People will always look for better places to live and work all over the world. Prospects around the globe can offer better living conditions, lower costs of living, better work-life balance, and more that many people are looking for. Plus, there are draws like the weather and culture. Several countries in Asia are popular locations for relocating, and there has been an increase in the number of expats in some saying that their life has improved since moving. So where are people choosing to go, and where are they happiest? Check out these countries, where expats seem to be having a good time.

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Taiwan might seem an unusual choice for expats from some perspectives. However, according to an Expat Insider survey, it’s the number one country to relocate to. Taiwan appears to be loved for improved personal financing, as well as quality of life and working conditions. Renting is very cheap, meaning not much money has to go to rent, especially for expats earning well in relation to the cost of living. Another great point for many expats is the healthcare system, which is affordable and great quality, according to more than 90% of the survey’s respondents. It’s also a very safe country, which is another plus for many.


Singapore is often seen as one of the smarter and richer countries in Asia. It’s also one of the safest, making it a top choice for many expats. Many expats also love that the country has great education and childcare, although it is expensive. It has become a little more difficult for expats to get permanent residency in Singapore, however. But there are options available if you need an immigration solution to help you get it. According to The Telegraph, more than half of expats in Singapore are worried about job security, so securing PR is helpful. According to Mercer, Singapore is the best Asian destination for expats.

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China and Hong Kong

Between 2008 and 2014, China and Hong Kong both improved for expat quality of life among British expats. Most moved to China for better job prospects, while low taxes and the use of English in Hong Kong attracted many. Public transport is also a draw for people in Hong Kong and expats in China praise it too. It can improve quality of life a lot, allowing for ease of getting around without the use of a car, which can help to save money and is more environmentally friendly.

The United Arab Emirates

For British expat, according to The Telegraph, the UAE ranks highly for quality of life. However, curiously, it comes in at number 40 on the Expat Insider survey. The Mercer survey revealed that Dubai ranked highest for quality of living in the Middle East and Africa and so did Abu Dhabi. Perhaps surprisingly, many British expats say they have a high disposable income, and they’re also satisfied by their working environment and career prospects, although many find it hard to integrate.

Many Asian countries offer great opportunities for improving your career and quality of life. It’s worth noting where others are happy to see which destinations are best.