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1710, 2017

Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis Accused of Sexual Assault

By |October 17th, 2017|Featured, Politics, Sheriff, South Carolina|Comments Off on Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis Accused of Sexual Assault

PNN – Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis has been accused of both sexual harassment and sexual assault in a newly filed lawsuit. These accusations echo those made last year by former Greenville County Sheriff Steve Loftis, who produced documents outlining a 2011 internal investigation into then-Deputy Lewis’ behavior towards female officers. Lewis resigned shortly thereafter–a move that Loftis insists was done to avoid the firing that Lewis knew was eminent.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of former Greenville County Sheriff Department employee Savanah Nabors. Nabors served as Lewis’ assistant starting shortly after his election to the position last year, and she continued on until April. In the lawsuit, Nabors alleges that Lewis began his inappropriate behavior almost immediately, starting with remarks as early as December, before culminating in a physical assault in March, which led to Nabors’ eventual resignation in April. Nabors believes that Lewis added some form of drug to her drinks on the evening of the alleged assault, as she lost consciousness and awoke to find Lewis on top of her. Nabors claims that she was assaulted once more the following evening, despite Lewis’ insistence earlier in the evening that the behavior would not reoccur.

Following the assault, Nabors claims that Lewis acted obsessive. According to Nabors, Lewis was instructing her to avoid dating, prying into her personal affairs, and making excuses to come by her home. Nabors offered up her resignation with a two week notice on April 24th, but was instructed to cease working there immediately by Lewis. Nabors claims that Lewis then contacted her on the following day to beg for her to return as his assistant, going so far as to offer her a raise. Nabors declined this offer and […]

1210, 2017

Editorial: Keep President Jimmy Carter Away from North Korean Negotiations

By |October 12th, 2017|Editorial, Nuclear, Politics, Presidential, World|Comments Off on Editorial: Keep President Jimmy Carter Away from North Korean Negotiations

PNN – Former President Jimmy Carter has offered to serve as a negotiator with North Korea on the United States’ behalf, with his goal being a peace treaty between the United States and North Korea. While President Carter has been to North Korea for negotiations before, sending him there now would be an unquestionably bad move, despite what some legacy media sources would have you believe about his past “successes” in the region.

President Carter’s first trip to North Korea took place in 1994, during the Clinton Administration. The negotiations concerned North Korea’s nuclear program. As an eventual result of these negotiations, the United States helped North Korea to obtain light-water reactors, which the Clinton Administration claimed could not be used to make nuclear bombs. This was objectively false and the Clinton Administration demonstrably knew this, because hardly a year later they were condemning Russia for attempting to supply light-water reactors to Iran because they feared Iran would use them to make nuclear weapons.

In short, former Presidents Carter and Clinton both played a significant role in helping North Korea obtain the resources that eventually became the hydrogen bombs that they seem to have and are using to threaten ourselves and our allies with today. As of Thursday, October 12th, it seems as though they have tested yet another hydrogen bomb, which makes for their second hydrogen bomb test this year. One cannot be sure, but perhaps without our government’s assistance in the 90s, North Korea would not have the same level of nuclear sophistication that they have now.

President Jimmy Carter wishes for a peace treaty with North Korea, and that is admirable. True peace would be wonderful and few people genuinely want to see a war. […]

210, 2017

58 Killed, 500 Injured in Largest Terrorist Shooting in US History

By |October 2nd, 2017|National, Nevada|Comments Off on 58 Killed, 500 Injured in Largest Terrorist Shooting in US History

PNN – A domestic terror attack in Las Vegas, Nevada has left more than 500 people injured and at least 58 killed. The attacker has been identified as 64 year old professional gambler Stephen Paddock. Paddock carried out the shooting from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Sunday night. His target was the Route 91 Harvest country music festival happening below. Paddock, who has no history of criminal behavior, took his own life after the attack. His motives remain unclear and thus far investigators have not found a manifesto or memoir to shed light upon the situation. Paddock has no known political ties, nor does it appear that he was involved in any form of extremism, religious or otherwise. Paddock was relatively new to the area, having moved to the nearby town of Mesquite in 2015.

Following the attack, several groups have already attempted to take credit, though Sheriff Joseph Lombardo has referred to the Paddock as a “lone wolf.” ISIS has claimed, via their Aamaq propaganda outlet, that Paddock was acting on their behalf as a soldier, and that he had converted to Islam several months prior. No evidence has been offered to support these claims, and authorities have been dismissive of the idea so far. It would not be the first time that ISIS has falsely claimed an attack, as was the case with a similar attack on a casino in the Philippines earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the Facebook page Melbourne Antifa made a post, which has since been deleted but remains available as an archive, claiming responsibility for the shooting. Several legacy media outlets have incorrectly reported said post as a hoax, claiming that no such […]

2709, 2017

Mattis Targeted in Failed Taliban Attack on Afghanistan Airport

By |September 27th, 2017|National, World|Comments Off on Mattis Targeted in Failed Taliban Attack on Afghanistan Airport

PNN – Secretary of Defense James Mattis was the target of an attack on Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport on Wednesday. The attackers primarily used rocket-propelled grenades to assault the airport, firing a total of 29, with an additional 11 munitions being used that have yet to be identified. The fire was concentrated onto a guard tower and the southern side of the airport. Following the attack, the Taliban took credit via Twitter on the account of their spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid. They further specified that Secretary Mattis was their intended target. Mattis had already left the airport before the attack began. There have been no reported casualties so far and the full extent of the damage to Hamid Karzai International is currently unknown. Five people have been reported as injured, with one said to be in poor condition.

The Afghan special forces searched homes near the airport that were suspected to be the source of the volley. Three suspects were found and killed in a subsequent firefight. The men were armed with AK-47s and RPGs. A fourth suspect was wounded.

Secretary Mattis visited Afghanistan unannounced following a short stay in India. It seems as though he learned of the attack from the press after the fact. During a press conference with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Mattis condemned the attack as terrorism, and said that the Taliban “will find the Afghan Security Forces continuing on the offensive against them in every district of the country right now.”

This marks Mattis’ first visit to Afghanistan following President Donald Trump’s August announcement of his new strategy in the region, which included an influx of up to several thousand new troops, though the Trump administration has declined to offer any exact figures. […]

2109, 2017

Confusion Arises Over Tesla and AMD’s Self-Driving AI Chip

By |September 21st, 2017|Automotive, Business, Tech|Comments Off on Confusion Arises Over Tesla and AMD’s Self-Driving AI Chip

PNN – The internet was abuzz this morning following a report from CNBC on Wednesday that Tesla (TSLA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) were cooperating on the development of a self-driving AI chip for Tesla’s autonomous cars. AMD saw a 4% spike in their stock price as the story topped the trending charts of social media. CNBC’s report has been called into question now, however, as AMD chip fabricator GlobalFoundries have insisted that there is no commitment in place between Tesla and themselves, and that at least that aspect of the CNBC story was a misunderstanding. The original article partially stemmed from comments made by GlobalFoundries CEO Sanjay Jha, which were misinterpreted by CNBC. GlobalFoundries does not seem to have made any comment on whether or not AMD itself is involved in the project.

What remains unclear, however, is whether there is any sort of cooperation happening between Tesla and AMD. Following the GlobalFoundries clarification, Engadget has indicated that there is no such cooperation occurring. In CNBC’s story, however, journalist Jordan Novet claims to have a source verifying some of the information being circulated. Novet writes:
More than 50 people are working on the initiative under Keller, the source said. Tesla has brought on several AMD veterans after hiring Keller, including director Ganesh Venkataramanan, principal hardware engineer Bill McGee and system circuit design lead Dan Bailey.
If there is indeed a source familiar with Tesla’s self-driving car project that has indicated the involvement of AMD, then it may be Engadget and several other publications who are jumping the gun by dismissing the entire venture as a misunderstanding rather than just dismissing the involvement of GlobalFoundries. It is possible that AMD is involved without the cooperation of […]

2109, 2017

Shadow of the Colossus Remake Trailer Unveiled at TGS 2017

By |September 21st, 2017|Entertainment, Video Games|Comments Off on Shadow of the Colossus Remake Trailer Unveiled at TGS 2017

PNN – Shadow of the Colossus was a massively influential game when it was released on the PS2 in 2005. Since its debut, the ambitious title from Team ICO has been included on countless “best of” lists, a sequel of sorts – entitled The Last Guardian – has been released on the PS4, and an HD remaster bundle of Shadow of the Colossus and its predecessor ICO has been released on the PS3. Now, following more than a decade of strong popularity, Shadow of the Colossus is set to be remade from the ground up on the PS4. While this announcement was first made during Sony’s E3 conference earlier this year, we finally have footage of the remake, as Sony revealed the first trailer during their presentation at the 2017 Tokyo Game Show.

The trailer, which shows the remake running on a PS4 Pro, boasts impressive visuals. A variety of familiar locales and enemies can be seen throughout the short run-time, including the protagonist Wander and his horse Agro. It remains unclear what, if anything, will be changed or added to the remake. Given that the original game was planned to be much larger, there is certainly material on the cutting room floor that could be reinserted, but former series mastermind Fumito Ueda has said that this is unlikely and that the remake will alter very little, despite his suggestions to the developers that they make certain alterations that he would not disclose. It seems that the original developers have been almost entirely left out of the development of this remake, as the Team ICO logo was missing from the trailer, and Ueda has been focused on developing a new original game. Instead, Sony Interactive Entertainment, […]

2009, 2017

California to Sue Trump Admin Over Border Wall

By |September 20th, 2017|Illegal Immigration, Politics|Comments Off on California to Sue Trump Admin Over Border Wall

PNN – On Wednesday California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced California’s intent to sue the Trump administration over the planned wall along the United States’ southern border. This announcement comes mere days after President Donald Trump announced that the wall was officially under construction–first, via repairing the already existing wall segments installed by previous administrations, with four sample wall segments to be constructed shortly after to help the Trump administration select a final design. The wall, which is set to have segments in several major Californian locales, such as San Diego, was one of President Trump’s central campaign promises during the 2016 presidential elections.

This lawsuit should be no surprise to those who have been following Becerra’s actions since Trump took office. Barely one week into President Trump’s first term, Becerra appeared on MSNBC with a vow to stop Trump’s wall. The lawsuit, which seems to be Becerra’s attempt to make good on that vow, alleges that the Trump administration cannot build the wall in California because it would violate both state and federal environmental laws. The lawsuit also alleges that the federal statute being used to justify the construction of the wall is not adequate to allow the project to move forward, and that the Trump administration is violating the constitution – specifically the separation of powers doctrine and the 10th amendment –  by attempting to place a wall on the southern border.

Becerra filed another lawsuit against the Trump administration just last week and he was joined by the attorney generals of Maryland, Maine, and Minnesota in doing so. That lawsuit, which alleges that President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA) was unconstitutional, has yet to make it to […]

2009, 2017

Trump Claims Validated Via Manafort Wiretap Revelation

By |September 20th, 2017|FakeNews, Mainstream Media, National, Politics, Presidential|Comments Off on Trump Claims Validated Via Manafort Wiretap Revelation

PNN – Back in March, President Donald Trump tweeted out a claim that he had been wiretapped by the outgoing Obama administration. At the time, President Trump wrote “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” The legacy media was instantly dismissive of the claim. Now we are learning that President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was wiretapped once in 2014 and once in late 2016, and that this latter round of wiretapping apparently continued into early 2017. While this does not verify that President Trump himself was wiretapped, to see such a prominent member of his campaign surveilled via a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court order should give any reasonable person pause. The Manafort wiretap revelation may be one of the most significant news stories of any presidential administration in recent memory.

And yet, despite this shocking revelation, the legacy media continues to dismiss Trump’s claims. In a CNN article entitled “Donald Trump still has no evidence that his wiretapping claim was right”, Chris Cillizza claims that the wiretapping of Manafort isn’t enough to validate President Trump’s claims, as he had specifically said that Trump Tower had been wiretapped. What CNN neglects to report is that Manafort had a residency within Trump Tower, and it is not yet clear if that residence was included in the wiretapping, or if it was limited to Manafort’s home in Alexandria, VA. What also remains unclear is whether or not the wiretap picked up any phone calls between then President-Elect Trump and Manafort. Should the wiretap have included Manafort’s Trump Tower residence and it captured any conversations between Manafort and Trump, then Trump […]

2009, 2017

Editorial: Trump’s UN Speech Struck the Right Tone

By |September 20th, 2017|National, Politics, Presidential|Comments Off on Editorial: Trump’s UN Speech Struck the Right Tone

President Donald Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly for the first time on Tuesday morning and his speech has gotten mixed responses from the legacy media. Stories about Trump’s UN speech have primarily focused on President Trump’s strong warnings towards North Korea, his insistence on placing America first, and his repetition of his newest nickname for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un:  Rocket Man. These aspects certainly make President Trump’s speech stand out from previous speeches given by United States Presidents at the UN, which is certainly not a bad thing. President Trump struck the perfect tone with his speech, despite whatever his critics might have you believe.
A Call for Sovereignty
To start, President Trump was right to tout his “America First” agenda, and he was correct when he pointed out that every other representative there was obliged to put their own countries first. To pretend that leaders shouldn’t do so is nothing more than globalism and President Trump, by focusing on sovereignty and self-interest, has sent a clear message to those who would seek to make leaders put the needs of others ahead of the needs of their own country. This is a marked departure from President Obama’s appearances at the UN, during which he often seemed conciliatory. By refusing to make any sort of apologies and by explicitly calling for patriotism, President Trump is being anything but.

Trump’s attitude leaves him holding all the cards, which will ultimately help him reshape the UN, and that is obviously his goal—Trump says that he wants the UN to be a better investment for the US, considering that we’re paying 22% of their budget on our own. As he said, “the United Nations must reform if it […]

1409, 2017

Trump: Sanders’ Healthcare Plan is ‘a curse on the U.S.’

By |September 14th, 2017|Uncategorized|Comments Off on Trump: Sanders’ Healthcare Plan is ‘a curse on the U.S.’

President Donald Trump pushed back against Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) “Medicare for All” healthcare plan on Thursday afternoon. The President took to Twitter to deride the Republican Party for failing to approve a healthcare bill that would replace the Affordable Care Act. According to Trump, it is the Republicans’ fault that Sanders plan is being given consideration. Trump referred to Sanders single payer healthcare plan as “a curse on the U.S. & its people.”

Under Sanders’ plan, the federal government would be responsible for providing healthcare to every U.S. citizen. The former presidential candidate’s bill has gained some support from the Democratic Party, but as it stands the bill does not have enough votes to pass through congress, and that is unlikely to change so long as there is a Republican majority.

Sanders fired back on Twitter shortly after Trump’s pair of tweets, saying “What is a curse is your support for throwing 23 million off health insurance. That’s the curse and we won’t allow you to get away with it.”

Sanders may not have a choice, however, unless he can find a way to get more representatives on board with his plan. So far, attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act have also fallen short, which has lead to the current healthcare deadlock, with Trump and Sanders representing two drastically different ideas on how to fix the Obama administration’s healthcare policies. It seems that the only thing both sides can agree upon, for the time being, is that the Affordable Care Act needs to be replaced quickly. Expect further attempts to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system in the coming months.

President Trump expressed a willingness to veto the “Medicare for All” bill if it does manage […]