For millions of people all over the country, the weekend is a source of relaxation and fun. They like to let their hair down and go out to celebrate a couple of days free from work. More often than not, Friday/Saturday evenings are dominated by alcohol related activities. The popular plan is to head to the bar after work, and maybe go out clubbing later in the night. For some, the aim is to do this on both nights, while others only go out for one night.

Regardless, people end up consuming large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis. Plus, things don’t just stop there. While the weekend is where people are most likely to drink loads of booze, they also have some during the week. The stress of working life causes people to have a glass or two of wine after work, or a bottle of beer when they get home. Having one bottle of beer or a glass of wine a day may not seem bad at the time, but it soon adds up.

While drinking alcohol regularly may seem perfectly fine, the fact is, it can lead to many serious health problems. If it doesn’t directly cause issues, then it’s likely to be a catalyst that makes existing problems even worse. As per the NIAAA, around 88,000 people die of alcohol-related causes every year in the US. What this means is that it’s the fourth most preventable cause of death in the country. It’s a serious issue that kills so many people, and everyone should be more conscious about what they’re putting in their body. Below, you will find a few points that illustrate the dangers of alcohol, in a hope to get people to stop drinking as regularly as they do. By doing this, we’ll see fewer deaths and a nation of healthier people.

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Alcohol And Cancer

Did you know that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to an increased risk of various forms of cancer? There are at least seven types of cancer that can be caused by drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis. The more you drink, the greater the chances are that you can get any of these cancers.

Alcohol And Obesity

It’s no secret that obesity is a national problem that’s only getting worse. While many people point the finger at fast food restaurants, alcohol can take a lot of the blame too. There is a frightening amount of calories in many alcoholic beverages. That pint of beer you have every night when you come home from work? It has the same amount of calories as a large slice of pizza. Whereas a glass of wine can add over 200 calories to your daily intake!

Alcohol And Mental Health

A big issue with alcohol is how it affects the brain. When people drink, a chemical fills their body, and it makes them feel and act differently. People get drunk and their behavior changes, with many waking up the next day not knowing what they’ve done. Alcohol can cause all manner of mental health problems, which ultimately have life-threatening consequences too.

Alcohol is the silent killer sweeping our nation. Everyone should be more aware of how much they drink and the risks involved. By avoiding it as much as possible, you will be healthier and have a greater chance of living a long life.