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It’s important that all children learn to enjoy reading from a young age. Indeed, that’s why the government has a policy of making sure there are always libraries in schools. However, many teachers and parents struggle to encourage their kids to use the facilities. For whatever reason, they prefer to spend their break times outside playing with their friends. We’ve come up with three suggestions that could help to turn the situation around. If you’re working in a school at the moment, try these concepts and see if you can spark their imaginations. Most of the people reading this post will have loved reading when they were young. It’s about time we helped the next generation to feel the same way.

  • Make the library seem like a fun place to be

The layout and design of your school library could play a role in how many students visit the room. So, you might like to spend some time thinking about how you can make it more enjoyable. Some people think the academic achievement system is beyond repair. Even so, we believe more reading could help to turn things around. Altering your shelves and library counter design is a good first step. However, you should also try to make the space colorful and fresh. You can do that by hanging student artwork or placing poems on the walls. Also, make sure you keep all the most popular books in separate locations. That way, the children will have to search to find their desired publications. Hopefully, that will encourage them to find something new along the way.

  • Run workshops in the library after school

Some students want nothing more than to go home at the end of the school day. Even so, there are going to be a few who are willing to undertake extra-curricular activities. You should aim to cater to that group by organizing workshops in your library. Maybe you could arrange for a local author to come in and give a talk about writing books? Perhaps you can find a poet who’s willing to run a class for your older students? You could even settle for sessions where someone reads to the children. All of those ideas will help to encourage them to spend more time in the library.

  • Appoint student librarians

Appointing student librarians is an excellent way to get people interested in your library. They will feel as though they have a great job, and so they should learn to apply themselves. Of course, you still need to make sure an adult is around to watch their behavior. However, you can almost give them free range to perform the essential duties without assistance. That will encourage them to read more books, and it should provide them with some positive work experience. Just make sure you swap and change the students every day so everyone who shows an interest can take part.

Now you know how to encourage children to use their libraries, literacy rates at schools should increase. There is a direct correlation between intelligence and reading. So, it’s in everyone’s interests for you to master this process. It would be such a shame if children only used their e-Readers to discover new books in the future. While it’s better than nothing; it’s not the same as holding a physical product in their hands.