, and even socializing. It’s is so common, especially for the younger generation, for people to be dragging themselves through the last three weeks of the months, whilst spending the first week living like a king. It’s all well and good trying to be frugal, but why not just boost your income and live the life you wish to live without holding back. Boost your income with these easy tips.

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Side Business

Everyone has a passion for something, and it’s so easy to get yourself a few extra pennies by turning this passion into a business. No matter how small it is, every little helps. So if you love spending your free time baking, start selling them to families and friends. Marketing yourself using social media to attract a wider audience. Before you know it, you’ll have a nice little income trickling in. Make sure there are no investments involved if you’re just using it as something on the side of your normal career. The key here is to boost it, not lose it.


When we said not to invest, we only meant when running your own side businesses. Investing when you know how to can be the perfect way to boost additional income. For example, small businesses are so perfect to invest in. With the right help and guidance, your investment will pay off in no time. Make sure you do your research and understand the niche you’re going to invest in. Property is another great example. It’s a […]

910, 2017

Investing In Business: The Things You Need To Consider

By |October 9th, 2017|Business, XPC|Comments Off on Investing In Business: The Things You Need To Consider

Some people have no idea what to do with themselves when it comes to business. Do they start up themselves and create something? Or do you invest in something that has already started up or that you feel passionate about? These are the two questions that you need to be asking yourself. But, what you also need to think about in regards to the first question is whether you have an idea for a business that could work, and do you feel passionate enough to make it happen. In most cases, people want to be involved in some form of business and find it better to invest in something instead.

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However, there is even much to think about when it comes to investing in a business, and some of it might not have even entered your mind. So while it can be very lucrative it can also still be a risk. Which is why it is so important to ensure that you are aware of all the aspects and tick all the boxes when it comes to investing in a business.

What type of investment do you want to be involved in?

Firstly, you need to consider the type of investment you want to be involved in. Is it a case of investing in a business in the same country? Is it something that you want to consider investing overseas? Perhaps you want to think about something that is already well-established, maybe using a stocks and shares account to invest instead? Or you might just like the idea of starting a new business with someone else in an idea you feel passionate about. However, you choose to do it, make sure that it is an investment you […]

910, 2017

College Admissions Are Up But Students Still Feel Unprepared For College Life

By |October 9th, 2017|Education, XPC|Comments Off on College Admissions Are Up But Students Still Feel Unprepared For College Life

It seems that University life is still alluring for American students. As predicted just a few years ago, college admissions are continuing to rise. Education is big business, and the thought of a bigger pay packet at the end of studying is an attractive proposition for young people. So why is it that, according to EdSource, so many high school students feel unprepared for what lies ahead?

There are many reasons to be worried about life on campus. Despite all the great stories from older siblings and parents about parties and other activities, young students fear loneliness. After spending so many years with close friends close to home, there is the prospect of traveling hundreds of miles away alone. And kids today are far more clued up when it comes to the value of money. They know their college fees are hurting Mom and Dad hard! That puts pressure on them to do well.

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Of course, there are plenty of worries, fears, and concerns that every eighteen or nineteen-year-old might face in life. It’s new. After a lifetime of a sheltered childhood, the realities of adulthood is thrust before them. So where can they turn to become better prepared for these new experiences and responsibilities?

Fortunately, there are dozens of resources. Some of the best ones are easily accessible. They include:

School Counsellor – This resource is thought to be underused. They can offer a wealth of information about career options, life away from home, lifestyle and relationship choices, and more.

Dedicated Online Resources – These aren’t just enormously helpful, but also the preferred option for many. If you’re looking for hints and tips to ace the admissions process for college, then try them. You can find the most […]

610, 2017

Americans Doomed To Die In Debt

By |October 6th, 2017|Financial, XPC|Comments Off on Americans Doomed To Die In Debt

A recent report has emerged, revealing that more than 70 percent of Americans will die, still owing money. What does this mean? Well, it means that the debt will carry over to their loved ones and their family. If you die still owning debt, the lenders can then charge your wife, your son or your daughter. They can even pursue distant relatives and perhaps those who may not be connected to you by blood. In fact, some debt collectors will target anyone they can that’s even slightly connected to you to get back the money they are owed.

It also means that there are people right now in their forties, their fifties, and sixties, who will still be in debt when they die. Now, it’s important to realize that all these people won’t be in a dire condition. There’s a difference between sinking in debt and managing it effectively. Some debt can be managed like a mortgage. You may not like owing money, but most people can afford to pay off their mortgage month by month. Other debts, on the other hand, will cause you to sink into the abyss. Credit card debts can quickly mount up until they become a great wall of loans that you can not possibly climb.

What we need to be thinking about is how to change this situation. How can we make sure that people do not die in debt?


Pic Source

It’s fair to say that a lot of people are in debt because they have been made redundant. Usually, this is because their careers have become obsolete and essentially they are no longer needed in the economy. There have been many industries that have gone down this road, and the […]