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1908, 2017

Brexit & Your Job – What Do You Need To Know?

By |August 19th, 2017|Business, World, XPC|0 Comments


Workers both in and out of Brexit are worried about the future turbulence they are likely to experience as a result of the huge decision taken in June last year for Britain to leave the EU. It is happening, and the nuances of the deal are being worked on right now. For normal people who don’t have access to this insider knowledge, especially those hoping to work from and in the UK, times look unpredictable.

As a disclaimer, we’d like to make sure this post is crystal clear about the fact that what will actually happen is anyone’s guess at this point, and likely to shift several times before the whole affair is what you can call ‘over.’ As such, this article will not go into the nitty gritty of the dealings, details of which are unlikely to emerge for some time, but it will point you in the right directions and attitudes to keep when trying to figure out how to proceed effectively.

Consult Legal Help

Employment law advice is something you will no doubt need in the future, especially if you are an EU national working in the UK. It’s important that you are legally as secure as you can be, and you know where to turn should something befall you, such as needing to terminate your position. You may be entitled to compensation or some form of remedial offering, but you will only know this if you are in communication with a sharply witted team of lawyers whose job it is to know and advise you on the proper issues.

Join A Union

Unions are there to help employees overcome the burdens and solidify their rights which when working a full-time job are hard to divert time […]

1908, 2017

How Becoming An Educator Can Enhance Your Career Enjoyment

By |August 19th, 2017|Education, XPC|0 Comments

When it comes to your career, you can often find that there will be certain parts that you enjoy, and others that you find tend to drag down your career choice a bit. Although everyone loves the former, not everyone is okay with the latter. So, it’s worth thinking about the ways you can change that balance to make the enjoyment prevail. One of the ways you will always be able to do that is when you combine education and your career. Because becoming an educator yourself can actually enhance the passion you have for your job.

Teaching A Subject You’re Passionate About

First of all, let’s look at the process of taking something that you love and teaching others about it. One of the most common ways you can do this is by becoming a college professor. When you have a true love of a certain area, taking your Ph.D. and being a professor allows you to not only teach a course that you know a lot about and have devised yourself, but research too. Because the research side is a huge part of being a professor, which can keep your interests alive.

Shaping Minds Of The Future

Another reason for why it can increase your work satisfaction is the way you get to shape the minds of the future. Now, this is most commonly found in the career path of a teacher. By becoming a teacher, you can educate, inspire, and encourage a whole other generation of young minds. Whether you’d chose to teach at the elementary or middle school years, or secondary on a set subject, you’ll find the passion you give to young people is very rewarding in itself.

Improving Standards In Your Industry

Then there’s also […]

1508, 2017

Are You a Spectator But Not a Player? How to Get More From the Sports You Watch

By |August 15th, 2017|Sports, XPC|0 Comments

There is nothing wrong with being a devoted spectator of sports. In many ways, it’s better them actually playing them; besides, who enjoys all that activity and sweatiness? It’s definitely better to kick back and watch sports, while occasionally shouting at the players and coaches for not doing what you want them to. That’s what sports all about.

However, things can get a little stale if you don’t take steps to improve your sports spectating experience. Here are some of the things you could do if you’re struggling for ideas.

Think You Know More Than the Coach? Then Put Your Tactical Ideas to the Test

It’s hardly uncommon for sports fans to think they know better than the coach of the team they support. That’s pretty much the default setting for most sports fans, and there is nothing wrong with that. You might even be right! If you want some added sports fun, you just need to try out your tactics and put your self-confidence to the test. There are plenty of fantasy leagues for you to participate in. And there’s also a growing number of sports management simulators you can play on the computer, so what are you waiting for?

Build a Home Entertainment Setup Designed for Sports

The home entertainment setup you have in place will have a big impact on how much you enjoy watching sports at home. No one gets to the game every week, so it’s important to have a suitable setup at home that you can rely on. Make sure that you have a good TV that’s able to handle fast action. Some TVs don’t handle motion so well, and that has a big impact on the quality of the image when you’re watching […]

1508, 2017

Viable Long-term Travel Options For Everyone

By |August 15th, 2017|Travel, XPC|0 Comments

Many people dream of long-term travel. If you’re here now, you’re probably one of those people. However, many people also believe that long-term travel simply isn’t doable for them, and is only suitable to those who have a lot of money and no job to hold them back, or commitments such as children. The truth is, anybody can travel long-term if they want it enough. Some of the options here could very well work for everyone:


Find Ways To Earn A Living On The Road

One popular way of long-term traveling is to save up a lot of money, go traveling, and when your money runs out, repeat the process. However, it can take people an awfully long time to save up the amount of money they need to make it work. Some people will only have a few months to get in the traveling they want to do too, and may not be able to go again later on. If you can earn a living on the road, you can travel, add to your travel fund, and waste no time in getting started!

Some people who travel work online and use that as a way to top up their savings. There are so many things you can do online, from writing articles to creating logos. Alternatively, you could make something and sell it, perhaps even offer massage services or alternative healing! Find something you’re good at and use that to help you. Some people who begin traveling long-term will start a blog to document their travels. While you shouldn’t rely on this as a source of income, it may very well help you to earn more if you’re consistent with it, as well as enjoy more travel […]

1108, 2017

22,000 Personal Injury Cases In 2016: 2017 Set To Get Even Higher

By |August 11th, 2017|Financial, XPC|0 Comments

Making a personal injury claim is something that many people do at some point in their lives, whether due to a minor car accident or an injury at work. However, there has been a huge explosion in personal injury claims since 2016, according to recent reports. Around 22,000 claims were made in 2016 – this is a massive 62% increase in the number of claims that were being made a decade ago. In spite of the number of cases rising, the sum of money awarded to the injured was much lower, at around £147 mil all together. Judges are now taking a much harder line on claims that don’t seem legitimate. Read on for more information and stats.


The Injuries Board Or High Court?

Personal injury claims are dealt with by the Injuries Board first and foremost, but claimants are still permitted to access the courts at the end of that process if they are unsatisfied with the way the case has panned out. The average award by the Injuries Board was reportedly £24,305, while the highest award was £740,968. A much larger number of claimants decided to take a risk and take their injuries to the high court, rather than accept the sum offered by the injuries board. Court and other legal costs did not deter them; many appointed their lawyer and went ahead anyway. A total of 21,898 injury cases were taken last year, up from 18,992 in 2015.

A Run Down Of Damages Awarded By The High Court

More cases went to the high court last year, but they cracked down on cases they were sceptical about. Here are the results:

Damages were awarded up to £60,000 in 146 cases compared with 192 cases in 2015.

1108, 2017

What Can Be Done To Tackle The Rise In Truck Accidents?

By |August 11th, 2017|Automotive, XPC|0 Comments

Image Source

In the last decade, there was a steady decline in truck-related accidents that showed a positive turn.  But since 2009, the figures have risen dramatically, with the amount of injuries as a result of truck accidents up by 62%, whilst fatalities have risen by 26%.

Truck accident injury law cases have risen so substantially that it has become a specialism for some solicitors. Insurance companies meanwhile have raised premiums for trucking companies from 10% to 30%. It’s clear that trucks are now a growing danger on the road.

But what is the cause of this? Many rules and regulations have been coming in throughout the last few years including speed limiters in many countries and limited hours of service to try and lower cases of truck accidents. If anything, trucks should be causing less accidents than ever.

Many truckers have been complaining that perhaps they now have to deal with too much legislation and regulations, which is causing more stress. Truckers are having to take more set routes, drive more economically and meet stricter deadlines with deliveries, with many truck companies now putting various tracking systems on their fleets. The freedom that once came with being a truck driver has been diminished.

But is this likely to be the real cause? One study has linked the growing amount of truck accidents to a rather obscure cause – a rise in the amount of truckers with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes breathing problems in the night. This interrupts the sleep cycle and causes chronic fatigue during the day, which in turn causes the lack of concentration that leads to accidents.

Sleep apnea could be developed from the trucker lifestyle. Those that smoke and drink and are […]

1108, 2017

Martin Shkreli Is Just The Start: The Push-Back Against Bad Business

By |August 11th, 2017|Editorial, XPC|0 Comments

As of Friday the 4th of August, the verdict is in on commonly touted “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli, now likely facing prison time after committing fraud that stole millions of dollars from investors in a hedge fund. Many are claiming this as a victory against the steely grip that the finance and business elite have and their impunity to commit wrongs and this isn’t the only example of that being the case. Despite the fact that we’re looking at a potential four-to-eight year of a capital-focused administration with the aims of loosening regulations on business, the courts have been full of recent victories over big business and more and more cases of wrongdoing are being exposed. Here are some of the bad business legal victories, wrongdoings, and disputes that are starting to change the way the modern worker and consumer look at who they do business with.

Pic by NEPA Scene

The gender question

Many businesses and employees alike still struggle with the discrimination, harassment, and apparent systematic barriers that women face in the workplace. One of the most recent examples happened in the one realm of business where pushes for more women have been most evident: the STEM fields. In particular, the recent firing of Google engineer James Damore for a memo allegedly pushing gender stereotypes follows up a recent trend of gender discrimination issues coming to the light more and more often.

Lying in plain sight

False advertisement scandals are on the rise, as well. Perhaps one of the most notable of all recent cases was the charges levied against Volkswagen. Last year the car manufacturing behemoth was charged by the Federal Trade Commission with claims of false advertising based on erroneous emissions test results used in the […]

908, 2017

The Simple Mistakes People Are Making On The Roads

By |August 9th, 2017|Automotive, XPC|0 Comments

Driving is the kind of act which you want to be very careful with. Even a slight error can have hugely damaging repercussions, and this is something which we often don’t want to think about as we drive around. That might well be sensible for the sake of our own sanity, but the fact is that there are certain things which you should ensure you are not doing in order to remain as safe as possible. As it happens, there are specific and yet simple mistakes which drivers make all the time, and knowing what they are can help you to avoid the same fate. Let’s take a look at what those mistakes are, and how you can reasonably expect to avoid doing them yourself.

Pic Source

Having ‘Just One Drink’

A lot of people might admit to having been in this situation, but it is not one that anyone is proud of. The truth is that it can take even a very small amount of alcohol earlier in the day to push you over the limit. And when that happens, all it takes is a broken taillight for you to get pulled over by the police. The last thing you want is to be arrested for DUI, let alone actually be in an accident of any kind, so make sure that you avoid all alcohol at all times when you are going to be driving. You really need 24 hours in between any drinking and getting behind the wheel, so make sure that you stick to that rule of thumb and you should be fine. There is no such thing as being fine because you have only had one drink.

Gradually Speeding

We all know that speeding is dangerous, […]

908, 2017

Sugar Addiction Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

By |August 9th, 2017|Health, XPC|0 Comments

When it comes to addiction, sugar can seem like a relatively harmless one. However, that’s far from the truth. Sugar can have many terrible effects on the body that we’ve learned to ignore. It’s hard to avoid sugar because there is so much of it hidden in many of the foods and drinks we consume. Do you ever wonder what differences you’d see in your body if you gave up sugar? Many people don’t even think about it. But, if you’re suffering from the following symptoms, it may be time for a sugar detox.



Sugar is a major culprit for chronic acne. So, if you’re not in your teens but you’re still suffering from breakouts, it could be the sugar in your diet. Sugar causes hormonal imbalances, especially in women, which results in breakouts. It’s also something that causes inflammation in the body, which shows up in your skin. It’s why anyone with an inflammatory condition, like rheumatoid arthritis or endometriosis should steer clear of sugary snacks on a regular basis. Just one fizzy drink is enough to increase your inflammation by up to 90% per day.

Ruined Taste Buds

Do yourself a favour and take a taste bud test. Go without sugar for one week and then eat a sugary snack after the week has passed. If the snack tastes sweeter than it did before, it’s likely that sugar is ruining your taste buds. Consuming sugar can dull the sensations in your taste over time because you build up a sugar tolerance. As soon as your tolerance peaks, you’re unable to taste foods as they should be tasted. By cutting down the amount of sugar you eat every week, you’ll be able to enjoy a much healthier […]

908, 2017

How To Avoid A Highway Disaster

By |August 9th, 2017|Automotive, XPC|0 Comments

Image Source

Highways are what enable us to travel huge distances in a relatively short amount of time, compared to what it would be without them! They are the true marvel of the modern age, connecting the country together. However, due to the nature of big fast metal things zipping past each other, it can be very dangerous for you and other people. Luckily enough,  there are some things you can do to avoid an accident so pay attention and keep on reading!

Look Out For Big Vehicles

Not only do just sedans and estates use highways, but trucks do too. These huge things travel massive amounts of cargo across hundreds of miles with specially trained drivers to transport it. However, just like anything, they can go wrong, especially due to their prolonged use. If you do see a truck on the interstate then remember that it is there! Trucks are very slow to stop and start meaning that they will seem to have a delayed reaction. This makes them very hard to swerve out of a difficult situation, and even if they do manage it they could jackknife themselves causing, even more, disruption, so as long as you keep a wary eye on an approaching truck and give it the distance it needs, everything will be fine.

Make Sure Your Car Is In Good Health

Having a car that works the way it should is paramount to your safety. If you find yourself needing to swerve, brake, or accelerate to get out of a possible accident, then you need everything to be working as it should. If it doesn’t then you’ll end up just making everything worse, so you have to ensure that you regularly get your car serviced […]