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2203, 2017

Hospital Admissions On The Rise: What’s To Blame?

By |March 22nd, 2017|Health, XPC|0 Comments

There were 125.7 million hospital visits in the US last year. That figure increased by around 9% in the previous twelve months. We wanted to find out a little more about the reasons for the rise. Experts say the health care system in this country needs drastic reforms. 7.3% of people who visit the hospital end up staying overnight. So, it’s a good job we currently have 902,000 beds available at any one time. However, it would seem we’ll need more during the next few years to deal with the unexpected increase in admissions. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons more people are visiting the hospital than ever before.



Workplace/personal injuries

A significant number of people who turn up at hospitals in the US do so because of a physical injury. Many of them are related to workplaces and other public areas. The personal injury lawyer industry has a role to play here. As more people learn about their right to compensation, we can expect to see more admissions. Citizens realize that medical evidence is essential when fighting a case of that nature. So, they are more inclined to visit the emergency room and document their injuries. We also need to consider health and safety as a prime cause. More companies than ever before are placing their workers at excess risk.


Alcohol and drug abuse

There are millions of alcohol and drug addicts in this country. The number has increased every year for a long time. Hospitals now report they are dealing with more addiction cases than ever before. Lots of people build a physical dependence on alcohol. When they don’t get their daily intake, their bodies can begin to shut down. If that […]

2103, 2017

Beach Benefits: Why Oceanside Living Really IS Good For You!

By |March 21st, 2017|Travel, XPC|0 Comments

Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to living somewhere. While many people enjoy living in the middle of a bustling city center, others may prefer the peace and serenity of the countryside. And then you’ve got those that enjoy residing in a coastal location.

You may have heard some people tell you that the “sea air is good for you” – well, it turns out there’s some truth to that saying! Living in an oceanside town offers a variety of health and social benefits, many of which you’d seldom get living elsewhere. Sure, the price of living somewhere like that may be higher than what you’re used to. However, the advantages often far outweigh the cons! Here’s why:

Image Source

Less stress

The thing about living in the middle of a busy city or town is that it can often be stressful to your health. For a start, you’d probably spend much of your time queuing for things because it’s such a densely populated area. And things don’t get much better when you’re in your car! You’ll also find that city center dwellers tend to work longer hours and seldom enjoy their free time, probably because they don’t have much of it!

When you live near the beach, your pace of life will slow down quite noticeably. When the sun is shining outside, you’ll feel better about yourself and not let things get to you so much.

Plenty of fun things to do

You’ll be the envy of your city-dwelling friends if you move to the coast! As you can appreciate, being so close to the ocean gives you a wealth of water-based activities that you can participate in.

Swimming is one obvious example, of course, and so is boating or […]

2103, 2017

Manufacturing And Economy: Cause and Effect

By |March 21st, 2017|Business, XPC|0 Comments

The manufacturing industry has long been linked with the economy on many different streams and levels. It impacts finances on a global level and can really force a country’s economy into great heights or drag it down to new lows. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The world runs on products. Whether they are building blocks for your house, cloth for your sofa or the many components that reside inside the machine you are reading this in, be it a computer, tablet or phone. These all need to be manufactured in some kind of capacity. Building parts are manufactured, cars are manufactured, and literally everything goes through some sort of manufacture process. Even people who make things themselves need components that have been manufactured in some way or form. From all of this you can hopefully see how important manufacturing is not just to your country, but indeed to the whole world. This is why it bears such a weight on the economy and can affect it in such severe ways. Certain countries have higher manufacture than others. Just look at China and how great they have been in the manufacturing world over the past few decades. There are likely countless items throughout your household labeled made in China.

The manufacturing world has begun to change for all different kinds of reasons. So much so in fact, that the term Industry 4.0 has been coined to represent it. The changes in the manufacturing world are now having an impact on the economy, whether for the better or the worse. Some of the issues are highlighted below.


One of the key components of the new type of manufacturing is the reliance on robots on machines. […]

1803, 2017

Wrong Place At The Wrong Time? What To Do If You’ve Been Arrested

By |March 18th, 2017|Editorial, XPC|0 Comments

The job of the police force is to protect citizens and stop unlawful behavior and criminal acts. When an offense has been committed, the police must also arrest those that are guilty or are under suspicion of carrying out those crimes. Of course, there are times where some citizens get arrested even though they are innocent. In those cases, they could simply be at the wrong place at the wrong time!

We all like to think that we’d never get on the wrong side of the law. But, if you were ever to get arrested, would you know what to do or what rights you could exercise while you’re in custody? Here is what you need to know.

Photo Source: Flickr

Don’t panic

Yes, it might be easy for someone to tell you that, but it’s important that you don’t panic if you ever get arrested. The process of arresting someone is a formality that police officers have to carry out, even if they suspect you’ve done nothing wrong, as strange as it sounds!

Depending on the situation, you may even get arrested for your own protection. If you’ve been accused of committing a crime, it’s important you keep your wits about you. That’s because you need to defend yourself against any accusations; more on that in a moment.

Know your rights

Despite what you may hear in the media, everyone has rights when they are in custody. It’s vital that you know what yours are if you ever become arrested for a crime, regardless of whether you’ve committed it or not.

You usually have the right to:

Get free legal advice, paid for by the government;
Make a telephone call to a loved one, friend, or lawyer;
Seek medical help, in case […]

1803, 2017

Investing Should Not Feel Like Betting

By |March 18th, 2017|Financial, XPC|0 Comments

Image source

Whether expert traders or novices in the game, a lot of people struggle to make a distinction between trading and gambling. After all, most of the highs and lows of the stock market are the direct results of stock investors throwing the dice with crossed-fingers. To a lot of investors, it is a matter of going with their gut, picking a stock based on intuition and then hoping – and praying – that the share price goes up.

Of course, there are a lot of gamblers in the stock market who wear a fancy suit and pose as professional investors. However, there are a few distinctions to be had between the two, and that is exactly what we are going to do; we are going to draw the line so that you know the differences.

The Tactics of Managing Risk

The ideal principle is the same across both; it is a matter of minimizing risk while maximizing profits. However, the way in which this principle is adopted is different. Investors look at diversifying their investments as a means to minimize the chances of any potential loss. Gamblers don’t. Instead, gambling involves weighing up the chances of winning against the risk factors, and so the odds have to be favorable before they put any money in.

Limiting Your Losses

Gambling has no means of stopping – or even limiting – your losses. It is a bet and once you have made that bet it is closed. Your fate is sealed. Let’s say you bet on a football match, and you lose; that’s it. There is no way of limiting the damage. This is not the case with investing, whether that be stocks of trading binary options. Instead, investors have certain […]

1503, 2017

Will Brexit Impact Employee Rights?

By |March 15th, 2017|Editorial, XPC|0 Comments

When you look at the current landscape of employment law in the UK, much of the progress made towards employee rights has come from the EU. Annual leave, maternity rights, and even health and safety are all European directives and give workers a vast array of benefits they did not enjoy before.

And while the government is promising to protect those rights post-Brexit, it’s still a worrying time for employees all over the country. The current administration can make all the promises they like, after all. But in the future, all it will take to erode these important and hard-fought employee rights is a single vote in Parliament.

You can say what you like about the EU, but membership of the union means that you are protected as a worker by all these rights. And if a government of a future decides they fancy a change, there will be no European Court of Justice to stand in their way. Worrying times? Perhaps – and here are some of the issues that might arise.

Paid leave

All those lovely long holidays you currently enjoy are not completely down to the EU – the UK legal requirement is 28 days leave every year. However, current EU directives mean that employers must offer a minimum of four weeks leave per year, which no government attached to the EU can scrap. So, while those 28 days a year of annual leave are safe – for now – Brexit could take away that four-week safeguard and allow any future government the chance to slash standard holiday requirements. Don’t be too surprised if Brexit results in a system much like the American one, which sees the average worker being given only two weeks holiday a […]

1403, 2017

One in Four Women Between the Ages of 16 to 24 Now Has a Mental Health Condition

By |March 14th, 2017|Health, XPC|0 Comments

This shocking statistic far outstrips the number of young men who have mental health problems. Girls are also three times more likely to report symptoms of depression and anxiety than boys in their age group. This has led to an increase in self-harming amongst young women. So why are girls more likely to have mental health problems, and what can we do to help their mental wellbeing?

The Pressure to Be Perfect

Image Credit

There is an argument that suggests girls are under far more pressure to be perfect, and from a very young age. Images they see on television, in magazines, and in advertising all promote a certain type of look. Young girls can feel pressurized into trying to replicate this look and feel upset and unhappy if they fail.

The only way to really help your daughter, friend, or loved ones, is to understand their world. Watch a television program with them and have an open dialogue. Be careful not to simply reject what they want to watch. Instead, start a conversation about the messages behind what they’re watching. Discuss whether or not the images you’re seeing really reflect real life. Try and encourage young women to see beyond the surface value of the media they consume. This will help them to see that they don’t have to put so much pressure on themselves.

Social Media Scandals

Image Credit

The pressure doesn’t end there. For young women, social media is a big part of growing up. As adults, it’s our job to make young people aware of the dangers. Talk to your child or friend about being pressure online. Remind them that it isn’t private and that anything they send could be seen by anyone. Reassure her that she should […]

1403, 2017

Property Investment In America: The Read Up

By |March 14th, 2017|Financial, XPC|0 Comments

For Americans and non-Americans alike, investing in property in the USA is an attractive proposition. The population is ever expanding, meaning there is a consistent need for new housing. This varies from state to state, but you can always be sure there are buyers and indeed renters looking for new properties for most of the year. You may already be quite versed in property, but these can help you decide whether investing in property in another state or indeed in another country, if America isn’t where you live, is the right thing to do.

Because America is so big it has a large weather variation, meaning the weather cycles are totally different from one state to the other, depending on how far apart they are. It allows you to invest in a property in whatever kind of weather you want. If you had to invest in Australia, it is hot pretty much all year around. And the UK only gets three months of semi-sun, and that is mingled with rain. You could choose Florida, and be sure of the sun and in turn be sure the property has a willing rental market from people on holiday or a good resale value due to the popularity of the state, just a quick look at the Boca Raton homes for sale proves the popularity. If you prefer to invest somewhere on the colder side then New York can be a plus. It has typical winters, with heavy snowfall but decent summers. The huge weather variations in America mean you can invest where you want. If you want holiday letters, go for the sunny states. If you want students, build around universities. The possibilities are endless.


Compared to many other […]

1403, 2017

Thousands Of People Are At Risk In Their Own Homes

By |March 14th, 2017|Health, XPC|0 Comments

It’s only natural that people would want to feel as though they are safe in their homes. After all, if you can’t feel safe at home, then your life is going to be extremely stressful a lot of the time. There is so much pressure and danger out in the world that they idea of having to bring any of that into their homes is enough to cause a lot of people no shortage of panic.

This is why it’s so shocking just how many homes might be secretly putting people at risk. There is a surprising number of dangers that face typical residents and homeowners every single day. Some of them are things that are incredibly difficult to notice but can have serious, long-lasting consequences.

These kinds of dangers are usually fairly easy to avoid. However, they can often be difficult to identify. Here are some of the ways people’s homes are putting them at risk on a daily basis.


Picture Source

Many residents and homeowner assume that asbestos is no longer an issue and that they simply don’t need to worry about it. Sadly this is not the case. It is true that asbestos was banned in 1977, but this means that any property build before that point potentially contains asbestos in a variety of locations. When it becomes airborne, asbestos can present significant health risks to anyone who is exposed to it, including putting them at risk of developing certain cancers later in life. The most common danger from asbestos is when it becomes airborne. This means that you could have been living in your home for a long time with no problem, but as soon as any area of your home containing asbestos, such as […]

803, 2017

Is Acid Reflux To Blame For Your Sensitive Stomach?

By |March 8th, 2017|Health, XPC|0 Comments

At some point in your life, you may develop an unpleasant medical condition called acid reflux. In a nutshell, it’s where the contents of the stomach come back up through the esophagus. It happens because of an incomplete closure of the junction between the stomach and the esophagus.

If you have a sensitive stomach, it could be that you are suffering from acid reflux. Or, to give it the official medical term, gastroesophageal reflux disease. Believe it or not, the problem is quite a common one, especially with many people that lead busy lifestyles. As you may have guessed, poor eating habits can contribute to acid reflux.

Should you suffer from acid reflux, it’s important to find out why you’ve got it and stop it affecting your life. Otherwise, it could lead to other medical complications and even cancer in extreme circumstances. Here are some telltale signs that you could have acid reflux and how to avoid it getting worse:

Image Obtained From Flickr

You have chest pains

Assuming you’re in otherwise good health, chest pains can be a symptom of acid reflux. That’s because you’ve got stomach acid splashing into your esophagus.

Be aware that chest pains can also be a sign that you are having a heart attack. Take a look at this article on to recognize the symptoms of that, in case you aren’t sure.

It gets worse when you lie down

When you have a bad stomach, does it get worse when you lie down? Or perhaps when you bend over? If so, that’s another classic sign of acid reflux. As you can imagine, the stomach acid will be easier to get into your esophagus if you’re in a horizontal position.

You’re in pain after you eat a meal

Another […]