One of the biggest conversations that happen around the world is whether you should get a credit card. This always ends in a great debate that is split right down the middle. On one side, you have those who will say that you mustn’t get yourself a credit card, as you would get yourself into debt and the money is too tempting to leave it there and just say no. Then you have the other side, who will tell you that with a little self-control, a credit card is actually a good idea!

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Nothing is more annoying than junk mail that screams at you about the latest and greatest credit card offers, especially if you are in the camp of people that believes that credit cards are a bad idea. If you do decide to go ahead and research the best low-interest credit cards, you should never go nuts and apply for every single credit card offer you find. These footprints can hurt your credit rating and if you ever want to buy a house, you need your credit rating as clean as a whistle. There are some incidences, though, where it’s absolutely okay to say yes to those offers that have come flying through the door. We’ve listed three of the best times you should be saying yes to credit.

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You Want Rewards

If you’ve been reserving a credit card for emergencies only, but you want something a little more, you need to look at credit cards with rewards attached to them. Imagine using your card and building air miles, or gaining a percentage of your purchases in cashback. These reward cards offer this for you and you can score some amazing discounts with it. Checking out various reward programmes and choosing the best one for your situation is the way to go.

You Want A Better Score

Improving your credit score has to be a high priority if you one day plan to buy a house, and a credit card can help you to do that. The lower your credit card utilization ratio, the lower your score, and if you only use the card for small purchases and pay it off quickly, you can keep that ratio balanced!

You Want A Better Rate

If you already have a card sitting on ice for emergencies only, you may have expired the terms that gave it a good rate. Switching your card so you are paying a lower interest rate outside of a grace period is a smart idea, especially if you have started to use your card and carry a balance month to month.

Saying yes to credit cards may seem like a daunting prospect, but the trick is to do as much research into the offers on the table and read the small print. If you aren’t aware of how credit cards work, make an appointment with your bank advisor and go from there. They should be able to assist. Make good choices and you’ll see the rewards!